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‘Latest’ UK death toll rockets as 260 more lost to plague – but numbers are already out of date

Lag in UK reporting means death figures around 48 hours out of date

The UK’s official coronavirus toll has leaped by 260 in the last 24 hours, as the death toll continues to accelerate – in spite of under-reporting because of government restrictions on who is counted.

One person every five minutes or so.

But a lag in reporting caused in part by the government’s false insistence that it needs families’ permission before it adds deaths to the statistics means that the UK’s figure is around 48 hours out of date by the time it is reported.

The policy of only including deaths in hospital critical care is also obscuring the real toll as the government continues to drag its feet in taking the vital steps the World Health Organisation says are needed to protect NHS staff and patients.

The UK has designated at least two ice rinks as emergency mortuaries. It did so before similar steps in Spain were reported here.

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  1. If the Tories valued the lives of others, both infections and fatalities would be lower. If the MSM & PLP had devoted 1% of the effort spent propagandising against Jeremy Corbyn … if they had just spent even half of 1% scrutinising the Tory governments, then Tories possibly may not in the abhorrent way they do. They feel confident in their nastiness, as they can rely on the BBC and other MSM to cover their backs. Then useless multimillion £s inquiries that last for decades, like Hillsborough. Inquiries that let crimes against society to go unpunished. does what the PLP and the MSM should be doing. Shining a light on rottenness at the very core of Boris Johnson and his Tory gangsters in suits🌹🌹🌹

  2. To me, as someone self-isolating, this feels like a time-out from my life, since all I can do is await developments – I can’t participate until I’m called on by the voluntary sector, who are probably picking younger volunteers first.
    Very different to what it must feel like for people on the front line in hospitals who I imagine must feel – through the exhaustion – that this is the most testing time of their medical lives.
    It must be scary and exciting for the newly-qualified young professional to be ‘dropped in at the deep end’ of a defining episode in history like this.
    I hope at least a few are keeping notes of their experiences and thoughts for posterity – if the Tories and the MSM get to write the only history of COVID-19 it’ll be a seriously abridged, self-serving and fudged record.

  3. If 100,000 test kits cost £1.5 million. Boris Johnson and his chum Joanna Lumley who babysat him as a boy… they were outraged when the tap of public funds was turned off for her private garden bridge. OVER FORTY-FIVE MILLION £££s of PUBLIC MONEY was spent on an unbuilt PRIVATE bridge. Priorities❓❓❓ HS2 no use to man or beast. A bill of BILLIONS‼️‼️‼️ But the health of 100,000 NHS staff not worth £1.5 million.

    Be prepared for some huge St Paul’s Cathedral Church service later. They cost a few million to stage, with all the security, planning and slow driving cars to create pomp. Be prepared for vapid vacuous speeches and lots of clergy prancing about with Charles & Camilla Parker-Bowles who have DEPRIVED tests from TWO of a million of useful workers.

    The disgusting heartless TORY parasites like Diana’s husband Charles, & Mrs Parker Bowles, have no shame, no ethics, no heart, no idea of what is right. Inbred self obsessed degenerates. It is not their fault. They ARE faults. They have been allowed to fault, multiply and infest society, at obscenely vast public expense.

    Meanwhile doctors and nurses, social carers, police officers and medical staff working with them, privatised prison staff remain untested. Schools have been asked to donate eye googles. At some hospitals, staff have had to share protective equipment and fashion protection out of bin bags. Yes, you have read correctly. In the UK – BIN BAGS!!!

    Doctors and nurses weep from exhaustion and the sight of much unnecessary and VERY AVOIDABLE suffering. Think of it, the full view of a hospital over the river from parliament, fails to prompt Tories to care for NHS staff. Tories have been in government most. Were the land there not a bolted down legacy, St Thomas’ would long since be luxury flats 🔵🔵🔵

      1. thank you hilary772013. The multi repeated phrases of Johnson and his “scientist” are COMPLETELY opposite to their DELIBERATE negligence. I suspect their intention is to hypnotise the public into thinking they are doing the right thing because they have been repeating mythical aims over and over. NB, how do you stop spread by not testing the frontline❓no equipment❓ no clear instructions re safe distancing❓ie “only go to work if you have to” yet no commands to BIG Tory donors like construction firms to protect workers one pay-check away from hardship❓ People have been so accustomed to the abominations of Tories blue & red, and so warn down by the MSM propaganda, that the nonsense of Johnson’s words goes unexamined, except on of course.🌹🌹🌹

      1. Please don’t be ‘worn down’. Turn news and ‘news’ internet off for at least two days (and nights) Read, watch, do something light… cookery is a good subject for eg.
        Taking a break to switch off and recharge is essential for lowering stress levels and maintaining grounded perspective. Keep your mind busy learning and doing something new that is far removed from politics, ‘news’ etc. try and get lots of rest and eat well. Learn to stop your mind drifting back to thinking about the state of the world/country.

        Please put yourself first and take a break. Take care and thanks for your kindness towards me on this site.

  4. Squarkbox you appear to be regurgitating main stream reporting.

    Why are you not doing some of your own research on this subject?

    Why are you using such emotive language such as Plague etc. Its not helpful and I am disappointed to see your blog, which I have always admired and relied on, fall into this ilk, much as MSM.

    How about some honest serious and authentic journalism and investigatory reporting. Not just parroting MSM

    1. Looby I very much doubt any sane person would compare the Squawkbox to any of the propaganda toilet papers and the MSM.People look to Squawkbox to find out whats really happening in the UK by many expats abroad and people in the UK.Get back to the establishment broadcasting corporation it probably suits you Sir.

