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Utterly toothless: BBC’s Pym back to business as usual the day after Panorama exposed Tories’ gross negligence and dishonesty

Health editor refers to Panorama programme – but does nothing to push Hancock on what programme exposed and allows Health Secretary to spout usual meaningless nonsense

Last night, the BBC’s Panorama exposed the Tories’ murderous gross negligence and dishonesty in depriving hundreds of thousands of front-line health and care workers of PPE – personal protective equipment – to protect them against infection by the deadly COVID-19 coronavirus.

More than 150 health workers have died – along with unknown numbers of ordinary people infected by health staff who were carrying the virus without symptoms.

Panorama showed that the Tories wasted months when they were fully aware that the pandemic was approaching and that huge stockpiles of PPE were essential – and did nothing.

Yet at today’s daily coronavirus press briefing, with Health Secretary Matt Hancock facing a national audience and at the mercy of a journalist asking the right questions, the BBC’s health editor Hugh Pym was utterly toothless.

Pym mentioned Panorama – he could hardly avoid doing so. But he did not ask Hancock to answer for the wasted time and lost lives. He did not ask whether Hancock would apologise or resign.

He asked whether Hancock could give health staff ‘assurances’ that PPE will be available when needed – even though the programme put beyond doubt the fact that front-line staff are not receiving the vital PPE they need:

Given the opportunity of a follow-up question, Pym did not change his tack – not even to take issue with Hancock’s attack on the Panorama programme’s journalistic standards.

His feeble approach gave Hancock ample room to parrot the Tories’ nauseating mantras about ‘moving heaven and earth’, ‘doing everything possible’ and having a ruthless focus on getting PPE to staff.

Even though we all know it’s utter bollocks.

Last night’s Panorama broke the BBC’s usual pattern of supine, toothless behaviour that enables the Tories to mislead the nation about the reality of their shameless and even criminal behaviour.

But Hugh Pym was quick to restore business as usual.

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  1. RE the Pym: Missed most radio today, but did hear the useless PYM. Do you ever feel embarrassed for someone about whom you neither know nor care? I felt embarrassed for Pym. The fellow after the Pym, put a crisp question in a proper way, without the odd subservient apologies. Wonder if the “journalists” realise how silly they sound? Vvv odd.
    QUESTION: Since the press conference should have pertinent questions and proper answers, why Why WHY all the apologies for asking, cap doffing bowing and scraping??? Weird. “Journalist”!!! read Free advice: Go straight to a crisp clear question. Pursue a clear answer. That’s your job!!! PLEASE, drop the embarrassing apologies and rigmarole. ASK YOUR QUESTION re ONE detail ONLY. GET PROPER answers. . Collaborate with your other embarrassing colleagues to extract worthwhile INFORMATIVE answers on a maximum of THREE IMMEDIATE ISSUES. Immediate!!! Even i thought the New Scientist fellow got the response he deserved for a useless embarrassing question. PS. Questions that start “What assurance can you give…” guarantee responses of ZERO assurance.

  2. The language you use and the way the story is framed is spot on, so everything leads back to their track record
    How many lives would have been saved if the cheap and nasty Tory party had not spent 10 years running the NHS into the ground,
    How many NHS and social care frontline workers have died because the cheap and nasty Tory party ignored advice and ran down stocks of PPE and ventilators
    How many lives will be lost because the cheap and nasty Tory party played politics and refused to join the EU purchasing scheme,
    You have blood on your hands and should be prosecuted

    1. Doug you, me and all of us find FORESIGHT here on first. Due to “JOINT CRIMINAL EXERCISE”, “CRIME by ASSOCIATION”… for that is what it is, it saddens me, that our country, this country, was already in the quintet of the GREATEST FAILURES, re Covid-19. We expected the worst from this government. They have succeed in meeting the worst expectations.

      Our country will be at the top of the quintet. Our country will see the tragic Tory achievement of the highest number of fatalities per population in Europe. More than France, Italy, Germany and Spain. Despite having a head start + benefit of observing situations elsewhere. Cummings & johnson produced, created and direct this unfolding tragedy.

