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Watch: senior medic @KailashChandOBE on Panorama – govt has failed public and NHS and not just on PPE

Award-winning doctor Kailash Chand welcomes BBC’s Panorama programme – but points out the government’s failures and negligence go far further than mass shortages of protective equipment and says it’s time to hold it to account

Dr Kailash Chand OBE has spoken out to welcome the BBC’s Panorama exposé of the Tories’ massive and negligent failure to prepare for the coronavirus pandemic and to provide adequate ‘PPE’ – personal protective equipment – to front-line NHS staff.

But he also points out that the PPE disaster – which has already cost more than 150 health workers and uncounted patients their lives – is just the tip of the huge iceberg of the government’s guilt. Among a litany of Tory decisions, Chand lists:

  • nurse shortages of 40,000
  • doctor shortages of 10,000
  • a decade of real-terms funding cuts
  • the collapse of A&E capabilities
  • the decision to reduce the status of COVID-19 from the highest threat level (to avoid legal responsibility to provide protective equipment)
  • the ongoing refusal to follow World Health Organisation advice
  • unforgivable delays in acting when we knew the pandemic was coming here
  • 150 or more deaths among health staff (though the government is still understating the number by a third)
  • ongoing shortages of protective equipment

All these have weakened the NHS and made us all far more vulnerable to the pandemic than we needed to be.

Chand talks of his pride in the NHS and his sense of shame and furious anger at the scandal of UK death rates compared to the rest of the world: 325 people per million – up from 233 per million just a week or so ago – versus around 25 per million in most other countries.

13 times higher.

Kailash Chand says he is not sad over these appalling facts – he is deeply angry. And he calls for people to rise up and demand accountability:

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  1. Careful now, Dr Chand….Fatty Fawkes’ll be rummaging through yer bins, next!

    1. I imagine he’s already done the bins and have hooked up his phone. Ironically it’s an efficient means of tracking and tracing, in this case contacts like journalists who dare to say Boo to this pip squeak administration of incompetents and charlatans. If they get an inkling then it’s No Question for you Sunshine. 13x the World Average is the worst disaster for the UK since – when? Suez? Loss of Singapore? The Somme? Restoration? It was the same aristocracy and Col Blimps in charge on all those occasions but unfortunately nobody seems to learn the obvious lesson.

      1. Paul
        ‘Lions led by donkeys ‘
        General Haig leading cheap and nasty Tory party

      2. it is now on news, as posted earlier, that the Conservatives have caused the highest deaths in Europe. Also, THIRD highest deaths WORLD WIDE, after Italy and USA. Considering that the authorities underreport deaths here, and information is a touch more available in the USA, expect our fatalities to be second only to the USA. NB EXCESS deaths due directly and indirectly to Covid-19.

        During the 20 months from 22 January 2020, deaths due to air pollution will be less than usual. To date, homicides are about 21% less than usual. There may eventually be a higher incidence of skin cancers IF people do not exercise extra care sunbathing this year. Road deaths untill lockdown ends will be significantly fewer. Many will be due to reckless speeding by the police.

        Thus reasonable to attribute ALL EXCESS deaths above usual numbers, to Tory lamentably poor abilities + sinister ideologies. A pandemic exactly like Covid-19 was predicted, scenarios tested and CRITICAL DEFICIENCIES highlighted. Critical warnings that we were dangerously under prepared were issued BEFORE 2016, during 2016 and again in 2019 and from January this year. At each time, warnings to prepare with sufficient NHS staffing and protective equipment were ignored by successive Tory governments.

        Moreover, we had the benefit of seeing the deadly effect of Covid-19 in China and how it was being managed. The government had the opportunity to observe the disease in Italy and Spain compared to South Korea. We had the benefit of foresight and the foresight was presented here on for the record. That foresight was then repeated often several weeks later on MSM.

        Overwhelming facts / data / evidence however, were there for this incompetent confused, callous government and the irresponsible well known lazy Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The deadly contagious nature of this disease was there in January. We were all concerned, except the government. Governments should assess situations, and make prudent decisions. They did not. They failed. It was avoidable, but they still failed anyway.

        Tory governments failed with every choice from before 2016 throughout every single month of 2020 so far. January – FAIL, February – FAIL. March – FAIL, April – FAIL. Expect them to fail in May too…. and June… Think of it, not one single success over ten years. Hostile environment, Windrush, education, prisons, knife crime, ship contractors with no ships, Carillion … now this Covid-19 tragedy.

        Those are only a few of the tragic stories of these Tory governments. Negligence, incompetence, callousness and repeated deadly failures not seen in any recent UK government since Tony Blair lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction being able to destroy us in 45 minutes with consequent deaths of over a million and opening a Pandora’s Box of terrorism there and here.

