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Desperate to discredit Panorama on Tory PPE scandal, Tory site Guido points out most NHS staff are not fans of Tories

Very helpful of them…

Right-wing troll site Guido Fawkes looks desperate to discredit last night’s Panorama programme confirming the scale of the scandal of the Tories’ wilfully-negligent failure to provide adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) to NHS staff.

The programme revealed that the Tories had months to prepare and instead chose to ignore the approaching crisis – and the World Health Organisation’s recommendations on the PPE needed by front-line health staff.

The facts of the programme are incontrovertible.

So instead of the facts, Fawkes thought it would be a good idea to highlight five Labour supporters interviewed by the BBC:

Of course, in taking this desperate tack, Fawkes has merely highlighted that NHS staff are not very keen on the Conservative party that has fragmented, privatised and stripped the NHS for decade – and which is killing them now by failing to provide them with PPE.

Helpful of them.

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  1. Tories counted pairs of gloves as TWO pieces of PPE. They counted each pair as TWO items in order to LIE. Tories claimed they supplied a billion items of PPE to the NHS. Would you be a fan of Tories, if you worked in the NHS⁉️⁉️⁉️ Who are fans of blatant heartless callous wicked liars⁉️⁉️⁉️

    1. The Tories’ motives were clearly to maximise the appearance of competence, but…
      Disposable PPE gloves come in many types, some of which are handed left/right and come in pairs, some of which fit either hand and are sold in packs of 10 gloves (rather than 5 pairs).
      It gives Hancock plausible deniability I’m afraid.

  2. LOL, what’s not to like?. The doctors and nurses featured I mean. It wouldn’t have occured to guido that the government policy of cuts might have politiced them, or were they supposed to remain non partisan and ‘just get on with it’ The government have done their best through out this pandemic to silence them as we read about NHS workers afraid to speak out. So much for whisle blower protection.

      1. Does he still affect the thin moustache and tiny goatee of the Fawkes mask I wonder?
        Lardy establishment drone trying to associate himself with revolutionaries, whether Fawkes or the anti-fascist vigilante of the movie V for Vendetta, probably confuses a lot of rightards who’d otherwise support him.
        Dumb fuckwit should have picked the Scarlet Pimpernel to emulate if he wanted help defending rich oppressors from the poor oppressed.

  3. Now – I’m really confused. Forget the right-wing parallel to Skwawkbox that is Guido Fawkes – but Is ‘Panorama’ OK now – or does critical distance have to be maintained following protests about handling of the ‘antisemitism’ scam? 🙂 You can’t suddenly trust dodgy sources just because it suits the agenda.

    Sorry to ask awkward questions – but I do like consistency in the pursuit of the true picture. And is it correct that there are there excess deaths amongst NHS staff in comparison to the rest of the population? I wouldn’t take it a s a given knowing the Panorama record.

    I haven’t verified the following, but my well-validated suspicious mind about the ‘Panic’ narrative suggests that it might be worth looking at :

    “The NHS is the biggest single employer in the UK. NHS England, NHS Scotland and NHS Wales employ roughly 1.5 million people (Wikipedia estimates over 1.7 million). That’s over 4% of the 38 million working-age adults, or 2.5% of the entire population of the UK.

    As such, you would expect roughly 2.5% of the Covid19 victims to be NHS employees (assuming proportionate distribution).

    However, the 106 NHS employees represent only 0.58% of the UK’s 18,200 total Covid19 casualties as of April 22nd.

    To put it another way:

    Any randomly selected citizen of the UK has a 1/39 chance of being employed by the NHS.

    But any randomly selected “Covid19 related death” has a 1/172 chance of being employed by the NHS.

    In summary: In direct contradiction of the media coverage, healthcare workers are NOT being disproportionately affected by Covid19. They are actually substantially under-represented.”

    This may be wrong – but it would be interesting to see contradictory actual figures.

    1. RH
      Going to part ways with you here, until every frontline death is investigated by H&S Executive to establish whether or not they had protection
      Then as far as I’m concerned each case is a murder investigation
      Panorama Drama showed how criminally under prepared we were, the cheap and nasties have a visceral hatred of the NHS and have run it into the ground for 10 years
      Guillotine or firing squad I care not a jot, throw in treacherous right wing bastards who deprived us of a Labour government

    2. Panorama OK now? Matt Hancock described it as unfair, but even the Guardian sometimes has something worth reading…………I think?

      Is this a serious comparison? Are you comparing apples with pears? Not all NHS employees work face-to-face with the general public & if you don’t panic now, you obviously don’t understand the situation.

    3. It’s a valid criticism to take anything Panorama broadcasts at face value particularly, as you stated in the context of its propaganda piece attacking the democratic socialist Labour Party and its former leader, in reference to the fabricated AS smears, distortions and lies.

      Moreover, it will be interesting to see if Panorama differentiates in terms of age, health ( any prior serious health problems such as heart, lungs, immune system etc ), and whether they were all frontline workers plus of course if they had retired.

      For further information in regards to this “ Coronavirus Fact check #4” is highly recommended. It also includes the data from a statistical study published in the Health Services Journal. Again, it’s well worth a read.

    4. Even Murdoch’s Times has had some interesting criticism of the goverment and has now been effectively banned from asking questions at the daily press conference. Sometimes when thieves fall out thre is some interesting infovto be had. Bring it on I say.

