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Breaking: TEN more UK coronavirus sufferers die in last 24hrs

UK death toll almost doubles

An Italian scene soon to be common in the UK under Boris Johnson’s plan

In a shocking update on the UK coronavirus crisis, nine more sufferers have died in the last twenty-four hours – almost doubling the total fatalities in this country overnight to twenty-one.

These deaths are taking place while the total number suffering is still low and the NHS is not experiencing the level of strain it soon will under Boris Johnson’s ‘herd immunity’ plan.

UK citizens must not tolerate Johnson’s reckless disregard for their lives and his eager willingness to ignore World Health Organisation measures that are helping to slow infection and death rates elsewhere.

Johnson is gambling with our lives – and the new death toll shows just how bad and reckless a gambler he is.

Update: during the writing of this article, a further death was announced.

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  1. Another proof of that bloke’s sociopathic tendencies. He shows a total disregard for anybody else. If we had been on a sailing vessel a few hundred years ago, we would have started a mutiny and removed him from his position of power.

  2. We need to know the places they died (in hospital?), their ages and whether they tested positive or wete never tested. It seems if a patient isn’t positive for Coronavirus because they weren’t tested then their death will be recorded as whatever their main complaint was – heart failure, COPD.m emphysema or whatever. “Frailty” is a good catch all. I wonder how many have really died from this virus and whether the real number would ever be revealed?

  3. I have studied evolution and I know that this is nonsense. Herd immunity is very brutal and at most can only have a short term effect. Populations even if they become immune to one virus by natural selection can soon become vulnerable again when they “flush” – increase in numbers, by diversifying again, or by being introduced to a new virus, or a mutated one. This is just plain sadism or downright stupidity.

    1. … and, just to elaborate : the youngest was in his late 70s and the oldest in his 90s. – all with underlying conditions.

      Now – get a grip; bug-eyed tabloid scare stories aren’t big and they aren’t clever. The actuality is quite bad enough.

      Worse – they make the alternative to the Spivs look equally stupid.

      1. You mean if they have an ‘underlying condition’ then it’s their fault and they don’t deserve a bed or a ventilator. But the truth is there aren’t enough beds or ventilators which is the fault of HMG. I wish you would stop desperately searching for excuses for a government that is clearly lost!

      2. Don’t be stupid, Paul – like Skwawkbox’s Sun imitation it’s not clever. Anybody with a brain can work out relative risk – and the rough probabilities of dying for older patients with prior conditions. It’s not difficult.

        I speak as one of them who has been looked after magnificently by the NHS.

        Do you have evidence that each of the deaths resulted from neglect? Ill-informed babble isn’t politics.

    2. How is this SB post imitating the S*n?
      Is it factually incorrect?
      Making insupportable inferences?
      The only vaguely irrational thing here is your apparent expectation that none of us here will notice the similarity of your periodic accusations and your tedious overuse of the phrase “not a good look.”

  4. RH what on earth are you on about ? Note the first new born baby with CV and the 60 to 69 age group has an 8% mortality rate. The youngest death is 62.

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