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Video: Spanish govt official breaks down in tears as she reads out names of health workers killed by C19

This is how it looks when an official isn’t spinning or understating to cover his or her backside…

As UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock looks into the camera each day and does his best to look concerned as he gives his latest understatement of the rising coronavirus death toll among UK health and care workers, regional government official Verónica Casado showed what it looks like when a government representative really cares what is happening on the front line:

Ms Casado broke down as she named the latest front-line health workers to die in her region.

The evident hollowness of Hancock’s attempted show of empathy is unsurprising. He continues to expose front-line staff to avoidable risk while constantly swearing he is ‘straining every sinew’ or ‘moving heaven and earth‘ to get protective equipment to them – and has dragged his heels for months in making testing available and still is not testing patients or staff who can transmit the virus without showing symptoms.

And he has only just told the NHS even to count and report staff deaths from the virus – even though he was told almost a month ago that it was not happening:

Unsurprisingly, while the BBC and other broadcasters have been quick to portray the situation in Spain and other countries as the UK death toll mounted, they do not appear to have shown the footage of Ms Casado’s show of genuine grief.

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  1. Well done ✔ Squawkbox for showing the other side of the coin Caring and decency from the Spanish government,.Contrast that with the UK politicians who see everything in monetary terms and life expendable and part of the experiment..

    1. Veronica Casado isn’t part of the Spanish Government but the Health Secretary for the autonomous government of Castilla-Leon, she is a practicing GP too, hence it is possible that she knew some of the dead.

      Incidentally, she is a member of the People’s Party, that is the Tory equivalent. What it shows is that even among the Spanish right their is a level of decency unknown to the Tories.

      1. Thanks for that Maria Vazquez,we stand corrected.You are correct about the Torys,maybe the lack of humanity is a sign that Public schools are a breeding ground for psychopaths and that maybe the knight learned one or two unseemly tricks while lapping up his private school education at Reigate independent school in Surrey.Now hes leader of the Labour party….funny old world?.. “isnt it?

  2. Nothing good can come of Hancock. It was he who delivered orders NOT to prepare after CLEAR detailed corrective steps after Operation Cygnus in 2016.
    That was under Theresa May “led” government. May was busy. May was busy creating an “Hostile Environment”. Busy being “Strong and Stable” at failing the Grenfel victims. Busy completing the outsourcing and flogging off of anything and everything to Tory funders local, tax exiles, AND RUSSIAN OLIGARCHS and their relatives and chums. I kid you not.🌹🌹🌹

  3. Other governments tackled the problem early and are doing far better than us in controlling the virus, yet we have Bozo – Fred Scuttle, in charge who has appointed a tea boy to look after the health of the Nation. Will the British public ever stop taking notice of rightwing spin?

    1. Jack T I really doubt that the public will stop taking notice of right wing spin. They are gullible and the propagandists are experts in what they do. Also most of the Tory wrongdoing is covered up while Labour failings especially under Jeremy Corbyn are highlighted and repeated time and time again e.g. Diane Abbott once made a mistake about police numbers and she is constantly portrayed as stupid – she has a Masters from Cambridge and is certainly not stupid. Meanwhile a Tory cabinet minister involved in Brexit negotiations ( Dominic Raab I think it was ) can get away with saying he did not know Dover is one of our most important ports for import/ export to Europe.
      We are now in the grip of a pandemic, people are dying and many working in the NHS and emergency services are on the front line without protection.They are dying too but are also carrying the virus on to others they are trying to help. If this hasn’t woken up the public to the callousness and incompetence of the Tories ( and I don’t think it has) nothing will and we will be stuck with them indefinitely.

      1. Smart boy, excellent points, especially regarding propagandists, Cummings is a prime example, he appears to be an expert on knowing which buttons to press. It’s people such as him who can get the public loving those they should hate and hating those they should love.

        Are the public gullible because they are under informed or do they just wish to be under informed and feel more comfortable following the herd right or wrong? It could explain why opinions can change so dramatically when the herd leaders decide upon a different course. People such as Cummings know who those herd leaders are, so all they need to do is concentrate on them to get the rest of the herd to follow.

      2. You are right Jack T.I despair – I really do. When you look at the way people were turned against Jeremy Corbyn by the lies and smears of the establishment MSM Tories and unsavoury elements of the PLP and our own paid staff and compare this to the easy ride Johnson and his MPs have had it is totally disgusting

      3. Gentlemen have you forgotten

        ‘Your a fucking anti semite and a racist
        I’m sorry you feel that way

        Is all you need to know about why we are where we are

        On any other planet Pantomime Dame would have been sacked on the spot
        Why are we completely useless at defending ourselves, why do we even play their game by their rules
        During the French revolution what’s was the last thought that passed through the minds of the Aristocracy as their heads dropped into the bread basket
        Oh fuck

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