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Travellers returning from N Italy COVID-19 hotspot – to ZERO checks and mere ‘guidance’ to self-isolate

Passenger posts image of empty airport zone as returning travellers walk through unchecked

A passenger arriving in London from northern Italy – a COVID-19 coronavirus hotspot that saw 133 new deaths from the virus in the last day – has tweeted his astonishment at the complete absence of any checks on returning travellers from the region.

Federico Gatti included in his tweet an image of an empty security zone:

Within the last half-hour or so, Mr Gatti posted an update stating that passengers returning from the area had to undergo ‘mandatory self isolation’:

Even if the isolation was mandatory, travellers would be spending time among the public at and en route from the airport – and ‘self-isolation’ is not monitored by any authorities.

However, the government web page that Mr Gatti linked to is not ‘mandatory’. As it states at the head of the page, it is nothing more than ‘information and advice’, or ‘guidance’:

Travellers returning from COVID-19 hotspots in China, Italy, Iran and South Korea are advised to self-isolate for 14 days, whether they have symptoms or not. But it is not mandatory – nor do there appear to be any checks in place to ensure they do it.

And, as Mr Gatti observed, they are able to wander through a major international airport without any checks – or even any information – and then to travel onward. Coronavirus is transmissible before symptoms appear.

The global mortality rate of COVID-19 is currently running several times higher than the government told us just a week ago.

But even if their 1% figure were accurate, the Tories’ incompetence, recklessness and dishonesty is putting hundreds of thousands of lives at risk in this country.

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  1. You clearly don’t understand the game here.

    Britain is only allowed to adopt 35% of Chinese bio-security measures for reasons of national security.

    Federico Gatti clearly encountered the remaining 65% of bio-security measures.

    Simples! What’s not to like?

  2. sorry about the double posting – please forgive. Skwawky – feel free to remove the 2nd with sincere apologies for any extra work it causes you

  3. Perhaps I should have been clearer above, I wasn’t meaning to take the situation lightly. Here is what I’ve posted elsewhere on the internet in response to conspiracy theorists/people in denial.

    “It’s sensible to take precautions in order to prevent an epidemic like the Spanish flu of 1918 that killed 50 million people or SARS that killed 10% of people infected. To date it seems that the mortality rate for Corvid19 is 2-3%. In the USA this season already 30,000 people have died of flu and only a handful of Coronavirus but that’s no reason to be complacent. Better safe than sorry is an old adage but a wise one. If it all turns out to be an unnecessary scare so much the better, we will still be alive to tell the tale. It’s useful to remember that Cuba, which has one of the best free/universal health systems in the world goes to great lengths to move people out of the path of hurricanes: the USA does not and that is the big difference between socialism and capitalism.”

    1. And a trillion years ago, though it was not publicised we had the wisdom to send observers to LEARN from CUBA’s NHS. With minimal resources their outcomes exceeded our even then. Further you are spot on re their crisis management re hurricanes. Unlike the countries enthralled to rampant capitalism, Cuba has been able to keep loss of life to a minimum, DESPITE cruel and unjust sanctions.

      It does not stop there. Their literacy levels were for decades superior to ours, despite sanctions. What is sad however that, some of the equivalent of our middle class ie doctors… some do adopt an anti Castro stance to get Green cards to have the material comforts in the US. I appreciate creature comforts too but just like here, people are prepared to lie for personal gain. Quite sad.

      Still look who were willing and able to rescue our British Steel. France? Germany? Austria? Hungary? Italy? … Spain ??? No‼️‼️‼️

      and my comrades if i’m not mistaken, Jingye already owns a steel plant in France. What top tensile strength irony.

  4. Country after country is being forced into imposing what might be called either ‘radical’ or ‘draconian’ measures including quarantines of increasing severity. Bizarrely some libertarians – even on this site – advocate doing nothing whatsoever. This Government is pursuing that policy rigorously. Two weak measures will hopefully be voted on by the end of March. One says Government will somehow ‘cover’ employees, financially and contractually for taking a month out to run the risks of nursing the sick. It’s the contractual guarantee that’s causing the problem. Compensation for a skilled valued worker might be enormous if he was a young man. It’s a nonsense idea of course like getting elderly GP’s back in white coats.The second one is about getting sick pay from day 1. That’s if you’re getting it at all. So they think they’ll be on the same place in 3 weeks? Such wonderful optimism! Naturally one wonders what’s really going on here! Can this be intentional sabotage by HMG? It’s certainly cheaper not to start testing and treating people; just dig big enough pits for the mass graves. It’s the way plagues have traditionally been handled as reactionary governments know well. When there were over 100,000 ‘excess deaths’ a couple of years ago nobody noticed. You get on with your private grief. It was a bit of an eye opener for those in charge of dealing with these things. Or is this the usual gross incompetence and lack of concern?

