Video: BBC News found a doctor to say NHS was never short of PPE. He happens to have been to Tory conference

NHS doctors, nurses and others in the front line of the fight against the coronavirus have been pleading for personal protective equipment (PPE) and telling their stories of treating gravely-ill patients with no suitable protective wear,

Video evidence has shown NHS staff with inadequate equipment – even just after the Tories claimed they had delivered 170 million masks (a claim now retracted) – and none wearing the masks recommended by the World Health Organisation.

But BBC News today found an NHS consultant who went against the flow and told its viewers that the NHS has never had a PPE shortage.

He seemed surprisingly cheerful as he did so, given the stress and strain on front-line NHS staff.

But as Twitter user @ukdemockery discovered, Dr Daniels seems to be, or has been in the past, a member of the Conservative Party – and a keen enough one to attend the Tories’ conference:

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  1. Is this guy for REAL! utter insincerity is written all over his face and his upper body language is telling , even the management speak he uses is a dead give away , no pun intended.
    An untruthful unrepresentative unbelievable Dr , mind you we do get em sometimes don’t we Mr Shipman .

  2. So – a Tory will minimise this problem … and the opposition will maximise it.

    Which is why, in the end, it’s hard data that makes the case – not bullshit.

    1. RH If its your way of fighting the fear of a meltdown ,fair enough.But please dont turn virus denial into a belief system to collaborate with Tory establishment propoganda.

    2. And that is provided the said data is itself not corrupted or screwed by those in power , i.e Tories, in desperately trying to cover their collective arses for the utter incompetence over miss managing CV19.
      That the data is the whole data and not just data selectively portrayed to prove or try and prove ones point .
      So lets have the whole picture of all the data in full for and against the case in future .

      1. Hang on – the Tories are actually emphasizing the frightening nature of this virus – not underplaying it! Or I’m not sitting here in lockdown :-). They then, of course, construct a narrative about their mastery of the situation.

        My question is simp[ly ‘What situation?’

        ‘Virus denial’ – another bit of duff data! It’s not that at all. Just a vaccine against blind panic.

        “lets have the whole picture of all the data in full”

        … which, far from dismissing potential real threats, is what I’ve been arguing for all along – passing on the insights of experts like Ioannides.

      2. “the Tories are actually emphasizing the frightening nature of this virus”

        An apparent position they had to be dragged kicking and screaming to because they were relying on a set of “experts” who just happened to be coming up with a narrative of “culling the herd” i.e. the “economically inactive” which fitted the business as usual desperation along with the eugenics agenda of some amongst the Eton Fourth form Remove that passes for the UK Government.

        And they actually spent the best part of a week prevaricating in getting to the current so called “lockdown” when the grown ups were saying it needs to be done immediately as every days delay would cost lives.

        Can anyone imagine Churchill meekly asking private industry if would not mind, if its not too much trouble, to seeing their way to switching production to some Spitfires the way Johnson did with ventilators the other week?

        Churchill would have got his finger out and commandeered that production to make sure there were sufficient resources for front line services rather than reject immediate offers of ventilators in favour of a offshore tax dodging parry donor at some point in the future.

        In case you missed it RH this lot spent weeks in denial with no containment protocols in place at UK ports of entry. An issue they still had not addressed a week ago with Europe’s busiest airport, Heathrow, crowded to the gunnals whilst at the same time the so called lockdown sees actual real life evidence – as opposed to theoretical statistical models based on convenient assumptions – of people packed cheek by jowl on the tube, on construction sites and canteens.

        Some lockdown?

        Because the problem is too many people taking them at face value. They don’t have the necessary level of security personnel to enforce such a lockdown and the necessary systems to ensure effectiveness of announced measures are not provided – ensuring failure of the announced measures.

        You can safely bet your pension that this lot are not serious about this – saying one thing and doing another.

        Already the media is being slowly filled with articles from different sets of “experts” trying to undermine other “experts” to get back to business a usual, nothing to see here, over-reacting etc.

        And they have their cheerleaders in all sorts of places, don’t they just.

  3. he knows he is lying. very sad days 4 the medical profession. very sad day for the scientific community in general also. to see the poverty of self respect even in a handful, is chilling. quite sad to witness… a distinct minority lacking self & professional respect, but still sad to observe even in a handful. sad and puzzling. i really must be missing something…unrealistic… idealistic… anyway, will go to bed … or maybe i’m already asleep snd this is all just a long long bizarre strange sad dream.