      1. I could not agree with u more Joseph. Quite puzzled by looby’s post. Re Covid-19, skwawkbox has been ahead and right. Foresight. The MSM & the Tories row back a minuscule bit from their callousness, ONLY under pressure from the likes of skwawkbox.

        Loo b, like Jeremy Corbyn, while the MSM were cheerleading Tony Blair’s invasion of Iraq, and Iain Duncan Smith acted with delirium on the Tory front bench when the gullible in parliament + the wicked, voted for Blair’s 45 minute WMD lies, Jeremy did not. He was proved right. This very day, like everyday, is right. Covid-19 is a plague, and so are the Tories.🔥🔥🔥

    2. Plague — a contagious bacterial disease characterized by fever and delirium, typically with the formation of buboes ( bubonic plague ) and sometimes infection of the lungs ( pneumonic plague )

      An accurate description of the pandemic, but I fail to see were this is mentioned in the above report.

      1. “An accurate description of the pandemic”

        No it’s not : starting with the adjective ‘bacterial’ – a pretty elementary error.

    3. Agree
      A matter of minutes ago they the government discuss what constitutes success
      Apparently if we keep deaths below 20,000,
      China, population 1 billion, appears to be coming out the other side have recorded 4,000 deaths
      Normal excess deaths at this time of year are between 8k and 27k, a handful exclusively down to Covid 19
      For the record I would worry more about the financial pandemic

      1. 4000 deaths in China compared to 20,000 in UK is 75 times higher in this country
        Now that would be a story for a serious journalist and if true would bring the government down in a few weeks

      2. You may have a point there Doug,how many more deaths will the Tory economic plague cause whilst they isolate the public and shower their supporters with our money and national assets.Their are certainly many ways to kill people and the Torys are past masters of this.

    4. looby, it’s unrealistic to expect a free blog to do the kind of hugely expensive and time consuming investigative reporting the MSM gave up years ago.
      All they do is publish CCHQ press office handouts nowadays but you want Skwawkbox to do what they can’t on a tiny fraction of their budget?
      Skwawkbox is one of the few honest, serious and authentic voices out there, which is why most of us read him.
      FK why you’re here.

      1. ^^^That’s meant to be a reply to looby, no idea why it’s all the way down here

  5. If the deceased person is not identified by name then nothing stops that persons death being immediately recorded in the figures. Good lord in the event of other disasters such as plane crashes – bombings and the like the number of those killed isn’t withheld until permission is given by the relatives of each individual victim, Under the circumstances I am sure that a bereaved family wouldn’t be aware if their deceased family member had been included in a set of figures or not.
    Sounds like utter bullshit to me which doesn’t inspire confidence.

  6. Did I hear toilet paper where where ha ha but then it’s no laughing matter people dying and this lot will play that figure down has they did through dwp were 97000 reported deaths when asked how many there were in denial of benefits oh boy wait till those real figures if they ever come to light ever be shown same has these deaths we learning that they fixing figures once again if the truth be told the peasants would rise up against them never underestimate a true Tory who walk over the dead bodies and tell you different

  7. Just listening in amazement to BBC radio 5 where the presenter ,Stephen Nolan,is telling Prof John Ashton and the head of the BMA that they are wrong to say the government was initially misguided in its approach to the virus and it was based on faulty science. The deferential attitude of the BBC towards Bunter no his chums is mind boggling.

  8. There are none so blind as those who will not see
    When the dust settles how many trillions will have been given to those deemed to big to fail
    Corona Virus is nothing but a smokescreen
    What is sick is
    It was Brown and Obama who bailed them out last time
    FFS wake up

  9. Christmas came early for Johnson and his CBI benefit cheats,Branson and virgin front of A Q with the begging bowl,bankstrrs,piss head Wetherspoons ,and the Ashley band of sweat shop Labour.All failed ideology neo liberal wasters.Johnson and his mates rigged the election and now robbing our assets to support the dying system of establishment corruption and corporate greed.

  10. An interesting article in anphoblact,the online news of the only left wing party in Ireland,Sinn Fein.The chairperson calls for more action to defeat the virus and ,speed being at the frontline of our actions on all fronts.Mr Kearney points to the failure of “The New World Order” in Health and social care and the economy…Sinnn fein point to the Irish government clinging to power in a failed coalition of a failed ideology and much as been exposed by the Covid 19virus and the impossibility of continuing with a failed ideological experiment in neoliberilism.No more handouts to failed insitutions like last time that bankrupted Ireland last time and that applys to the UK and most of the neo liberal goverments across the world..ITs sometimes refreshing to learn that somthings do change even in Ireland and its up to us to bring this Tory government and the collaberators of the MSM and the PLP to acount.

    1. Sinn Fein are a Political Party that wants power by advocating independence by ‘Remaining’ part of the neo-liberal European Union.

  11. Apparently BloJob’s not just sitting around playing with himself – he’s pissed away over £5 million on writing to “every household” to explain today’s CV rules.
    Just in case somebody hasn’t noticed the 24/7 CVTV coverage.
    Presumably we’ll get written updates every time he changes his mind?
    He’s got CV – is he licking the stamps himself? Free pair of gloves inside to hold the letter with?
    We should be told. In the very next letter, hopefully.

  12. The BBC are promoting the ideology that the ‘lock-down’ & the ‘economic chaos’ is the fault of the vulnerable & the elderly……..’not a price worth paying’. Remember this when you pay your TV License for permission to listen to such nasty & dangerous hate speakl

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