      In order to DECEIVE the public, Matt Hancock, under direction of Cummings & johnson, DELIBERATELY prevented testing of care-home staff and residents. Infected patients were, in my opinion DELIBERATELY discharged UNTESTED to care homes. The hospitals are the emptiest they have been in thirty years at least. The Nightingale hospitals are outrageously EMPTY, Fewer than 100 patients treated despite THOUSANDS OF EMPTY BEDS.

      This is an extraordinary scandal. It is incredible that this situation is happening. Surely Starmer, Hodge, Coyle, Ummna, Berger, Soubrey, Swinson, Straw, Faulkner, Blunket, May, Cameron, Duncan-Smith, Currie, Tibbet, Howard, Major, Osborne, Haig, Owen Smith and Twatson to name some of the scum… surely they must know what is happening. Why the silence? They are silent because those degenerate and abhorrent individuals are as disgusting as the Blair creature is. They KNOW their GUILT by joint enterprise for this tragedy. They HELPED this callous government. The vile bits of scum made it plain. They preferred self-declared bigots, racists, and eugenicists to a TRUE Labour government. They could have helped to bring change. But change does not suit them. They are responsible for this incredibly tragic scandal.

    2. Wasn’t just the Tories. I spent several wonderful hours on a trolley in a corridor twenty years ago. Spontaneous pneumothorax (collapsed lung). They tried to fix it using a needle and syringe (didn’t work, spent a week suffering before I got a proper chest drain fitted). That was under new labour.

      Private finance is the enemy. Politicians are just their tools


    Tim Roache has resigned as general secretary of GMB today, the party-affiliated trade union has confirmed.

    Below is the full text of the GMB statement released tonight.

    Today, our general secretary, Tim Roache has submitted his resignation.

    Tim has unfortunately been suffering with ill health for some time now and has made the difficult decision to stand down from his role, that he does not feel able to continue, in leading our union going forward.

    A meeting with the Finance and General Purposes Committee will be convened to discuss the resignation and further updates will follow.

    1. Ill health???
      is it more likely that his position had become untenable following his response to the leaked report incriminating GMB members

      1. Very possibly. The labour membership – especially those numerous Corbyn supporters who now regret giving a 1st-choice vote to Sir Keir – will no-doubt be wondering the same. But committed left wing members are going to STAY in the Party RH

        It’s our party and the entryists are just interlopers with no claim to anything except dirty politics, rotten behaviour and their shameless but full-throated fear of our reasonable socialism, which shall endure.

      2. ……. and the link between Keir Starmer and Tim Roache’s resignation is?

      3. “……. and the link between Keir Starmer and Tim Roache’s resignation is?”

        To be established…
        But more than likely the usual suspects (as named in the leaked report) will feature strongly. Even Sir Keir isn’t safe from the Crazy LabourRight. They’re beyond reproach.

      4. SH…Would that you had speculated has much for the knight ?Maybe then you wouldnt have voted for him?and maybe the labour party wouldnt be so compliant with a real leader instead of an establishment lacky.Funny old life “innit”

      5. Joseph – Given the candidates that were on offer I am still convinced that I made the right choice. Neither of the other 2 candidates on offer had much to recommend them. We’ll see over the next few weeks how he handles this crisis.

      6. Thankyou Steve H for your clarification on your continued support for the leader of the right wing establishment knight …regards

      7. Joseph – I’m surprised that you felt the need for any clarification from myself, I thought that I had been very consistent and clear about my support for the democratically elected leader of our party.

  4. The term toothless implies fear. However the BBC does not fear the Tories – they are the propaganda wing of the Tory party financed by our licence fees. It would be much more honest if they just came out into the open as Tory party cheerleaders and started every interview with “Ra Ra Boris”

    1. Sorry Smartboy, I disagree……….the term toothless does not imply fear it implies impotence. The Tories pulled the teeth of the state owned; state run; public service broadcaster by controlling its finance, but recently Boris threatened its break up & privatisation. That threat was a reminder to the BBC that s/he who pays the piper…………..whose interests do you serve; who is your puppet master?