    1. Signpostwindchimes…The very reason we had to Nationalise the Health service after the war.A knock on the door from the GP looking for their excessive charges to be paid.We must always remember that the doctors charges in the old days were feared by many…!

  4. When you know you have the total support of a placid press, everything becomes about PR and managing the electorate.

    The failure to test aggressively and to protect the medics with PPE cannot be PR’d away.

    The Government is failing abysmally and fooling few

  5. What gets me is that the BBC actively seeks out people like this – it’s not as if they are ten a penny.

  6. The BBC actively socialise with people “Like this” and attend the establishment Public schools including a lot of our PLP who have been behind the establishment for years.and thats why we are on the road to nowhere with the like-minded establishment favourites Sir Keir Starmer.

    1. Let’s not forget that Starmer is part of the same club which Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew brzezinski, Carter’s National Security advisor all current or former members of the Trilateral commission funded and founded by right wing American billionaires and also a partner organisation to the Bildeberg group again an international club of run by the elite of the world for the elite of the world. Blair, Brown, Lord Carrington and many leading Tories plus right wing senior Labour politicians are/ were current members of this sister organisation. No wonder Starmer won’t admit were he is obtaining all his funding from. What next Tennis with the Russian criminal oligarchs.

  7. He is not on the GMC register or the specialist register, therefore he is not a practicing doctor. He is a policy consultant to NHS England. As he does not work on the front line he is not in a position to actually report the situation on the front line.

    1. Blimey , well done , a good bit of research , where did you get that info from ?

      1. GMC website lists all registered doctors with a licence to practice and specialists. In addition some people use the letters Dr to indicate they have a doctorate (the highest degree level) its use does not always mean they are registered medical practitioners.

  8. Divide and rule, twas ever thus
    What you have to accept is the enemy within and without
    We need a hatchet man to clear the fuckers out
    We are not that broad a church we are a socialist party, PLP isnt
    Let centrists leave and create this mythical GE winning machine party
    The Labour party then has a very good story to tell and manifesto to sell

  9. What kind of a man betrays his colleagues in distress with such a vile outrageous lie? That he happens to be a committed Tory doesn’t explain this. Yes, we all know that the Tories are generally a lie pedalling bunch, and arguably this is just a case in point. But really, this lie is off the chart, and the fact that the BBC has ferreted out possibly the only so-called ‘doctor’ willing to tell it, does (even) the BBC great discredit. How ironic that only a matter of days ago our media, especially the BBC, were waxing warmly sentimental about the NHS, the airwaves clogged up with wall to wall clips of people clapping, and now our State Media gives airtime to such a gross falsehood. This is not ‘balance.’ This is is a disgrace.

    1. It is impossible to over estimate how low cheap and nasties will go, they are completely ruthless
      Throw in support of MSM, toilet papers, unlimited funds and red Tories
      Perfect recipe for GE success
      When we win power be completely ruthless in tearing down all of their advantages

  10. Meanwhile, step back and look at the bigger picture. Forget stuff like a Tory conspiracy to murder their own supporters and consider :

    “The government has been warned it could be forced to abandon targets for ending low pay in Britain by raising the legal minimum wage, as the economic costs of Covid-19 mount.”

    Remember the outcome of the financial crisis after the handouts had been handed out?

    1. “Our main problem is that no one will ever get in trouble for measures that are too draconian. They will only get in trouble if they do too little. So, our politicians and those working with public health do much more than they should do.

      No such draconian measures were applied during the 2009 influenza pandemic, and they obviously cannot be applied every winter, which is all year round, as it is always winter somewhere. We cannot close down the whole world permanently.

      Should it turn out that the epidemic wanes before long, there will be a queue of people wanting to take credit for this. And we can be damned sure draconian measures will be applied again next time. But remember the joke about tigers. “Why do you blow the horn?” “To keep the tigers away.” “But there are no tigers here.” “There you see!”

      [Dr Peter Goetzsche is Professor of Clinical Research Design and Analysis at the University of Copenhagen and founder of the Cochrane Medical Collaboration.]

