Video: Tory minister Jenrick tells Sky this morning we have 12k ventilators – then BBC 8k an hour later

Tory minister Robert Jenrick appeared on both Sky News and BBC News this morning to discuss the government’s coronavirus response. He told Sky that the UK has 12,000 ventilators – then the BBC, less than an hour later, that it has 8,000:

The 12,000 figure is entirely false.

On Sunday, Jenrick told the nation during the government’s daily press conference that 170 million face-masks had been delivered to NHS staff. They hadn’t.

Never trust a Tory – especially on the NHS.

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  1. The NHS is Socialism in action. We must never forget & remind the public why it is not safe in Tory hands.

    1. I remember a scenario planner told me decades ago, “ if you knew what …” they “… had scenario planned, you would not sleep”. As stated on the government knew of that a pandemic like this would happen and we would not be resilient as eg Germany, South Korea and Singapore are. They refused to invest in ventilators when plans were dusted down in 2016. They thought it was too expensive. NB trillions were not too much to bail out the banks and leave the bankers engorged salaries and “bonuses” for failure, untouched. NB £40+ million for an unnecessary PRIVATE and PRIVATE Joanna Lumley Bridge. NB also £500 BILLIONS on the useless HS2. The final bill will be much more. It will be obsolete when the first bit of track is put down…. Starting in … yes London. Great way to connect the North and Midlands❓ NO‼️ You know it. They know it. The WHOLE world knows it. It is a Blue & Red Tory SCANDALOUS FRITTERING AWAY OF PUBLIC FUNDS‼️ 🌹🌹🌹

      1. Whilst agreeing with the gist of what you are saying, there never was a shortage of money that the government can use in any circumstance. The government is the issuer of our currency and can spend it on anything they choose, the reason they don’t is purely political choice. Austerity was used to transfer public services and assets into the private sector, that is the sole reason. We are now reaping the benefit of those policies pursued by Neo-Liberal politicians of all colours, only since Jeremy Corbyn appeared as leader of the Labour Party have we seen those policies challenged. People need to wake up in this country.

      2. rotzeichen, apologies if my post implied a shortage of money. Definitely not my view. The examples i gave implied political choices. But this is an excellent example that when we think something is clear to us, it almost always needs clarification, repetition…reiteration. Add to that SUSTAINED visibility, audibility, and involvement in what one is saying. Never speak as if one is really wishing to be elsewhere or does not care. One needs not to be bombastic, but monotones on important issues are sacrilegious. One needs honest feedback like yours rotzeichen. If i got upset and refused to do something to make myself clearer, then it may not be due to being a fool but definitely, being stubborn … inflexible… even passive aggressive arrogant.

        Stubbornness can be a good quality but it is wasted if misdirected or misapplied. So thanks for letting me know that i needed to be clearer. ➡️ ➡️➡️

        Boris Johnson, Cummings and the last Tory PMs made a DELIBERATE POLITICAL CHOICE N O T to correct deficiencies in our ability to cope with an EXPECTED pandemic like Covid-19.

        As early as 2008, emergency plans were reviewed. Then again in 2011 and AGAIN in 2016. The Tory govt REFUSED to heed advice that we had NO adequate capacity EVEN for s less demanding situation than this one. Hospitals THROUGHOUT the country were “decommissioned” or squeezed re specialities. Eg patients over the last several years have had to be transferred ROUTINELY to central London for care that used to be available in Kent and Bedfordshire. Hospitals of long international repute, have been struggling “in peace time” at 105 – 106% overstretch. RESULT❓❓❓ Very ill patients having to be ferried about to find an appropriate specialty bed. And that does not include PROPERLY STAFFED intensive care beds.

        So, re the situation now, WARNINGS & ADVICE were given. As recently as 2016, a POLITICAL DECISION was made to NEGLECT proper resourcing while political choices were made to SQUANDER MILLIONS BILLIONS and over the decades TRILLIONS in other ways. Political choices. Politicians serving a select few. Their cosy bunch. Blue & Red Tory bunch… like WMD Tony Blair & Sir Keir Starmer.

        Knighthoods & Damehoods, in the main, are doled out to compliant instruments of the status quo. They are not always rewards for competence. So NB Commander Cressida Dick who oversaw the DEADLY catastrophe of the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes at Stockwell Tube was rehired and then Theresa May handed Dick a Dame-hood… DESPITE the terrorist being able to murder from Manchester to London SEVERAL TIMES. But an innocent man got several bullets in him while he sat minding his own business. MURDERED by officers under the supervision of Cressida Dick.

        Please, anyone, could you post the details of incompetence and negligence and services to the STATUS QUO, for which Mr KEIR STARMER was made a SIR. Thanks in advance. It may prove a timely signpost of the direction members should take in this UNTIMELY Leadership POOR contest. 🌹🌹🌹

    2. Steve Richards, “The NHS is Socialism in action”. As is the EU, where richer countries help raise the standards overall for the benefit of everyone, but you had to obey the rules of the ‘club’. This is precisely why the right wing has always objected to it, they could see it was Socialism in action. Yes, I know all about Greece but don’t forget, the IMF had a large say in what went on there and in no way can they be called Socialist.

      1. ……….& Germany placed an embargo on the export of drugs & equipment to another country; even those in EU. France & Germany also instructed their medical staff (nationals) to return ‘home. Socialist solidarity of Macron & Merkle in action.

        Never forget the Troika, IMF; European Central Bank & European Commission control the ‘Top Table’ of the ‘Rich Man’s Club’. Blair & Starmer also call this ‘Socialism’.

      2. Steve Richards. Regarding your points about Germany/France, as far as I know Socialist policy doesn’t yet go as far as foresaking your own citizens for the sake of others. As for Blair and Starmer, they are the last people I would class as Socialists!

  2. People need to start hammering kuenssberg’s & peston’s twitters, DEMANDING they relentlessly grill the bastards on ANY discrepancy, no matter how ‘insignificant’ or how ‘unintended’ they may or may not be.

    This isn’t the time for fannying about, lives are at stake. If they refuse to ask questions when they’re fully aware of lies like jenrick’s, then that makes them complicit, in my book.

    1. With SHAMBLES, utter shambles of almost most NO eye visors, full body cover, nor proper face masks, for those IN THE FRONT LINE of this PLAGUE, what is really EXPENSIVE is Tory INCOMPETENCE, FAILURE, negligence and DELIBERATE INACTION. But worse yet, the BLATANT BORIS JOHNSON LIES.

      This Tory catastrophe of putting the continuous plunder of their gang of heartless parasites the ONE PERCENT, is the true EXPENSE. And SOCIETY bears the TORY expense. Their IDEOLOGY is “THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SOCIETY”. What they mean is there will be no Tory help for society. But society must hand out to the likes of Richard Branson, Phillip Green and all in their tiny band of GREEDY BANDITS. 🌹🌹🌹

  3. ITs fairly clear that from the muddle he was in that he too will soon need to claim the virus route and go into isolation…. Poor little chappy!

  4. I believe peston has been on twitter to rubbish gove’s claim about the lack of available chemicals necessary for testing for the bug.

    All very well. Is he gonna go on his Tv platform and call out gove’s – and the rest of their – lies, in front of a broader audience?

    Does he have the courage to call the lying rats out for what they are, and risk becoming an ‘uninvited journalist’…?

    Are you a man or a mouse, peston?

    People on twitter…Throw the gauntlet down to him. And kuenssberg. And burley, boulton, robinson, ferrari etc etc…

    Lets see how just how much ‘of the people’ they profess to be.

  5. Just keep “ramping up”…..that’s all we have to do…….”keep ramping up”

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