    2. Yes I am wrong about the definition of toothless. Apologies. However I disagree that the Tories rendered the BBC toothless. I think the BBC is a willing and effective propagandist for the Tory party.
      Regarding Johnson’s threat to the financing of the BBC I do not believe this was genuine. At the time the BBC was being criticised for its Tory bias and in my opinion the licence fee issue was trumped up by the Tories to undermine the criticism of their greatest ally.

  5. Any one of the major supermarkets could do a better job of getting PPE to where it’s needed. OK, maybe not Morrisons, but any of the others.

    1. Yes but “warning! You are approaching the end of the escalator” Waitrose would source it from the-mega-profit operation of the Prince of Wales and charge six times more than it’s worth

      1. Morrison’s would lack coverage in the south and likewise Waitrose lacks infrastructure in the north.

        However, Amazon would be more than capable of managing PPE distribution.

    2. SteveH, I’m sure you’re right about Amazon, though I don’t use them much.
      I wasn’t actually lobbying to add PPE delivery to supermakets’ probably already-stretched infrastructures, just pointing out that distribution is no great mystery to anyone but our insulated-from-reality, apparently hands-off government.
      Anyone with an ‘O’ level and a laptop could plan better than this generation of Tories.
      They’ll probably blame the Civil Service for giving them bad advice, civil servants not being able to call them liars.
      I don’t approve of empires but ffs, our great-grandfathers managed half the planet before communications moved faster than horses.

      1. Joseph – The Tories have now apparently handed over the distribution of PPE to the army and the territorial Major who has been given command of this operation has been seconded from his normal job as head of logistics at Google. I think the problem now is a lack of stuff to distribute rather than a lack of expertise.

      2. I didn’t even know Google had any expertise in UK transport – or in any physical delivery systems for that matter.
        My own experience is fifty years out of date, but even back then there were many things outsiders couldn’t possibly know.
        Return load organisation is one tiny part of the optimisation of resources new entrants wouldn’t have a clue about, or probably give a moment’s thought to.
        Extremely important in today’s and tomorrow’s circumstances though and could make the difference between hospitals closing or staying open.

  6. Does anyone really believe the government could not have supplied Personal protection Equipment if they really wanted to.Along with Care home Carnage ,wilfully deceiving the public and killing thousands of sick and vulnerable people as well as the austerity murders…What other proof do you need,other than a conviction in the international courts and even then the usuall suspects will go for a whitwash on the Johnson regime.

    1. Been napping & dozing off a lot lately, mostly out of boredom, but I think that might be why I can’t remember when or where I heard or read this – maybe on Panorama or from a link in these comments – but apparently there was a shitload of PPE that “went missing.”
      My bet would be some Tory beancounter thought it would be a brilliant moneysaving wheeze to sell it, recovering the investment and saving on warehousing – because it had been sitting there unused for years just pissing money down the drain…

  7. Thankyou Squawkbox,for reminding everyone how much we appreciate having dangerous propoganda and support for the establishment rammed downn our throats after paying for the pleasure whether we like it or not…..The BBC should carry a Health warning..!

    1. Joseph – How much do you have to pay to receive the BBC in the Mekong Delta.

      1. David – A bargain when compared to the cost of a TV licence in the UK. It does rather beg the question – Are UK licence payers subsidising overseas viewers.?

      2. Presumptuous of me I know 🙂 but I’d guessed you were questioning Joseph’s true location – I wouldn’t have bothered looking up the BBC thing except I’d like to visit parts of the far east myself if I ever get the boat back in the water, if the locks to get out of here to the sea still work, and if we’re ever allowed to travel freely again.
        Weird that sailing’s not allowed even for singlehanders (as far as I know, haven’t checked officially yet).

