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UK CV deaths for last 24 hours leap by 48% to 563

Hospitals have said government is under-reporting

The UK’s daily coronavirus death toll has leaped to 563 for the last 24 hours, up by 48% on the previous day.

The government’s figures lag by around 48 hours and hospitals have said deaths are being under-reported, so the real toll is likely higher. The latest Office for National Statistics release suggests at least a quarter should be added for deaths outside hospital.

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  1. Advice was reiterated in 2016, that the UK was ill prepared. Advice was given. It was ignored by Tory PMs Cameron, May and Johnson. They excused their wanton negligence on the grounds of cost. Their failure is costing more now PLUS the cost of other peoples lives eg the essential workers who must still travel. This was avoidable.

    Visors, proper aprons and masks in particular are NOT available where needed. The government statements are untrue. By tomorrow the deaths may be as high as 1023 and many more when you add in deaths out if hospitals and care homes. There are people dying because their cancer and other treatments have to be postponed. Tory priorities. Tory choices. Did anyone here the PLP & MSM ask any questions of the Tories over the last four years❓❓❓ The MSM & PLP who undermined Jeremy with lies are also culpable in this. They bashed Jeremy with lies. The SABOTEURS failed to offer help to Jeremy and FAILED to scrutinise the Tories or ask them to apologise for anything.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. The sole object of the MSM and elements within the PLP was to destroy Jeremy , the finest leader we have ever had, and as a result they let the Tories off the hook on issues like the NHS, social care etc.We are now reaping what they sowed and unfortunately many people, some of whom were gullible enough to swallow the lies and smears spread about us and our party leader,will lose their lives . Others will lose their jobs, homes and/or businesses. The PLP and MSM will not hold the government to account for its negligence which contributed big time to the current crisis In fact some of them are even now still sniping at Jeremy.Disgusting.

      1. well it’s up to us now to work our socks off via our CLPs and recruit as many Socialists to support and force through at conference the democratisation started by JC ,.
        Voting for RLB and Burgon both whom have openly said they will support mandatory re selection, would be a good start .

        On the point of the article , I thought now that the ONS was reporting ALL deaths inc those outside of the hospital ones ?

        Perhaps RH can throw some light on it here ?

      2. As of yet there is no immediate comparative data to allow assessment of current deaths against those in previous years, because of the time lag involved. So the best available information is for Week 12 – which shows no excess mortality except in Italy.

        There is some way to go before the death rate equals the peak of a number of previous years where the usual seasonal viruses have been in operation.

        *The problem remains that quoted raw figures are non-information unless context is provided.*

        It obviously makes sense to ‘flatten the curve’ and take pressure off the NHS – but the law of diminishing returns applies when politicians bow to the pressure to be shown as ‘doing something’.

        There is mounting concern that the consequences of excessive social measures may lead to more illness and deaths than the virus, for obvious reasons. Today, I’ve seen side effects of the distorted picture as they affect – in a very practical way – a member of the family.

        Again watching Auntie’s bulletin, it’s good to see the questions about testing being raised (and, indeed, questions about excessive government powers) – but the overall narrative is horribly reminiscent of the unbalanced way the ‘antisemitism’ fables were reported.

      3. Rob “well it’s up to us now to work our socks off via our CLPs”

        The problem is that many activists who would be the first to speak up about the lack of democracy in the Labour Party have been expelled or suspended. How many of them were supported by RLB? I guess none of them and she is supposed to be one of the best we have! She has even described herself as a member of the group whose main ambition was to get rid of Corbyn at all costs.

        Now that Socialists such as Chris Williamson have been victimised by the LP bureaucracy, it’s tempting to ask is the LP finished and can it ever be revived?

        Somehow with people such as Starmer or RLB in charge, neither of whom are Socialists, I very much doubt it.

      4. RH I was referring to the ONS reporting , I am of the belief ( read or heard it somewhere ) that they now include deaths outside of the hospital environment , anyone else have proof of this . That will aide some sort of accuracy . Tho I HAVE to say it should not be like this where we are pissing about cos this effing Govt continues to cover it’s ARSE over such wilful misrep and outright deceit.
        Christ even Drumph is now critiquing the initial response from BoJo clown , tho that makes me concerned as to what he’s is up to

      5. Sorry, rob for missing the point.

        Thing is that the ONS is largely irrelevant in this, which is not really in their skill set *unless* they can compensate for (a) uncertainties in the raw data and (b) use reference comparisons to give a contextual perspective.

        They may be able to – but I’ve not seen it yet; I thingk they’re focused on establishing the raw data rather than providing information at this stage.

        The pitfalls are outlined with admirable clarity in the article I highlighted :

      6. Jack T , its a shit show choice as I have said on many occasions , agreed the best leader we have ever had as Socialists has been hounded to bits and yes many many good Labourites have been victimised by the appalling second raters we have in the PLP . From the infamous Twatson to the little shit Wesley screeching to the Israeli agents in the LOFI and JLM ,all the way up to the pseudo Tory lite party represented by Progress , the Fabian society and of course the party within a party , the Co-op party MPs .
        So yes Jack its crapsville choice and Starmer is the epitome of that crap choice imo .
        Indeed the next 6 months will tell if Labour is salvageable from the RWrs , it was and has already been revived by the fantastic work by JC and Co , it is to us to fight for it and for me that will culminate in Conf this yr . I hope to hear a rousing rendition of Oh Jeremy Corbyn as soon as Starmer hits the stage.
        But if the outcome of COnf decisions is to turn backwards/neoliberal and become like the USA DNC irrelevant in representing the working class , then I think the party is finished .
        The hope then is enough of us leave and start a new party , under maybe Left Unity or such , who knows for now .

      7. RH , was fine as far as the link but blew it with it being The Spectator ,,,, really rofl !

      8. Thanks Rob, I hate to be negative but because I can’t see anyone in the Party who is a Patch on Corbyn, forgetting for a moment about his complete failure to support those who laid their careers on the line for him, I think the Party as a genuine Socialist Party is finished.

        At the next conference there will of course be all the usual enthusiastic calls for unity and a ‘fight back’ but while people such as Jennie Formby are still there, as are the people such as McCluskey who put her there, nothing productive will happen. There are too many who depend for their incomes upon a ‘don’t make waves’ position that even if there was anyone who wants to introduce Socialism to the LP, they will be quickly destroyed. Why? because there is no one left with the guts to support them!

    1. Whoever wins the leadership election will have the support of the majority of the party’s members.

      1. SteveH. True but what good will they do when they’re Leader? Answer, none. We don’t need a blue Labour Party.

      2. Jack – At the risk of being accused of stating the obvious again. The answer to your question is ‘Time will tell’.

      3. SteveH. “Time will tell” Do you believe RLB when she said she was a Zionist? If she is, she cannot be a Socialist. If she isn’t she is a liar. Should I not be questioning her credentials without being called a racist?

  2. One thing Momentum did very well was nominate candidates in elections to various bodies
    Use this site to list those who will carry on JC legacy
    I have no clue how conference works or how you get rid of Margaret Hodge
    How come Blair managed to parachute in his people which is why we are where we are, what’s changed
    JC has started something but I wish he had faced down MSM, toilet papers and red Tories until there was a natural successor
    JC and Mccluskey back RLB I just dont get it

    1. The one thing that Lansman and McCluskey did well was build their own personal power bases.

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