      1. ” Sometimes when thieves fall out thre is some interesting infovto be had. Bring it on I say. ”

        BRILLIANT Carlene✅✅✅ U beat me to it + lift my satisfactory spirits higher. Thanks!!! It is also very wise at ALL eventful times, to monitor + note “print” MSM for “buried bad news”. Trawl MSM “of record” and note meticulously. Governments always hope to claim that they were open… the did not hide x,y, or z. This is a time when lots of concerning stuff is deposited in tiny obscure columns on pg 666.

        Never forget a spin doctor for disgusting money grabbing, george bush’ anus gobbling, warmongering toady to despots – tony bliar 45 minutes WMD. While decent people were stunned by the Twin Towers tragedy, Tony Bliar’s spin doctor wrote “This is a GOOD DAY to BURY BAD NEWS.”

        She was not fired by WMD Tony Blair. No doubt Arsetair Campbellend approved. No surprise then that, Blair endorsed cummings & johnson instead of Jeremy. The filth caked creature Blair, knows it and johnson are on the same morality free page. It is hoping that cummings or starmer will give it a platform, as it CRAVES attention.

        So take notes. Much can be overlooked when we are understandably shocked, rushed or otherwise engaged. And the 1% and their tools will be burying lots and lots of bad news.

    5. “Any randomly selected citizen” isn’t treating coronavirus sufferers 12 hours a day.
      The potential exposure of NHS workers to CV19 is far greater than to those of us who are locked down wherever we are.
      With no other factors operating they should ALL be infected and either in treatment, recovered or dead by now.
      Training and the necessary equipment to avoid infection and contagion are what make the treatment of CV patients an acceptable risk to healthcare workers.
      Almost NO fully trained AND FULLY EQUIPPED doctors and nurses should be infected or dying.
      Simpli-statistics are pointless.

    6. Quite right. The percentages are low. It’s become a revolutionary act when one asks any questions about the lockup and virus. The figures are about higher than those of that virulent flu of20@7. I am no being uncaring, everyone that has passed is one too many but we should be questioning everything. We have no government nor opposition of any worth. The agenda is set by the media and other forces. Why do we just roll over obediantly just to make it easier for them to kick us in the face. We are not told about the many empty beds. There are bored staff at my clinic in Brid Hospital. They have told me of days of near complete idleness. They told me that they wanted to go to where they were needed but were ordered to stand down. If anyone wants clarification of actual value of their kit, how these innoculations have been tested and how it’s passed, then it’s the health workers. We should be asking for international comparisons, our gripe is that the real figures are higher. What has happened to the left in UK?

      1. “There are bored staff at my clinic in Brid Hospital”

        I keep reading this sort of stuff, particularly one account of a medic that cannot fathom why someone in a hazmat suit checks their temp at the entrance and once inside… nothing, few patients no PPE, being worn, staff bored etc. etc. I ask could the suit at the entrance be for show/PR?, I know it’s anecdotal but if staff have time to make/choreograph videos for social media they are certainly not in a ‘war zone’!
        Incidentally, why has a war narrative been actioned?

        “What has happened to the left in UK?”

        My question exactly.

    7. Panorama is never ok. T whole focus is rotten. Lord knows what journals talk about at Chapel meeting? Or are they more akin to confessionals? Forgiveness and all that.

      1. My view on Proporama is that is an ‘establishment’ propaganda docu outlet. It always has an agenda, it shepherds the flock to desired conclusions and emotions. It goes all out attack dog when required as it’s hit piece on Corbyn.

  4. Most of the staff are likely to be of working age19-66.
    The nursing population is ageing.Chronic health and co-morbidity analysis need considering.Comparison to similar cohort of subjects. In reality this is unlikely to be done so simple comparisons are likely to result in distortions and unreliability and skewed conclusions

  5. Don’t put too much hope in HSE hopelessly under-resourced -political decision.Coroners reports might be interesting though. Human Rights act could be fruitful for politician with a legal background.

  6. The shortage of PPE, ventilators, and hospital beds are behind this government’s fear of ending lockdown. We are the worst-placed country in the western world to deal with the inevitable second wave of Covid, and so we must endure lock-down, long after other places (with better health services) have ended it. The gov’s attempts to obtain more PPE have been pathetic and their original stockpiles were almost non-existent. We need an inquiry into why so many died outside of hospital, and why we are at the back of the world queue for PPE, where we grovel with a tiny begging bowl.

  7. People are not going to like this. Many sources, both here, and abroad believe that the respirators are part of the whole problem I’m old, beaten and tired and this my last hurrah. Pickets, strikes, racism, rent strikes, right back to health workers actions in 60+70’s, Portugal, the miner, Wapping, CND, Anti Apartheid, on and on. I will get to the bottom of this. Don’t forget Julian, he’s still part of the lockin. Stay well all, we are going to need one another.

  8. Abhi Mantgani’s my doctor. He’s from the WirrAl not the WirrEl, de liar staines aka guido fawkes, you morbidly obese pathologically falsifying dipsomaniac.

    He’s (Dr Mantgani) also some big hitter in Virgin Care AFAIK, which makes me unsure whether he’s a momentum member at all.

    Not saying he isn’t, just seems unlikely, in my opinion.

  9. I suppose guido gives a good insight into what is worrying the tories (not that guido works hand in hand with the conservative party, oh no

  10. I suppose Guido gives a good insight into what is worrying the tories (not that Guido works hand in hand with the conservative party, oh no!) now all the hacks wiill run with the guido narrative

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