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Medical kink company donates PPE to fill NHS plea – and condemns Tories for leaving heroes unprotected

Twitter thread reveals just how gross is the government’s lie that it is providing adequate protective equipment to NHS staff

Medical kink company MedFet UK has revealed how it donated its entire stock of scrubs to the NHS free of charge to a ‘desperate’ NHS hospital.

But the company didn’t stop there. In a Twitter thread, it revealed that this was not a one-sided, spontaneous gesture – and condemned the government for lying to the nation about what it is, or really isn’t, providing to doctors, nurses and other NHS staff, before urging voters never to forgive the Tories for their damage to our NHS staff and the patients who rely on them.

The business said that had been contacted by desperate NHS procurement staff begging for PPE – the personal protective equipment vital for NHS staff trying to save patients suffering the worst effects of the new coronavirus – because the government is still not providing sufficient stocks or the right type of PPE to those putting their lives on the line every day in the battle against the virus:

MedFet UK had not only been contacted by one hospital desperate for PPE, but by ‘representatives of NHS procurement all over the country, trying to source basic protective equipment and clothing’, as a ‘last-resort supplier’.

Although the company is generally apolitical, it felt it had to publicly condemn the Tories’ ‘scandalous’ apathy in a time of crisis – and draw attention to the ‘decade of chronic underfunding and cuts which has left the NHS barely able to cope’ even under normal circumstances, let alone in a national crisis.

And it memorably urged voters, when the crisis passes, to remember the government’s abject abandonment of its duty to NHS workers and to all of us:

Let’s not forget, or forgive, the ones who sent the NHS into this battle with inadequate armour and one hand tied behind its back.

The Tories have had months to prepare for this crisis – and years to protect an NHS they swore was ‘safe in our hands’. They have not failed – they have chosen.

The media’s whitewashing of the Tories’ malignant and reckless behaviour is ongoing – and as soon as the crisis is over they will ramp up the excuses and the rewriting of history in the hope that we’ll all move on and memories will fade. That must not be allowed to happen.

Never forget – and never forgive.

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  1. I assumed “kink” was a mistake of some kind until I saw “Medical Fetish, Kink and Roleplay.”
    I hope it’s all sealed in jizzproof boxes… eew.
    Or maybe the real docs & real nurses can turn them inside out? 🙂

  2. Great people. I agree we should never forget what the government did and is planning to do with NHS and we should never allow them to do PRIVATISATION even get back the already privatised hospitals force back to NHS. Tories are so pathetic. Shame on them!😈🤨😪

    1. You are totally correct Kumiko. NHS privatisation was in stealthy swing in the 1990s. And may have been underway before then. EGs: Scrubs used to be laundered by in-house laundries. There were impressive automated systems for retrieval of clean scrubs in the changing rooms. So public assets were flogged off to Tory bandits. Catering was also outsourced even to companies like Carillon, if i recall correctly. … Carillon, a TYPICAL contagious beneficiary of Tory outsourcing, was hovering up in areas as diverse as HS2, Rail, Health Care and even ¿school meals?. Stealth privatisation of the NHS also contaminated janitorial services. Instead of in-house cleaning, we got lots of agency staff cleaners with a predictable decay in “connection”… loyalty. Only the Tory ideology could be insensitive to the idea that all staff, including VITAL cleaners , could feel a sense of loyalty… commitment… CONNECTION with a hospital. The stealthy destruction took hold with a reduction of adequate staff but an increase in millions, yes, £HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS to agencies to supply what was needed. Result? Again, people doing shifts here and there, pairs of hands, but predictably almost no knowledge of the patients. From the patient’s point of view, an ever changing set of faces. There was NO saving to the public course and NO benefit to the patient. In fact i was say without fear of contradiction the ideology of Tories, harm patients. Outsourced hospital cleaning, (along with the misuse of antibiotics), helped to accelerate the proliferation of MRSA etc.

      So Kumiko, you are right but the destruction is well in progress. It was MAINTAINED by Tony Blair, being the spawn of Thatcher. PFI, a SCAM to take “debt” off the public accounts, was and is a perpetual rape of the public purse by… yes, as ever, the cosy 1% clique of the likes of The Tories, Boris Johnson and WMD Tony Blair. That is why the slithering money grabbing oleaginous parasite, endorsed Boris Johnson for PM. Facts above were crying out to be expressed at least every hour, every day. Heartbreakingly, it was left to people here on to shine lights on these wrongs. Others may gave thought it enough to mention burning issues once every few months, then vanish to some remote space of detached Nirvana to return with nice Zen. As if “i told you so” is useful to anyone. If i sound upset, it is because i am. It is impossible for me to understand how a detached idea of virtue could have endured for so many decades on the “Left”. And STILL, there are a few, but a few too many, who see constructive observations as a problem. There are a few but a few too many, who are more than capable, but some bug has incapacitated part of their faculties. That part is belief that we can and have to lead. And that cones with hostilities. We have to expect and plan for them. They won’t just vanish some time. We have to learn from history, evils rarely disappear on their own. Surely, history proves that. It takes vibrant engagement to get whole countries to change. Sustained, VISIBLE, planned ENGAGEMENT. In times of crisis especially it becomes even more acutely necessary. Absence… silence, CRUSHES the souls of those desperate for change. You can feel your chest being squeezed. Hopes dashed is WORSE than never having had hope at all.

      ps thank you Maria for your very sweet msg yesterday. Very kind of you and much appreciated. 💐💐💐

  3. I’ve just come across the best vaccine against the panic – an excellent scientific/statistical analysis: ” Perspectives on the Pandemic [Dr John Ioannidis of Stanford University Interview]”

    It’s lengthy – about an hour long, but well worth the watch.

    Essentially, it elaborates on the key issue of appropriate reaction in the current situation of inadequate data and media hype.

    It can be found on YouTube, I think – but I got to it through the ‘Off-Guardian’ website, which also has other science-based items which attempt to give a less panicky interpretation of the situation :

  4. I won’t forgive or forget the damage, pain & fear that the Tories have inflicted upon us & this country.

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