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‘Key workers’ taking C19 tests will not receive their results

Shock revelation comes after attempts to access online system after tests fail

The government’s coronavirus testing shambles – and sham – continues. A Cornwall woman’s attempts to access the results of her ‘key worker’ test led to an admission from the testing service that key workers – as differentiated from ‘front-line workers’ – will not be told the result of their status.

Instead, the government will keep the results to itself.

After she and her partner took tests at a drive-through testing centre, she tried to register online but kept receiving an error message. The woman, who did not wish to be named, told the Falmouth Packet:

We called it and after an hour of being passed from pillar to post we got through and the operator couldn’t understand why we were getting an error message.

Then she said “hang on a minute, are you a keyworker or a frontline worker?” I explained that my daughter was a keyworker and she said “you will never receive your results”.

I lost my s*** to this poor, poor woman on the phone I said this can’t be right. Then I said to her that this is the government getting their 100,000 tests done – she didn’t reply.

At no point when my daughter registered or on any of the information we were given did it state that we would not get our results.

I feel I have been violated. When I was on the phone my partner took the phone and spoke to the operator and asked that as we would not get our results if all our information and our swabs could be removed – they said no. If we are not allowed the results then why should the government have that information?

The woman told the Packet that she wanted to make sure that other people are aware that if they are keyworkers they will not get their test results.

The Department of Health and Social Care failed to respond to a request for comment.

It seems Health Secretary Matt Hancock is trying to reach the Tories’ promised 100,000 tests a day target by conducting tests on people who will never know their result – and ensuring that the public has to take the Tories’ word for the real pandemic situation in this country.

So much for ‘being as transparent as possible’.

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  1. Coroners have been ORDERED not to list government failure to provide PPE, as a contributor to deaths of health care workers.

  2. Surely this must be illegal??? Saying that this Orwellian dictatorship makes it’s own rules up, and the state run msm support them

  3. ..and don’t forget the NHS SAR CoVid 2 app and the reason why the NHS declined a ready made apple/Google app(Privacy settings) app.
    Control and surveillance .. very transparent

    1. ⚠️⚠️⚠️ No one should download and use the apps⚠️⚠️⚠️ They are unnecessary. We have traced for over one hundred years without them. TESTING should be done, as is MORE than already possible IN ALL HOSPITALS and in the community INCLUDING PRIVATE HOMES. Swabbing for infections was done in and out of hospital even when I was a student. Testing and Tracing has been done for at least a generation, even in “Third World” countries with poor infrastructure.

      Testing and tracing CONTRARY to the governments’ pretence, is neither complicated nor as expensive as the VAST sums being handed out to PRIVATE outfits. They cannot be trusted⚠️⚠️⚠️

  4. “the public has to take the Tories’ word for the real pandemic situation in this country.”

    What’s new? Even Skwawkbox takes the Tories’ word for the essential critical seriousness of this ‘pandemic’, and accepting the evidence-freel general lockdown.

    1. What I find intriguing is how a man and an institution ( Professor Ferguson plus Imperial college London) with a proven track record of getting estimates for epidemic fatalities wildly wrong eg the foot #mouth, Swine Flu, bird flu and of course their large amounts of funding from Glaxo plus other international pharmaceutical and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation). Yet, the Tories, the MSM, State Broadcaster and WHO have swallowed his estimates on the latest epidemic now a ” pandemic ” without a peep!

      1. Ferguson’s Report of 26 March was used the following weekend as the spinned excuse as to why there was a dramatic U turn in policy on the 20th which followed the phone call from Macron that morning warning Johnson of the risk the French would close the border if the disease in the UK ran out of control. That would have led to an economic disaster for the Uk especially as other EU members would have joined, it was breaking news most of that Friday and apparently Macron’s staff as well as No 10 confirmed there was such a call. Aides gave the detail saying Macron had pointed to the fact pubs were being kept open. By mid afternoon the story simply stopped and as far as I know never resurfaced not even a denial Apart from the economic consequences it was political disaster for Johnson to admit he did as requested. The story stopped about the time the U turn must have been decided. By 5pm Johnson was announcing pub, club and restaurant closures with the full package delivered on Sunday 23. A bit embarrassing to lose control so completely just weeks after announcing it! By Saturday the papers were full of how scared the Govt got on reading Ferguson. Johnson is such a hopeless politician even as he was U turning he was somehow implying it wasn’t fair he was being pushed into it. For the next month or so he will play that game again and again, trimming from one side to the other.

      2. it is because many “professors” would not know professional ethics or academic integrity if it hit them in their faces. Just look at Condolizza Rice. If memory serves, there are now at least two oil tankers named after her.🌹🌹🌹

      3. “Professor Ferguson ….with a proven track record of getting estimates for epidemic fatalities wildly wrong.”

        Precisely, brianbotou. The errors are so egregiously off the scale that they dwarf the wide breadth of genuine scientific uncertainty – let alone the myths that are floated on the back of it.
        … which is why I get grumpy about the constant focus on the irrelevant (and frequently inaccurate) small pictures rather than the massive 3D screen that is staring us in the face.

        Why would anybody base policy on Imperial College modelling???? … and then follow baseless recommendations (like lockdown) from the same source

        It’s not as if there isn’t a wealth of alternative *real* data and analysis to consider.

      4. “Why would anybody base policy on Imperial College modelling????”

