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Govt claims repeatedly it delivered 170 million face-masks to NHS staff – and now ‘drops’ claim…

Health Sec Hancock and minister Jenrick were among those parroting boast which has now been withdrawn

On Sunday, the government boasted – in its daily press conference and its social media – that it had delivered 170 million safe face-masks to NHS staff on the front line of the fight against the coronavirus.

The claim was immediately dismissed by angry staff who had either no masks at all, or only basic surgical masks that do not protect against the virus. The claim was also contradicted by footage of staff in action – none of whom were wearing masks of the minimum standard recommended by the World Health Organisation.

And just two days later, the government has been forced to drop its claim – because it was untrue:

Today’s press conference admitted that ‘distribution problems’ continue to mean staff are not receiving the protective equipment they need. The admission was accompanied by the usual promises that the problems are on the verge of being resolved.

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  1. I’ve been called a mouthy c**t but I don’t have the words to do justice to such incompetence.
    Toffee, get your arse over here – you’re up.

    1. ‘Ahem…’

      *Shuffles papers*

      ‘So, let me begin by saying: ”so”, just like every other inarticulate twunt being interviewed these days’


  2. Something we all need to be aware of and that is the devious and downright despicable Govt and its lickspittle National Health England Sir Simon Stevens , whom according to Professor John Ashton have now just downgraded the severity of CV19 from a highly infectious disease HCID to a less level HA3G .
    What this means is that they don’t have to have such high spec protective gear nor do the victims need treatment in Infectious Disease Units , cos we don’t have enough of any of them !

    Talk about rewriting the rules to suit the outcomes

    See here for video , at about 6mins in , its just sickening the deceit that is pouring out of this putrid lying Govt & Establishment .
    Still lets “get brexit done ” ehh Nigel Fartage you utter xunt !

  3. The narrative/lies have changed but they are still seem to be pursuing a ‘herd immunity’ strategy… they seem to think that the virus has created a ‘market’ and as we know they believe that the ‘market’ knows best and govt’s job is to protect the ‘market’ from interference. It is chilling to watch neoliberal ideologues, like Dominic Cummings, putting their belief system into action, with such scant regard for people’s lives.

  4. I would rather prefer that you’ll start using the correct description.
    ”The so called Health Sec Hancock and minister Jenrick were among those parroting …”

  5. These press conferences are pathetic. More of a party political broadcast than information giving. I don’t underestimate the size of the task the government faces but all we hear is what they hope to do or that they are examining the possibility. Then pre submitted questions from the same journalists with no option for a follow up question. Yesterday a journalist asked why there was still not adequate ppe and the medical lady waffled on about how important masks were. We know that,tell us why they are not available. I know I am biased but how do so many people think these snake oil salesmen are doing a good job?

  6. Gov’t Press Briefings……1st Question to BBC’s Laura Kuennsberg.; 1st Question to BBC’s Laura Kuennsberg; 1st Question to BBC’s Laura Kuennsberg….yes she’s earned her place in this Gov’t’s affections.

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