      3. David – No I wasn’t expressing any doubts about his location. Joseph had just mentioned the cost of the compulsory TV licence fee in the UK and I was simply curious to know how much he was paying to watch the BBC. I have had many disagreements with Joseph but I don’t think I have ever questioned his honesty about where he lives.

      4. Steve H I watch them all and an amazingly cheap including films and documentrys Telephone ☎3cents a minute UK and USA ,Same day service with a happy ☺ smile and lovley veiw of the rice feilds and mountains….and all offgrid and free electric via solar panels and water via borhole wind pump.Life is good and safe from Johnson’s government ….

      5. David MCNivan,If you can sail British waters you can sail the Gulf of Thialand and South China sea.easey .Water temps 32c All year round.and rare to get any bad weather except for the typhoon sesson.Tr y it David you only live once….!,plenty of deserted islands and beer at 50cents but watch out for the dreaded dengue and malaria.Maybe you could form a escape committee and scarper from the Johnson regime.

  8. It comes to something, when you have to watch U.S. news channels, just to get information on what’s going on today. I hereby award The Mighty Pym with the coveted Award of Journalistic Dishonour, formerly held by the weak-kneed Laura Kuenssberg. God save us all!

  9. I see boris’ bastard’s been evicted from it’s mother’s womb…probably didn’t pay the rent on time.

  10. And thats how Mr Pym got the job … (he is related to Francis Pym good connections dont hurt old boy

  11. How does one man betray so many women, so many wives, so many of his children, insult so many other women and other peoples’s children? How does one man lie for no good reason, repeatedly, yet other men women and creatures, “work night and day” to make him prime-minister instead of a True Labour PM?
    How do so many women believe that johnson will treat them differently to all the previous women? And, why do they themselves betray each other? What worth the sisterhood? What type of person, male, female or any other “work night and day” for a PM that overseas avoidable deaths of 40,000+ deaths of patients, care home residents, staff, bus drivers, prison staff, children? What type of people are comfortable with that?

    1. Do women sleep for him for the power – it can’t be because of his dashing good looks.

      1. its a puzzle. think it’s his confidence + no care “for anything” as Symonds herself screamed when they had their bust up at her apartment 17 minutes walk away south of here. They’ve since bought another place even nearer. Some proof that far from being a repellant, a carefree… “don’t care about anything” “not money not anything” attitude…is attractive to some. Possibly because the public has been bred to accept, defer, apologies, kow tow…

        we need only listen to the “journalist” and the dull unfocused Starmer. Jeremy was misguided with a scattergun approach darting from topic to topic. Starmer manages to be much worse. Starmer drifts untethered s l o o o o l y within one point. How sad is that? To be outfoxed by a Hancock?🌹🌹🌹

      2. Anybody else notice how much the boris bike looks like Miss Jones – wot Rigsby in Rising Damp dribbled over all those years ago?
        Frances de la Tour was her name I think.

  12. Labour calling for patel probe findings ”To be published AS SOON AS POSSIBLE”

    …Or just whenever you’re ready, chaps. No rush…Let’s wet the baby’s head first, what, twott?

    As soon as possible? Why not THIS INSTANT, FFS??

    1. exactly!!! note the language. And, re this Govt Covid-19 bizarre over complication with unnecessary outsourcing of testing AND contractors in addition to the army to build unused and barely used Nightingale show pieces, I say FOLLOW the MONEY.
      Toffee u r right. Publish NOW! is purposeful language that reflects that you DO want x, y or z published. But as all of us here on predicted, Starmer is a waste of space. His ambition and toolishness outweigh any useful ability. He has worn himself out pursuing Assange and committing other stinking instructions of his masters. Only hair gel merchants find any use for Starmer. 🌹🌹🌹

  13. Did Proporama mention any changes to The Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 on 27th April 2020 effective immediately?

