Video: even drastically understating, Irish media say what UK media won’t – Johnson’s herd plan will kill 100s of thousands

Virgin Media News in Ireland says explicitly what UK media are fudging – Johnson’s ‘herd immunity’ plan means mass deaths – even with ‘undercooked’ numbers

The UK’s Establishment media have shamed themselves by persistently covering for and failing to properly analyse Boris Johnson’s lunatic scheme to ignore World Health Organisation (WHO) advice in the pursuit of ‘herd immunity’.

The SKWAWKBOX was one of the first to point out what the numbers skimmed over in ‘MSM’ reports actually work out to – the horrifying maths that means mass deaths on a scale that would be unthinkable for any sane government.

Yet Johnson is not only thinking them, but actively planning for them – and an Irish news service has stated explicitly what the UK media have so far blurred in their reporting:

The Virgin Media News (VMN) report drastically understates the numbers. Health experts have told the SKWAWKBOX that 90% or more of the population need antibodies before herd immunity is achieved – not the government’s 60%.

And the 0.7% death rate VMN uses in its calculation is a mere fraction of the 3.5-5% mortality rate seen in hard-hit Italy and other countries – with experts agreeing that the UK is on a trajectory to match or exceed in the scale of the catastrophe.

In reality, Johnson is planning for several times VMN’s number – and perhaps far more – of UK people to die so that he can avoid taking the steps other countries are taking to protect their citizens.

As the VMN presenter notes, the UK is an outlier, wilfully ignoring the WHO’s advice – and the people of this country look set to suffer for Johnson’s eugenics-driven lunacy on an almost unimaginable scale.

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  1. He has no option because the NHS can’t cope so hundreds of thousands will die anyway.

    1. er….he does have another option: build new hospitals NOW the way other countries are doing.

      1. Get Carillon to do it? It would take 10 years. The UK State no longer has the capacity let alone the will to do it themselves. The West is steaming over China’s successes and couldn’t conceal their delight when a building used for those in quarantine collapsed.

      2. But at least they tried to build and did so in just 10 days , much better than that TWAT Johnson spouting about taking it all on the chin and letting it move thro society … and doing sweet FA

    2. The issue is who let the NHS get into this state? For TEN YEARS the Tories were told of the dangers but in their arrogance and greed they ignored the advice. The dead notoriously make little complaint but maybe the survivors will? We’re dealing with an English Pol Pot. Let’s hope it ends as badly for Johnson and his Tories as it will for maybe a million pensioners.

      1. The issue is who let the NHS get into this state?

        Simple , the Great British voters , despite multiple warnings they all chose to ignore then and voted Tory again and again . STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES

      2. Voters were driven mad by years of argument about Brexit and then the big let down from Labour splitting the Party and the country by suddenly backing off their Conference commitment to follow the Referendum result. I don’t think the virus was known about at that time. Yes the voters could in theory have said to themselves ‘but the Tories aren’t very generous about the NHS’ but it doesn’t work like that. I blame Johnson and his Rightwing ranters, not the British voter.

      3. To some degree Paul indeed the MSM lies and RW ranters of disinformation/propaganda are for sure partly to blame , but there is and has for some insane reason in this country , been an underlying current of stupid voter snobbery .
        Thus some how by voting Tory they are better than their fellow working class peers , , they knew exactly what they were doing when they ticked that Tory box , but cognitive dissonance rules , all warnings disregarded and now the whaling begins from those very same voters , as I said , stupid is what stupid does.

    3. He does have an option China have brought their infection down by 97% over the past month. The UK should be doing the same. It’s only hopeless if you buy into the Tory ethos of genocide.

      1. They voted (they thought) for Brexit, not a policy to cull an entire generation. I suspect it really might be the end of the Tories this time. They won’t be able to pull the Brexit trick again and that will end up as messy and unwelcome as the Coronavirus.

  2. Remember those herds of voters who herded into voting Tory to “get Brexit done” looking good now isn’t it ! NHS fucked and not in the least likely to get more real genuine extra funding to rebuild for when or IF this disaster has subsided .
    Mind you perhaps the Funeral Industry could apply for extra now , or we just do as Iraq and dig bit pits ….. all taking it on the chin you plebs ,,, letting it move through society … sooo right , yessss , now time to spaff some more money up the wall on his friends in the Financial parasite industry.

  3. people are paying with their lives in this outworking of Tory “shrink the state” and “laissez-faire” capitalist ideologies.

    1. Except of course they may not ‘get Brexit done’. With Europe closed and the UK a hotbed of rampant disease nobody is working on the trade deals. Johnson ought to ask for an extension in December but he’ll probably go with No Deal and blame the downturn on Coronavirus. Nobody will notice as most families will be mourning deaths of their elderly.

  4. 100s of 1000s of deaths from coronavirus lets Boris off every hook. Remember, he’s ruthless but not stupid.

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