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“Is it true the UK sent 266k pieces of PPE to China?” Gove: “I’m not going to get into that now”

If only it was unbelievable

Michael Gove was asked on Sky News this morning whether reports that the UK sent 266,000 pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) to China in February – when the Tories were ignoring the need to build PPE stocks, or ventilators, in readiness for the inevitable epidemic of the deadly coronavirus in this country.

Gove’s response: “I’m not going to get into that now” – and to put icing on the turd, he then used talk of transparency to avoid responding when pressed on it again:

Original video by @Haggis_UK

The Tories are the sickest of jokes – even more so on the day when a large shipment of PPE from developing nation Turkey was delayed, after the UK ran out of vital PPE last week.

The deaths of NHS staff and of members of the public from this virus are on their hands.

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  1. Yes it is true. As a few had the foresight over at least a month ago, pointed out: 1️⃣ Johnson is a lazy charlatan. 2️⃣ Urgent warnings from 2011, 2014 and 2016 that successive TORY governments were dangerously unprepared for an EXPECTED pandemic,.. those CLEAR warnings and advice were ignored.

    As predicted over a month ago, Boris johnson would attempt to claim we have the benefit of “hindsight”. No!!! posters were wise BEFORE the event. Cummings & Johnson ignored CLEAR warnings in The Lancet 24th January 2020, re the “science” in China then🌹🌹🌹

  2. “I think it’s important that we share facts in a transparent way and those facts will be shared later today.”
    And were those facts shared? Yeah, I’ll bet…
    He’s still trying to think of a way to spin it that makes Tories look like saints for ‘helping’ China by selling them PPE at three times market value in February – instead of incompetents for throwing the NHS on the mercy of the Market today.
    Won’t it be funny if they’re in process of buying back the same PPE they gouged China for – for twenty times its value today?
    The epitome of capitalism. Conservatism’s finest hour.
    Toast by their own retards.

  3. David,
    ‘ Toast by their own retards ‘ !! 😄😄

    Love that. Permission to use this in future social media posts ?

      1. Kidding. At my age I can’t be sure I’m not a monkey with a typewriter.

  4. Now that Turkey has highest infection rate in Middle-east they have a decision to make.
    Do we export essential PPE to UK or do we retain them for our own use? Ummm

  5. ‘Can’t lie to you just now, at least not until we at the cabinet reach a consensus on exactly what that lie is going to be’

  6. Not called cheap and nasties for nothing
    Why are Health and Safety Executive not investigating deaths on front line
    Lions led by donkeys

  7. Unsurprisingly their numbers have been cut, they now rely on Trade Union health and safety reps to do this. PROBABLY run out of RIDOR Reporting sheets.
    We are rapidly introducing American precautionary principle practices, this will aid trade agreements- low standards we ain’t seen nothing yet.

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