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Watch: Hancock refuses to admit failures when confronted son of doctor who died as a result of PPE shortages

Dr Abdul Mabud Chowdhury warned of fatal consequences of government’s failure to provide protective equipment to NHS staff – then died of coronvirus. Hancock’s condescension when confronted by his son is appalling

The appalling Matt Hancock was confronted this morning during an LBC interview by Intisar Chowdhury, the son of Dr Abdul Mabud Chowdhury. Dr Chowdhury died of COVID-19 after warning the government that its failure to provide adequate PPE (personal protective equipment) was going to cost the lives of health workers.

But Hancock didn’t only refuse to acknowledge that there had been failures.

Dr Chowdhury with his family

Instead, he went on to condescend disgustingly to the bereaved Intisar Chowdhury, telling him he’d been ‘very brave’ to speak out – and how complicated the ‘logistics’ of delivering PPE are:

More than 150 healthcare workers have died. The government continues to understate the number – and Hancock’s arrogance makes the Tories’ arrogance even more disgraceful.

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  1. BLATANT DELIBERATE CRIMINAL FAILINGS. The warnings were given repeatedly, and not just in 2016. Warnings were given in 2019 also, AND since January 22nd, deficiencies were pointed out.
    Furthermore we could all see what was being done in China, South Korea, Singapore, and New Zealand to name a few. We could all see the tragedy in Italy and Spain.
    The government for at least the last TEN years have no excuse.
    Those who try to excuse them have no excuse either. Moreover, those who enabled them must NEVER be excused. Starmer with WMD Blair, Mandelson, Faulkner, Straw, Harman, Blunket and Arsetair Campbellend worked “NIGHT and DAY” to bring their johnson to power. They must be despised forever. They are disgusting tools of the Same old Same old obsolete useless scum.🌹🌹🌹

    1. Spot on. And they squandered the luxury of having many weeks able to see what was going on in other affected countries, doing really, nothing at all. The UK should have been absolutely prepared, no excuses, and the death toll here should have been kept down to a fraction of those in places like Italy and Spain, and even less than in Germany. But no, we have already the highest death toll of all in Europe, and still rising. Johnson, Hancock and their pals are guilty of mass murder. Scum indeed!

  2. The government of the last 10 years first failure was not to publish Exercise Cygnus and to action any recommendations and then to attempt to play ‘catch up’ after a dismissive and lackadaisical attitude towards to the early warnings of the potential, which became a pandemic.. The NHS workers deserve honesty and transparently and being protected, Basic Health and Safety. We have not yet dumbed down to American version of the Precautionary Principle.

  3. The Tories are laughing at us.

    They know that the population was dumb enough to vote them in in the first place and that the media will only go so far in blaming them for their failures, therefore by using bellowing Bozo, they can spin their stories which ever way they want. They also know that with a right wing Labour ‘opposition’ and the left wing fighting each other, they can virtually get away with murder and guess what…….

    1. I realise how difficult it is for anyone to vote for a political party so full of false accusations; secrecy & disgraced Blairites.

  4. Cockup Hancock “how complicated the logistics of delivering PPE are ” .
    Eff me really , seriously !!
    Give it to any of the white van men and they’ll get it delivered !!
    A complete and utter turd , no wait in fact even a turd is better than that Tory dickwad han-cock it up .
    Be funny if it wasn’t so effing deadly and people die cos of that willfully incompetent twat .

  5. Someone on Twitter once described Hancock as the Tory ‘tea-boy,’ which seemed so apt it’s stuck with me ever since. He has that servile but slightly truculent air of a tea-boy dissatisfied in his work and thwarted in his hopes for better things. As a government minister he has been promoted light years beyond his capabilities, and like all bad managers tries to cover for his inadequacy with a whole range of tactics. We’ve seen him endlessly obfuscating, avoiding answering questions ad nauseam, and when pinned down becoming petulant and cross. Patronising and dismissing a young man who’s father’s death he is almost certainly responsible for, is a breeze to the tea-boy. And he does it without a qualm, as, like all bad managers he is concerned with only one thing…deflecting criticism, covering his back.

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