    1. thanks paul. we need to enjoy our journey to change this world. treat it as a joy not a laugh-less chore. It may take longer than we like, so may as well enjoy it. Dump the tedious, the tiresome, the traitors amongst us with their right wing turds like tony the terrorist virus vector via his Iraq invasion based on a pack of lies. we need to repeat it. the msm won’t. Tony Blair is Virus of lies. Tony Blair breeds terrorist. Me thinks in addition to the creature’s insatiable love of money, no matter the source, the reason he wanted to go into the mosquito net business with Gaddafi, may have been to make harvest the mosquitos to make them spread terrorism instead. Oh, another lie to quash. Blair claims the results of his Iraq invasion was unforeseen. No, he was cleary warned bi Robin Cook, George Galloway and amongst many others the one and only Jeremy Corbyn.

      Tony Blair was cheered on by the Tories. I will never forget Iain Duncan-Smith’s hysterical body movements and braying when WMD Tony Blair got his way with lies to scatter death and destruction on Iraqi men women and children.

      We all have our flaws. I have many, including not reading before posting (sorry) and almost always writing much more than intended. But i challenge anyone to find someone else in the last 40 years who has lied so brazenly just to have millions murdered, just to suck up the approval and filthy money of the most odious 1% of the world. The creature enjoyed what it thought was approval. It was not. The creature did not even realise that “Middle East Peace Envoy” was a back handed insult. It underlined the creatures self regard at plus but self respect at zero. I seem to remember hearing that the Tony Blair phoned Bush after the president had defecated the parasite out. I cannot recall what the creature’s request was … possible to re enter Bush… anyway i seem to recall that Bush brushed him off like a an unwanted faecal craving bug. Bush cut the phone call short saying he was off to play golf. I kid you not. The foul creature was used as the tool that it remains. Some who swallowed the MSM spin, believed the creature was respected. No. Were it the leader of say Bangladesh or Pakistan, or Mali for eg, it would have been evaporated or otherwise extinguished just like Gaddafi or Saddam. But because it is British, the creature was offered an insult of a post, which it unsurprisingly accepted. Then it roamed the world of despots, offering to rinse their reputations in return for rinsing them of their filthy money.

      And here is another delightful tit bit. Never believe it wrapped up its offshore money stashing vehicles for the good of anyone. The fact is, even the despots realised that the creature promised much in exchange for millions. But despots concluded Blair failed to deliver. The money offered for spinning services dried up. So it returned to re infect this country worse than before.

      Could go on, but would close with this. Do you know, the creature is so shallow, that it had a red box made so that it could crawl about to every tyrant, as if it was still PM. Tony Blair needs props. An amateur actor. Observe the forced grimaces. Hear the contrived pauses. When the history books are written, tony blair will be recorded as having been through and through, a dedicated fraud. Dedicated only to itself. Not a psychopath as some believe. Rather Tony Blair is a sad desperate sociopath. IE it has no understanding of the harm it has caused to others. It is not deliberate it is degenerate yes but really just amoebic. Basic base needs for self worship and to be adored and to be thought of as necessary… even a new and improved pope or even Jesus. Hence at Wendi Deng and Murdoch’s daughter’s baptism on the River Jordan, which the creature tried to keep secret, it was a laughing stock (in secret) dressed head to two in white, as if a new Messiah. All misguided enough to trust the worm, must remember, it betrayed even Murdoch… It will betray its own mother.

      Any helper, directly or indirectly of Tony Blair or any of its shiny engorged parasites, are no supporters of the Labour Party. They use our party to serve their own selfish simple interests – ambition and a lust for money -greed. They use us to serve their masters whose interests are arms, war, oil, precious minerals, rare earths and the subjugation of any people who stand in their way.

  5. Heres what I have learned from observation in Cambodia to the Chinese virus.1its a communist virus that is all the fault of the Chinese…… Mention Cuba for praise is more deadly than the virus.Britain knows best and you will get what you voted for which is “every person for themselves” and cross your fingers and hope for the best.The conservative regime are worried sick at the meltdown of the stock market and the pound.and the health and welfare of the Banks is more important than the peasants who are quickly learning to say yes 👍 with a smile 😃..Johnson will not have to spend any more money on defending themselves as most of the trouble makers are elderly and they will soon be in the departure lounge if the virus does the job.And hip hip for her majestic and all the establishment you voted for.,its back to the future…More tax cuts please,its tough out there…!