    Hearing some rumours of unsettling powers being given to this authoritarian regime via changes to 1984 Act under cover of Covid. Many saying no worries re 2020 Covid Act as it has a ‘sunset clause’,1984 Act doesn’t! I cannot access it (outside U|K, tells me to get lost) even if I could understand it properly.
    Still, LP is bristling with legal MPs I’m sure they are on the case… or don’t see any dangers to fundamental freedoms and inalienable rights.

    If anyone has a link to info on possible changes to 1984 Act and the implications I would be grateful.

  14. Starmer is not as good as the RW think
    Just swallowed hook line and sinker the defence that there is a world shortage of PPE
    Did not challenge it, walked away from, Raab who is even worse has given him two further chances to ram it down his throat and he has failed dismally
    Triangulation gone mad, seriously ‘we are slightly less worse than them’
    Red Tory Blue Tory Red Tory Blue Tory

  15. ”Starmer is not as good as the RW think”

    Quite right, Doug.

    He’s not as good – he’s better. He’s the right’s wet dream.

    But he was democratically elected – by steve h….Who persistently whinged time after time that 37% didn’t vote in the referendum – which made it undemocratic.

    And he went on to say fuck-all when harmer & twatson conspired to steamroller through the 2nd ref with remain option without any vote being taken on the matter.

    But steve supported Corbyn, so he says…And only voted stamer cos he was the best of a bad bunch.

    But it was ‘democratic’.

    Fuck my life…

    1. Toffee – Who persistently whinged time after time that 37% didn’t vote in the referendum – which made it undemocratic.

      I have repudiated this accusation from you on several occasions and I’ve also invited you to provide evidence to support your lies. I’m still waiting for you to provide any.

      1. Ok – I’ll post….IF you promise to do the off from this site forever?

        We’ll find out WHO the LIAR is…

    2. I think your last comment sums up the knight led Labour party. The knight will do us all in the rear

  16. Sod it, i’m gonna post it anyway because you”ll only welsh on the bet and try to squirm out of it as per fucking usual.

    The Toffee (597) 26/05/2019 at 5:07 pm · · Reply →
    But…but…but…only 37% voted leave…

    SteveH 26/05/2019 at 5:12 pm · ·
    The Toffee (597) 26/05/2019 at 5:07 pm

    It is good to see you’ve acknowledged this.

    The Toffee (597) 26/05/2019 at 5:23 pm · ·
    Never denied it; what’s your point?


    Off you pop, LIAR.

    Door’s THAT WAY >>>>>>

    1. Toffee – FFS is that it, is that really your great gotcha moment.. As anyone can see I have simply acknowledged the figures you provided. I haven’t made any of the statements you have claimed in your lies. If that’s really the best you can manage to come up with to support your deluded lies it’s high time you gave it up as a bad job you useless tw.t.

      1. Oh ho! Calls me OUT for foul language when he thinks he’s got me rattled….

        …Now, lookit?!




      2. What are you referring to when you say you’re glad I’ve acknowldeged this 37%, gobshite?

        Refused to answer on the original thread; let’s see you squirm even more on this one, you lying bliraite rodent.





      3. SteveH 29/04/2020 at 2:13 pm · · Reply →

        ”As anyone can see I have simply acknowledged the figures you provided”

        Except you just haven’t. What you ”acknowledge” is that you’re GLAD to see I acknowledged the 37%.

        Here’s EXACTLY what you said… Unedited and unchanged from the original post YOU made

        SteveH 26/05/2019 at 5:12 pm · ·
        The Toffee (597) 26/05/2019 at 5:07 pm

        It is good to see you’ve acknowledged this.

        So I’ll ask you AGAIN –

        WHAT IS the 37% I talk of, steve? And WHY were/are you GLAD I acknowledge that 37%?

        I’ll tell you.

        Because you originally thought I was reinforcing your claim that the referendum was undemocratic because 37% of voters didn’t vote in the referendum. (That’s what we both know the 37% refers to.)

