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Watch: Sunak – ‘We’re doing everything possible on PPE’. UK PPE companies sending 5m masks abroad as govt ignoring them

Tory mantra that they’re doing everything that can be done in this crisis exposed as sham yet again, as millions of desperately-needed masks go to other countries because Tories ignoring UK companies with stockpiles

The Tories have hidden time and again behind the nebulous phrase ‘we’re doing everything we can’ – and its variants – on everything from personal protective equipment (PPE) for front-line NHS staff, to the never-ending and never-appearing ‘ramping up/scaling up/stepping up’ of coronavirus testing.

Anything to divert from the fact that they’re doing very little at all – and most of that is a sham.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak did it again during the daily press conference last night, asking NHS staff – on the verge of collapse and with many becoming infected and their death toll rocketing – to ‘rest assured that we’re doing absolutely everything we can and straining everything we can to get them the equipment that they need‘.

That lie was exposed again this morning by the revelation that UK firms are sending millions of masks, along with other PPE, to hospitals in other countries – because the UK government is simply ignoring them when they beg the Department of Health (DHSC) to talk to them about supplying to the NHS:

The NHS has run out of crucial items of PPE in many areas, while the government waste days claiming a shipment from developing nation Turkey is going to bail us out, while ignoring stocks right here, right now.

The Tories are lying while our NHS heroes are dying. Morgan’s description of them ‘massaging’ death figures to hide their guilt is inadequate – this is wholesale dishonesty and culpable homicide – but it’s by far the most honest assessment that has appeared on any broadcast media so far.

The incredulity of ITV’s reporter and presenters this morning was clear – but it must be matched by public awareness and outrage and by similarly honest and direct coverage by the other so-called ‘mainstream’ media.

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    1. The government is doing EVERYTHING to PREVENT the NHS, care homes AND the public from getting and using masks, and other PPE to ALL care settings. OR the govt may interpret “doing everything” in a manner incomprehensible to everyone else except possibly RH, SH, McNiv & Co.

      How can they explain: Since FEBRUARY, PPE manufacturers have been pleading with the government to supply MILLIONS of PPE stocks. Other traders have sourced PPE, ready to be dispatched from abroad. So there are SIGNIFICANT quantities available. eg Germany and France and Hungary and Sweden and Iceland etc etc etc ALL have PROPER PERSONAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT. The government responses fail to match the facts.

      The government are yet to EVEN reply to many suppliers and manufacturers. The govt replied to a few, to REJECT them WITHOUT reason.

      In other cases, the government has sent clumsy long forms to fill, only to reject offers. UK manufactures & traders have been left with no alternative but to export PPE to countries all over Europe AND elsewhere instead. “Journalists”, were they competent, would ask ONE question, WHY ? ? ?

      ps FATALITIES: Week 10th April TOTAL deaths 18.5 k, are the HIGHEST weekly death rates on UK record for TWENTY YEARS. ie Hong Kong Flu.

      1. CORRECTION: “UK record for TWENTY YEARS⚫️” I need to check Hong Kong flu figures of 1969.

  1. I’m not a fan of Morgan but it has to be said he is the only one holding the government to account, Starmer has to make a stand and join in the condemnation of this awful Government, The Government have only one plan and that is to cross their fingers and hope it all goes away.

    1. Starmer can’t condemn his side. Or he won’t be allowed to continue as their B side outfit.

      1. Precisely. Did you watch his interview with Laura K ? It rendered me speechless. The Labour Party has morphed into the Tory Party, quite astonishing how it happened. There is no opposition to the Tory Genocide that we’re witnessing on a daily basis. It’s like there has been a Political Coup dressed up as a Labour Leadership race.

      2. baz2001, i deliberately don’t have a tv. I stick to reading + radio. agree č your spot on observation. starmer always was v v v bad news for any TRUE Labour Party. why he was allowed to be in the shadow cab, remains a puzzle. starmer admitted abandoning labour aims & ideals since he was a teenager. that trajectory alone, would be a marker of concern to all who want a world transformed. thus starmer continues to be dreadful bad news now with power. None who have looked at his record will be surprised at the moral and ethical catastrophic crash that he is and will continue to be. bad bad news starmer. 🌹🌹🌹

  2. I guess it depends on what they actually mean by “doing everything possible”, and on what their agenda actually is. I’m reading various reports from reliable sources that there are plenty of smaller UK companies offering to manufacture PPE. But that would mean this government supporting British businesses of course … might be a problem …

  3. As many of us were labelled “Corbynistas” by the right I think it only fair that supporters of the current regime also are known by a collective noun. As someone who has one,and so knows what they are full of,my suggestion for Starmer supporters would be “Stomas”

    1. So be it. The piss artist formerly known as Starmer shall henceforth be addressed as Stoma Carcoma.

      1. Mis-spelling? Me? How dare you?
        Clearly I meant the Spanish word for a burrowing termite, not the cancerous growth called a ‘sarcoma’.

    2. Jim, wish i’d thought of that! Stomas it is!!! Thanks🌹🌹🌹

  4. As the famed shipment of PPE from Turkey disappears along with the crew of the Marie Celeste, we have to wonder if there is something political going on here. Buying friends in Europe, and therefore, related to Brexit in some way? Brexit, of course, is a political move, not an economic one. In any event, a rope is too good for you Boris!

  5. Let us not forget the immortal words.
    “Yes, it’s a lesson learned”!
    How many times have we all heard that “Bullshit”?

  6. Maybe it really is something of a shock for the incompetent idiots masquerading as Tory Ministers to realise that ‘Care Homes’ would become death camps & the elderly receiving ‘Home Care’ in their own homes would also be liable to a death sentence….why? It takes a little intelligence & compassion to see the world through the eyes of an OAP & comprehend that the care they receive is not part of the NHS, all Social Care is determined by the lowest possible cost.

    Most of these workers are agency staff & will visit their charges regularly, as & when required, but in a pandemic, this is a recipe for disaster. No PPE & where are the Tests?

    Care Home workers share similar problems; not receiving PPE but constantly working in an enclosed face to face environment without Testing!

    It appears that Boris & his Tory chums really do believe that the old & vulnerable are a price worth paying & that in the time of ‘Herd Immunity’ it is time for a mass cull. Win Win for Boris….Pensions; NHS; Housing; it can’t get any better.

  7. They seek them here they seek it there the damn elusive PPE!!
    I wonder if the PPE Tsar will think to look in the UK.
    I believe Sicknote was in consultation Number 1.

  8. Thanks a trillion to those traitorous bastards who shat in their own nest by voting Tory last December.

    Its down to you that at a time of catastrophe we have the pile of ordure known as the Conservative Party playing at trying to govern and failing disastrously, when we could have had a radical social-democratic Labour government with Jeremy Corbyn as our PM. He would have ensured that the NHS is resourced properly and that those who care for our sick are adequately protected, so they in turn can protect the patients they care for.

    Now to cap it all, the chicken coup is at last successful, with the useless goon “Sir” Keir Starmer elected as Corbyn’s successor. He is as about as effective as a watery blancmange in standing up to the Tories – a gutless Blairite with the same allegiance to neo-liberalism as the alt-right government he signally fails to oppose, readily capitulating from his first day in office,

    Pass the sick bucket, Alice!

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