        Perhaps the word Imperial (and implicit perpetuation of the status quo) contains a clue…?

  5. Hardly surprising.

    Not only have they denied culpability (directly or indirectly) for DWP deaths, they’ve been telling GPs NOT to write fitness notes for PIP/ESA claimants for a few years now.

    While plenty of GP’s have rightly told the Govt what they can do with their request, there have been some GP’s that have wilfully assisted the Govt in their cull of the sick & poor before coronavirus came along to do the DWP’s ‘wetwork’ for them.

    Those same GPs are now being put at risk by the same govt that wanted their assistance. Other (Not relevantly qualified) health workers have wilfully denied benefits to the disabled; hell they’ve even LIED on forms in order deny benfiots to the sick and in doing so, have lined their own pockets.

    …And they’ve got away with it up to now. They know who they are.

    Just remember THAT when you go out this evening to give them another round of applause.

  6. What a joke in 73 years I have never believed a word that a Tory uttered. They are inveterate liars and cannot join the Party unless they can demonstrate their ability to lie.

  7. Would there be any genetic material that could be used to produce a genetic fingerprint of the subject, to be stored on a database?

  8. Sorry to say this, but we might have guessed it. If everyone got their result, then some diligent journalist might be able to get hold of those results and formulate figures totally different from those of the London Reich.

    1. Straight forward and reliable is best. EXCESS deaths over the norm should be our guide.🌹🌹🌹

      1. Yes, and that would show up all the deaths indirectly caused by government failure in dealing with the virus, extra suicides, cancer death that would have normally been treated and now not being treated etc. They’re telling the public to not hesitate in calling for help for other urgent conditions, but other factors may be at work here with reports of people waiting 2.5 hours for an ambulance after a heart attack, I read of one man dying before getting t hospital. The government, in ‘showing concern’ that people are not coming forward for help with these conditions are not talking about these deaths – of people who die waiting for an ambulance. Think about it, it doesn’t make sense that they/their family would have done nothing when they were obviously in dire need of urgent medical help.

      2. Spot on Carlene, from the start, johnson in particular has managed to hypnotise many with words, promises, piffle about saving lives. His actions have been the distinct opposite.

        Despite the efforts of two or three, the rest of us on , see straight through the waffle of johnson. Everyone can see through the deader than a glass eye, more wooden than a plank, more unwelcome than a parasitic worm Keir Starmer.

        Let’s ensure we focus tangible FACTS under a bright light EVERY SINGLE DAY. At the same time lets ask defeatist when they pipe up, what’s their aim? What’s their suggestion? Why not vanish and take up knitting? Why encourage others to give up? Who sees someone willing to find a way to reverse an unfavourable situation, but says “don’t bother” “give up” “others can do it but you can’t” “just accept your situation as a given and give up”. What sort of mindset is that? What sort of use is that? It is part of our problem. NOT a solution. It is exactly what the right spend millions to achieve. And why devote even one second to tell others to give up?

        So thanks Carlene. It is refreshing to read your post. You help shine a light on the tactics of the right. You realise that few successes happen overnight. Few successes breathe life without a COLLECTIVE POSITIVE EFFORT 🌹🌹🌹

  9. RH, there is a correlation between the funding of by Glaxo, the International Pharmaceutical corporations plus the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Professor Ferguson plus Imperial College London. For example, the International pharmaceutical corporations funded Imperial to the tune of $400,000,000 and Professor Ferguson to $18,000,000. In addition, Ferguson was sacked by DEFRA for his wildly unrealistic estimates on fatalities to the foot &mouth epidemic, yet, reinstated quite a short time later to make another woefully inaccurate prognosis about the possible fatalities from the last epidemic. Money talks so does the fact these international pharmaceutical corporations have colossal amounts of money to lobby governments!

    1. The Ferguson/Gates/Glaxo nexus has been well documented by Zed Phoenix on his website over the last week or two. His latest post, though, is the most important and is essential (if pretty terrifying) viewing if you can spare 10 mins and have reservations about vaccines.

  10. Compare and Contrast

    “A Cumbrian firm says it has been forced to put staff on government-paid leave as its offers to supply Covid-19 test kits were ignored.

    “Cumbrian-based medical diagnostics company Better2Know says it could provide at least 2,000 coronavirus test kits a week but has been stonewalled despite its persistent attempts to offer its support to government.

    The company provides Covid-19 home testing kits and has already delivered a large order for one NHS trust in early April.

    But since then the firm has had to furlough seven of its 16 staff, with the government paying 80% of their wages, because there is not enough testing work to keep them employed.

    “Despite our clear and direct offer to help government, they do not seem to want us,” said Anthea Morris, co-founder and director of Better2Know.

    “On Wednesday, the company submitted a ministerial question in a final attempt to get a fuller response from the government.

    It said: “We have been offering medically approved and accredited Covid-19 home testing throat swab kits to the NHS and the government regularly since the beginning of the pandemic and so far have been ignored, even though demand and government targets are currently too high for the NHS’s testing supplies. Why will you not accept our help?”

    1. With this

      Los Angeles is now offering free coronavirus testing to all residents of the nation’s second-largest city, including people who don’t have symptoms.

      Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Wednesday that all 10 million residents of Los Angeles County can now get tested for COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus. The city has partnered with Los Angeles County and with Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE) to provide the testing to residents regardless of whether they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

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