        Perhaps that’s why Starmer collaborated with a twice dismissed Mandelson and the first UK Prime Minister to be interviewed under caution by the police – Dodger of prosecution for war crimes – WMD Tony Blair creature deposited its support for Dominic Cummings & johnson, instead of a TRUE Labour Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn and a TRUE Labour government. A government that would have valued lives of the many as precious, is a poison to Tony Blair and all warmongers and hob “knobbers” of the 1%.

    2. 26,097 people died in the UK after testing +ve for coronavirus. By tests, the government has achieved the second highest fatalities in Europe. As per posts on since almost two months ago now, when EXCESS deaths above NORM for previous years are disclosed, expect UK deaths to be the highest in ALL of Europe re Covid-19. UK Civid-19 deaths will also be among the top three WORST countries, compared to the other wealthiest countries WORLD WIDE.

      Tory negligence. Tory mismanagement. Tory callousness, Tory incompetence. Tory deceit. Tory failures. Tory lies. Tory sick ideology. Tory deadly ideology. Tory contagious ideology. Tory caused grief. Tory caused AVOIDABLE EXCESS death. Our pain.

  2. We should all be angry Time for a knowledgeable challenge to the lawbreakers of this government…..Shame that we dont have any good lawyers inside the Labour party to fight for the oppressed ,Eldery and vulnerable people.

    1. As you mention legals speaking out, I would like to point to another example of the general assault on civil and legal rights in western so called democracies ‘lands of the free’, link with treatment of Assange, Salmond case and now Murray. People who are challenging in meaningful ways are being targetted and laws ignored, doesn’t anyone care that police states are emerging in many countries on the back of Covid-19?
      This is what is happening in Ireland to public who wish to attend court case that challenges Gov Covid-19 emergency legislation.

      The ‘left’ in Ireland is also full on lockdown forever/spy on us/monitor us,share our personal health data with private entities to save us mode… I have no idea what the hell is going on but if the ‘left’ thinks they can get big Gov directed economy a la some Socialist nirvana, and wiping of fundamental rights and legal rights will be restored imo they have lost the plot.
      How many of all ages are going to die, commit suicide or be thrown into poverty, become homeless, jobless etc. etc. due to lockdown and discouragement and fear of going to hospitals to ‘save the NHS’ which I keep reminding people is now run on a corporate model headed up by de-facto CEO Stevens. Sec of State has no responsibility to ensure healthcare provision is distributed based on need since 2012 Health and Social Care Act went onto statute.

      I know I am in a minority on these comment sections, I now fear for the future more than the present.

      1. “t if the ‘left’ thinks they can get big Gov directed economy a la some Socialist nirvana, and wiping of fundamental rights and legal rights will be restored imo they have lost the plot.”

        Well said, Maria.

        There is a lot of slagging of the government around.

        I’ve no problem with that. Fair enough – they have a lot to answer for; but what is ‘called out’ is so often beside the point, and much of the anti-government rhetoric actually *reinforces* the establishment ‘Panic!’ narrative that suggests we are in the middle of an unprecedented crisis caused by a virus.

        The sins of this government are much longer and wider than this.

        The deaths in Care Homes are real enough, for instance – but the excess mortality isn’t about some conspiracy to ‘murder’ the elderly – it’s about a cocked-up, mickey-mouse ‘lockdown’ and supply policy that has actually not protected one of the major vulnerable areas, whilst effort and resources are spent isolating the majority of the population who won’t benefit.

        Then we have some ‘left’ opinion blaming current levels of high – but not unprecedented – mortality on government failure to implement lockdown earlier, whilst also opposing sensible return to a more normal situation. Or identifying lack of testing (a good idea in its own right for other reasons) as a cause of high mortality, when, again, there is no observable significant correlation between the two (r<0.2).

        This, of course, simply reinforces the establishment narrative that a subservient lockdown is a necessary and effective measure – for which there is no evidence – a lack of which evidence is easy to identify and is available.

        Meanwhile the anomalous current relatively high mortality rate in the UK (as in Spain, France, Italy and Belgium) passes by with no proper analysis, although it may tell more about the politics and consequent society here.

        The real story is the question of why current government policy which pretends to be countering some nebulous threat but is actually causing massive problems through the implementation of measures that have little scientific justification, and which are reaching the point where the damage caused is exceeding any effects from the virus – mortality from which is now declining from a level of cumulative mortality that has peaked just above the level for 2007/2008.

        After the propaganda of the last few years, I would suggest that a radical analysis might be a bit more scientific and questioning about the Guardian's main headlines and the daily 'Briefings' After all, there's plenty of other coherent analysis around worthy of a critical look.

  3. And as I’ve said – I take the toerag’s ‘handling’ of this crisis personally.

    I’m angry. In fact I’m fookin’ seething. There’s no ‘misfortune’ about ANY of this. This might appear to be incompetence on the surface, but it’s part of their plan.

