Video: govt lying outright to control CV death toll narrative

Claim that family approval is needed before adding a number to the total is nonsense

The government is lying to the UK’s people in what appears to be an attempt to control the media narrative on the increase in deaths caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Last night’s BBC Newsnight programme said that the government is claiming that it cannot add deaths to the tragic total as they happen, because it has to obtain the permission of each family before it can do so:

The government’s claim is utter nonsense – an outright lie. There are no data or confidentiality implications to adding a number to the total – and no need to obtain permission. That would only apply if personal details were involved.

It is also as pointless as it is dishonest. The Tories’ ploy reduced yesterday’s official death toll to 43 – but today’s is 115 (really at least 119). Sooner or later, the delayed deaths will have to be disclosed.

This is a government that lies out of habit, not even out of any necessity.

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  1. Yes, it’s obviously garbage, it’s just a number, not a life history! I was amazed that it wasn’t challenged.

  2. Is it possible that the more garbage the Tories put out there that’s left unchallenged the harder it becomes for people to tell what’s real and what’s not – and that that makes it easier for the Tories to point to anything they don’t like and call it ‘fake news’?
    Seems illogical that garbage could have value purely on account of its ‘garbageness’, but i wonder?

  3. I am of the opinion that whilst the PR on this pandemic has changed by the UK government, with the complete lack of PPE for NHS workers and still no testing, supposedly 25,000 tests last week but even this week Nadhim Zahawi MP said only 6400 tests had been done. I believe that the policy of herd immunity is being pursued in the shadows whilst a more inaccurate and duplicitous portrayal of other actions is being pursued as a PR campaign providing false hope.

  4. Fact is that while the government might be massaging the figures for deaths in hospitals, no-one has even begun to identify those that died from complications of CV in the community. For instance, someone that dies from auto-immune disease, rather than respiratory problems, will have their death recorded as just that, auto-immune disease, although they could have had the virus. Of course, there are no tests, so no knowledge of how much infection is out there. If Boris released the real figures he’d be lynched — in seconds!

  5. The Haig is waiting for the establishment of this corrupt and class ridden island trapped in a time warp of pomp and privilege ITs US and Them and we are about to abandon Socialism for a knight of the realm to lead the Labour party into oblivion.Right in the middle of a l leathel virus,drowning in establishment propoganda we are turning the country upside down in lies and privilege.

  6. The only permission they need is the release of the deceased’s name(s). Not for anything else.

    If ever they’ve gone full-on rh and insulted people’s intelligence then this latest drivel HAS to be it.

    They’re beyond contempt. But we knew that anyway.

  7. Why not out out an appeal to the relatives of any CV victims to find if they were told that their relative would only be added to the death toll ONLY if they gave their express consent.?

    Seems like a fairly innocuous question, or is it too intrusive?

  8. Well what a surprise , Johnson and his lying Govt fiddle the figures , just a cursory check back over the last 5 WHO sit reps proves the fact .
    All showed a continual increase in New Deaths , every day , then suddenly last night the New Deaths went down , even tho the new infections rate continued to climb .
    The WHO gets it figures I presume from our Govt so now even that source can no longer be trusted .
    This bunch of bastards have the whole country “over a barrel” and can do WTF they like .
    Still the majority voted for them , to get Brexit done , going so well that isn’t it , where is that cxxx Fartarge these days , hiding in his Spanish Villa

    1. Covid 19 in Europe? Can it be coincidence that the 2 countries most infected are the 2 poorest, Italy & Spain? Where is this United States of Europe as Germany & France refuse to help, imposing a ban on exporting any drugs or medical equipment.

      Now the bourgeois Blairite ‘globalists’ have a new accusation, Lexiteers are going native & becoming ‘nativeists’. Local economies & local markets are just a manifestation of the rejection of globe-trotting ‘internationalism’. When’s the next pandemic? Pollution & carbon footprints are destroying the planet, but the economy must grow!

      Sir Max Hastings believes that the elderly should pay with their lives. No coincidence that Sir Max is given a platform by the BBC for his ‘Hate Speech’, could it be that he is an ex-BBC employee & a Blairite?.

      1. ”Can it be coincidence that the 2 countries most infected are the 2 poorest, Italy & Spain?”

        Are they? From Western Europe, maybe, along with Portugal.
        As for the EU as a whole, I’d have thought it’d have been any from the Balkans plus Cyprus.

        Dead right about this US of E lark, though.

  9. But you forget that Tories are inveterate liars and anything that they say cannot be trusted.

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