        And that’s why you clammed up on that thread when – in the very next post – I reminded you I had never denied it, and (repeatedly) asked what your point (about me ”acknowledging” the 37%) was…

        The Toffee (597) 26/05/2019 at 5:23 pm · ·
        Never denied it; what’s your point?

        The Toffee (597) 26/05/2019 at 5:41 pm · ·
        You’ve replied to other posts since I asked you what your point is – so do everyone the courtesy of furnishing us with it, or shut the hell up.

        The prosecutions rests, m’lud.

  17. So come on steve, you’re NOT gonna go, so let’s read your weaselling out of THIS one.

    I know – It DOESN’T give the context it’s in (Or somethin like that) does it?


    You DIDN’T say anything about what the 37% I acknowledged actually means – Gonna try that one?


    Am I ‘misrepresenting’ the 37%? (Odds-on it’s this whopper)

    One only needs read the thread that I got the link from to see what a snivelling, lying coward you are.

    You’re a PROVEN LIAR, lad. It’s undeniable. I’ve made sure of it. If you had any shame you’d sod off from this site never to return.

    But you supported those that got shut of Corbyn with your acquiescence and pleaded you only voted starmer because he was best of a bad bunch, so that’s just not gonna happen.

    Fraud, liar, charlatan. disgrace, plastic tory.

    1. Toffee – I simply can’t be bothered to engage any further with your nonsense.

      Yes I know it’s a bit sad that you’ve spent so long building up to your big gotcha moment in the stage lights but unfortunately for you it all turned out to be a bit of a limp and floppy performance. Perhaps you’ll have more success next time if instead of relying on sad self dilution you take a little blue pill instead.

      1. Answer the legitimate questions I posed to you in my previous post if you want to qualify your accusations against me and claer your (self) besmirched ‘character’.

        Either you do so, or I make sure you NEVER live it down.

        I will make sure everyone coming to this site knows what you are.

        A slimier-than-starmer, oleaginous fraud, iniquitous liar AND out-and-out coward.

      2. ”Yes I know it’s a bit sad that you’ve spent so long building up to your big gotcha moment…”

        Wanna know what’s REALLY sad, steve?

        Casually calling someone a liar, thinking you’ll never be exposed as the hypocrite you are.

        Then, after having your claim profoundly and assiduously returned 180 degrees back upon yourself, and then being given the opportunity to explain yourself getting sussed out, you then grotesquely plead that you: “Can’t be bothered to engage any further,” instead of admitting your guilt and hypocrisy.

        And all of that’s despite you still protesting your innocence, and claiming the person that exposed your pathetic lies and excuses is ‘deluded’.

        Now THAT’S sad. And shameless.


        All traits to be found in your typical right-of-centre politician. Except you can’t even aspire to lie and deceive like them, because despite sharing all those foibles with labour party rightists, you’re just a crap one, all told.

        After all, you say I’m slow-witted; but what does it say about you when even I can take you apart as easy as turning my hand?


      3. Toffee – Wow !

        What a big ‘clever’ boy you are to extrapolate all that from an 8 word comment that I made nigh on a year ago.

        Some might, if they are feeling particularly charitably, remark that you have an overactive imagination and regard your pathetic vacuous threats and lies as nothing more than childishly immature playground bullying whilst others (like myself) will conclude that you are nothing more than a emotionally immature saddo.

      4. Yeah, alright Mr Walter Mitty on steroids…

        Doesn’t change the fact that you’ve been proved to be lying by the person you accused of lying.

        You can suppose and hypothesise about my character all you like. It’s what lyongvhypocrites do when they’ve been caught ‘in flagrante’.

        But until you can evidence it, like I did to demonstrate your lies and hypocrisy, then I’d suggest you stop making an even bigger gobshite of yourself… I was mistaken – you’ve proved it IS possible after all.

        Oh, and using a bold font doesn’t give your lies and suppositions any credence whatsoever, liar.

        Anyone with any moral fibre would bugger off through shame…not you though.

        Then again you expect everyone to believe you only voted starmer because he was best of a bad bunch, isn’t that right?


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