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Doctor who warned Johnson lack of PPE would cost NHS lives killed by virus

When crisis is over, there must be justice – and a reckoning

Dr Abdul Mabud Chowdhury and his family

An NHS doctor who wrote to Boris Johnson with an urgent warning that the lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) would lead to needless deaths among NHS staff has died of COVID-19.

Dr Abdul Mabud Chowdhury, who worked at Homerton hospital in east London, had begged Johnson to provide PPE for every NHS worker in the UK – but the shortages have continued in spite of government claims to the contrary.

Dr Chowdhury, aged just 53, died on Wednesday. He leaves behind his wife and two children.

When this crisis is over, the Establishment must not be allowed to resume ‘business as usual’ and sweep the deaths caused by the arrogance of Johnson and his government under the carpet.

There must be justice for Dr Chowdhury and the others who have died and will die because of Tory laziness and callousness – and a reckoning.

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      1. Exactly my opinion and some of its members will be paid handsomely out of the public purse/public debt for years for running or rather controlling it. There might even be a succession of well paid establishment appointees as in the child sex abuse enquiry.

  1. People still wondering where patel’s gone?

    She’s quite possibly overseeing the preparation of the bunker or other military-grade installation the cabinet might have to move to; along with the procurement of israeli-made crowd control weapons to dole out to the plod (Along with emergency law(s) to approve said weaponry) for when it turns sour.

    …Quite possibly…

      1. And with an arse THAT size it’s gonna take a LOT of saving…

  2. The enquiry when and if it happens should also focus on ministers and there needs to be a whole swaith of laws that get’s rid of this noah’s ark 18th century diplomatic immunity that parliament has and replaces it with laws that hold all at that level including advisors accountable for there actions and policies and not to be able to hide behind some department that then waffles on about lessons learnt and then carries on, if that means court, trial and jail if found guilty, then that has to be, to much of this we can do whatever we like and not be held accountable, that has to change or we just get rid of parliament and start again with a new set of rules and a grass roots system with no perks, bars, wine cellars, the lot

  3. It is a little disappointing and surprising that every single PLP member didn’t get behind this.

    More than 80 Labour MPs joined together asking the government to forgive student loans for nurses fast-tracked to the frontline.

    Some 5,553 students from 35 universities had signed up for paid placements as of Friday, according to Health Education England figures.

    These nurses have rearranged their studies in response to a call from Mr Hancock for them to join the NHS frontline a few months before they originally expected to end their studies and qualify.

    But they will still be liable for £9,000 a year in tuition fees.

  4. Breaking News

    You’ll all be ‘delighted’ to hear that Johnson is out of the ICU and on the mend.

  5. meanwhile, … because of the EXCELLENT care by some of the MANY who keep our country working, another patient has left ICU in our magnificent NHS hospital and transferred back to the ward.

    Nearly 8,000 other hospital patients have not been so fortunate. Furthermore, the 8,000 figure excludes many not admitted to hospital. The deaths are being CONSIDERABLY underreported. I believe that deaths exceeding those for similar months over previous years, will have been DIRECTLY due to WILFUL political NEGLIGENCE, callous disregard for human life of the old, vulnerable, poor and disabled. The deliberate PERVERSE CHOICE to allow many tens of thousands to die, then spin that obscene choice as necessary to develop herd immunity, should never be forgiven.

    As, posted here on weeks ago, the only decent way to achieve herd immunity, to a deadly contagious virus, is by vaccination.

    The “economy” must serve us, “the many”. To treat people as mere expendable resources for the economy, is an ideological abomination. The TWISTED nasty inversion of priorities has caused unimaginable distress to patients, staff and family & friends of both. This is not written with hindsight. The warnings and advice and science was there. The warnings based on scientific advice AND preparedness exercises in 2016, were IGNORED. The results were hidden from the public. Repeated warnings were rejected. This EVIL is POLITICAL CHOICE.

    The spin excuse will be “Benefit of hindsight”… just like Tony Blair and Campbell repeated after invading Iraq on a ton of lies. No!!! It is not hindsight. With perverse foresight, those without a belief in the value of everyone in society, acted with a callousness unimaginable to many. Let TENS of THOUSANDS DIE. The ideology us as Madeline Albright’s “it is a price worth paying”. NB Others… “the many” pay the price for the wanton capitalist GREED of a few. 🌹🌹🌹

    1. Then it is high-time that if they use benefit of hindsight as a reason, then they should be given a fair chance in front of a judge and jury explaining this as part of there defence.

    1. Dr Abdul Mabud Chowdhury, his name is mentioned 4 times in the above article.

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