    ‘Calculated incompetence’ you might call it.

    I fully endorse Dr Chand’s anger, truth told. I w’d lik e to see ALL NHS staff at 8pm tomorrow with a clear definitive message to the ‘rags to stop fookin about with people’s lives. NOW.

    C’mon people, stop all this futile clapping of NHS staff and get ANGRY that they – like anyone who isn’t the establishment – are no more than collateral damage, and angry that those NHS staff who have been sacrificed will need replacing PDQ; thereby placing further strain on the NHS in future… The same NHS that the carpetbaggin’ toerags have deliberately decimated over the years with a view to sell to their avaricious selves and their greedier billionaire mates.

    1. Maybe we could bring back Mr. Shouty?
      He’s probably already missing the adulation of his BBC journalist fans at the “STOP BREXIT” gig.
      Maybe they forgot to include that clause in their ’emergency powers’?

  4. Today on Twitter Starmer congratulates BJ on the birth of his son but has nothing to say about the Panorama programme. A couple of days ago he appointed Doreen Lawrence as a race relations advisor but has never protested the expulsion of Marc Wadsworth from Labour; instead he’s appointed one of the “ladies who lynch” to his front bench as a shadow home office appoinment. This is a shallow opportunist of the first order.

    1. Yes, after being rudely interrupted by Jeremy Corbyn’s unexpected intrusion, the party can once again proudly claim a leader who is Leader Of The Controlled Opposition!

    2. A couple of days ago he appointed Doreen Lawrence as a race relations advisor but has never protested the expulsion of Marc Wadsworth from Labour;

      Then it’s a perfect opportunity for Doreen Lawrence to reciprocate after all Marc Wadsworth’s done for her family…Be a poor reflection on her if she doesn’t try on Marc’s behalf.

  5. Anyone tried to see their GP ? The jobs worth will send you away telling you if you wait on the end of a telephone a GP will contact you at some point ,,,really help the vulnerable that have NO telephones and try finding a call box as BT have been quietly removing them for the last 2 years finding one then finding it doesn’t take money or working even harder ln Blackpool ,,,disabled , OAP , no family support ,,,the NHS is NOT for you

  6. “the scandal of UK death rates compared to the rest of the world:
    325 people per million – up from 233 per million just a week or so ago – versus around
    25 per million in most other countries. 13 times higher. ”

    Our UK, Cummings & johnson’s CALLOUS NEGLIGENCE ➕ GROSS INCOMPETENCE ➕ MISLEADING press conferences & statements from ministers ➕ REPEATED FAILURES to TEST & TRACE promptly ➕ ONGOING failures to screen at air and sea ports ➕ Failures to heed several warnings in years before 2016, then 2016, then AGAIN 2019, again from 22 January this year, and at least TWICE WEEKLY since then, yet deadly inadequate quality and provision of basic protective equipment.

    RESULT ❓ Deaths THIRTEEN TIMES HIGHER than other countries. Highest death rates in ALL Europe. Amongst the top five HIGHEST DEATH rates of the wealthiest countries worldwide. That is the story of the MYTH of Tory competence. That is the myth WMD Blair & Starmer “worked night & day” to protect. To protect their parasitic same old same old, Blair & Starmer may say like Madeline Albright, 43,000 avoidable deaths and rising, is “a price worth paying”, to keep the 99% down and controlled… at the service of the few. 🌹🌹🌹

  7. A short while ago, there was a guy that told us that a new golden age on the horizon, during which the NHS would receive an extra £300k a day, and countries would be falling over themselves to trade with us. Obviously rubbish, but heaven help us, if that lying cretin ever gets into power…..

  8. I can’t think about anything other than my friend who was incubated yesterday after fighting for over a week on a respirator how did he catch Covid-19 he’s a paramedic, when they asked for PPE they were told they were not counted as frontline, we know this is because of the severe lack of equipment, the anger is just bubbling under the surface, I’m avoiding seeing news reports headlines etc I haven’t watched the video (sorry) If things just go right back to how they were after probably 50k people dead and all those families in such awful pain, over 100 NHS staff for no other reason than £ and ideology I hope people don’t just forget like they are about staying away from family & friends

  9. Followed the science
    ‘My arse’
    Who advised them not to test old folk returning to care homes from hospital
    Who advised them not to test people flying into country
    Who advised them to stop testing
    Who advised them against people wearing masks in public
    WHO wants shot with shit, the science has been woeful

  10. More like follow the yellow brick road.
    Government now asking for specialist in certain fields which the group were all sadly deficient in.Looks like Behaviour Insight Team were also part of the problem.
    They have built some of the hospital which they cannot supply the staff for and some not even utilised.

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