    2. Yes, lets look at the bigger picture rather than the little snapshot you supply RH.

      Like the fact that despite all the austerity cuts since 2008-09 hundreds of billions of pounds were regularly found and printed out of thin air in QE over the years (from the apparent non existent Magic Money Tree) to enable banks, finance houses, corporations and other racketeers to maintain their balance sheets and over inflate their stocks using that fiat money to buy back their own stock and maintain bonus levels.

      And lo and behold, the Magic Money Tree has been re-discovered in another vain attempt to shore up a Ponzi scam on its last legs as billions and trillions of pounds of non existent money is created to bail out the system and hopefully, once again, present us with the austerity bill.

      If they can do it for the bankers who sponsor them they can do it for the rest of us.

      They certainly did not need a pandemic to do that over the past 11 years and they still don’t. That unsustainable bubble was always going to burst at some point and any attempts to blame that on a single cause, whether its Covid-19 or anything else, is pure bullshit and marks anyone pushing such a notion as a useful idiot.

      The casino system run on feeding the black hole of debt by printing money and presenting the rest of us with the bill is about collapse and it is more than likely that a number of fiat currencies will go under.

      Blaming that on Covid-19 or any other single cause certainly serves a useful purpose for some agenda.

  11. ‘The truth is out there……..& MSM is simply a window on the world”. What am I talking about?

  12. People with serious health conditions and disabilities who are registered with a GP surgery in Wales had a nasty surprise in the post.

    The surgery sent them a letter saying if they caught the coronavirus, the best thing for them to do would be to reject treatment and wait for death – and it asked them to sign a form confirming it.

  13. A long long time ago, as a student for the umpteenth time, a scenario planner told me “ if you knew what …” they “… had scenario planned, you would not sleep”. As stated on the government knew of that a pandemic like this would happen and we would not be resilient as eg Germany, South Korea and Singapore are. They refused to invest in ventilators when plans were dusted down in 2016. They thought it was too expensive. NB trillions were not too much to bail out the banks and leave the bankers engorged salaries and “bonuses” for failure, untouched. NB £40+ million for an unnecessary PRIVATE and PRIVATE Joanna Lumley Bridge. NB also £500 BILLIONS on the useless HS2. The final bill will be much more. It will be obsolete when the first bit of track is put down…. Starting in … yes London. Great way to connect the North and Midlands❓ NO‼️ You know it. They know it. The WHOLE world knows it. It is a Blue & Red Tory SCANDALOUS FRITTERING AWAY OF PUBLIC FUNDS‼️

    With SHAMBLES, utter shambles of almost most NO eye visors, full body cover, nor proper face masks, for those IN THE FRONT LINE of this PLAGUE, what is really EXPENSIVE is Tory INCOMPETENCE, FAILURE, negligence and DELIBERATE INACTION. But worse yet, the BLATANT BORIS JOHNSON LIES.

    This Tory catastrophe of putting the continuous plunder of their gang of heartless parasites the ONE PERCENT, is the true EXPENSE. And SOCIETY bears the TORY expense. Their IDEOLOGY is “THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SOCIETY”. What they mean is there will be no Tory help for society. But society must hand out to the likes of Richard Branson, Phillip Green and all in their tiny band of GREEDY BANDITS.

    So this is no time… NO TIME to install a Second Eleven Tory to make our party the understudy for TORY BANDITS. The failure to call off this BLOODY POOR contest by those at the NEC, WILL BE PROOF, that they are the embodiment of LIMPNESS. USELESS PATH ETHIC SPACE FILLERS. The lights are on, but there is neither food nor furnishings within. Empty. No one there or NO ONE THERE WITH THEIR FACULTIES SWITCHED ON.

    Would ANY SENTIENT BEING really believe that it is right to sacrifice the investment of over half a million members to the INAPPROPRIATE continuation of this sell out❓❓❓ If the NEC commits this inexplicable failure, when everything else is cancelled, then the membership needs PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT and a VACCINE against them. Our party will need intensive care URGENTLY🌹🌹🌹



  15. Once a knight ,Sir prance a lot is awaiting his Coronation of the democratic socialist Labour party.. Couldnt make it up ..but he has managed to and hoodwinked the membership with is funding from foreign backers.NHS. ?.not if these public schoolboys get their heads together Sir keir Starmer and Boris Johnson a team made in Hell.

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