  6. Contagion from hand to surface to hand to mouth, nose & eyes is now said to be the most likely method of transmission, rather than airborne means – which ought to be easier to contain – but not if all the hand sanitiser & disposable gloves go to spivs and hoarders buying up everything to re-sell or ‘just in case’.

    1. All you need is soap, hot water and a white vinegar solution for door handles etc. But there’s not much you can do about a Government that refuses to act. In West London a corridor of infection is building up in Kensington and Chelsea and Ealing, boroughs with strong links to Heathrow, not least via the Piccadilly tube. No checks, no cleaning of the tube train. They believe containment is hopeless so why bother trying? and Boris Johnson spouted his ‘thought’ on TV recently that it might be ‘best’ just to let it rip and get it over with despite the trauma for society and the economy not to mention lots of old guys. If only we had the usual PM in his 70’s or 80’s we’d see a more humane stance maybe?

      1. Soap, hot water and white vinegar aren’t that easy to carry around.
        I don’t have any hand sanitiser and haven’t even looked but I assume it would be available in sachets that would fit in a pocket.
        I think I’ll use Zippo lighter fuel instead. Petrol that evaporates almost instantly ought to be at least as effective as 60% alcohol.
        I used to use it to find short circuits so I have cans of the stuff.

  7. From the way the Tories have been treating the poor, old, sick and disabled over the last 10 years, I’m not sure “incompetence” is the word I’d use.

    1. see my earlier comment when arriving from China – msg simply said “if you are coming from wuhan and have any of these symptoms please ring us on this number…” Everyone on the plane walked through border control, took off their masks and headed into the UK

  8. I hope Skwawkbox is ready to deal with the flood of comments from self isolaters (which already sounds disreputable, like Why don’t you lie down and die quietly?), those in quarantine and dying 70+ year olds raging into the night.

  9. Why are there still commercial flights to & from these ‘dangerous’ areas of Italy?

  10. Still heard nothing from the prison service about what sort of hygiene measures they intend to put in place, neither.

    It’s almost as though they want you to cop for the bug. Kill a few of the great unwashed off while they retreat to their gated communities with their private plod, until it all blows over.


    1. Interesting that Iran released 50,000 prisoners last week. By doing nothing our Gove4nment misses many chances to improve ou4 society – and releasing some of the MANY people who shouldn’t be in prison is one example. Similarly so is improving internet access so more can be done remotely. Ther3 is a lot of nonsense talked about ‘wonderful Boris plans’ in the Tory tabloids; one is about creating ‘virtual’ courts by video; it’s a brilliant idea they puff (ie must have been Boris’ own idea). Nobody mentions that ther3 have been video attendances in Courts for 15 years. They are expensive as transmission stations have to be built in prisons offsetting the saving from taking Defendants to Court by van. But the real problem that they don’t work very well; connection problems are common – blank screens or one side not being able to hear each other. They’v3 been working on the issue for years but improvement is virtually (sic) non existent. It’s a handy distraction from the cold reality that the Government can’t begin to increase the number of NHS beds because they don’t have the space or staff. Or the political will. Oddly enough they do have the money – the UK remains a relatively wealthy country. But if you’re content to keep nurses on poverty wages how can you expect more recruits?

  11. I think prisoners will be allowed to mingle freely under the conervative “Action plan” hoping that the virus spreads rapidly to save money 💰that those outside the prison may need.We could not allow masks or any facecovers has these would be against the principal of Johnson who has forbidden prisoners looking like letter boxes..The most vulnerable(bankers stock market traders and of course the Royals will
    be given the best medical treatment that the public can afford and their will not be any sanctions for age.allowed.Remember the Tory motto “For the elite not the many” .After the second wave of the mutated virus next year it is hoped that the austerity measures can be lifted for the few parasites that survived a conservative government and a pandemic.

  12. Just as the pollution of Coca Cola’s 17,000 plastic bottles PER SECOND are the fault and responsibility of soft drink consumers, and just as the systemic insolvency of the banks needed correction which necessitates large-scale austerity, the moral is simple: Dealing with infection, desolation and risk of death is entirely the responsibility of individuals. It’s every person for itself. Self-isolate. Self isolate, self-isolate – even if you have hundreds of plastic bottles to recycle.

    Keep calm and carry on. The pharmaceutical cavalry will launch their vaccine product as soon as the price escalates and we are willing to pay ANY PRICE for it. We obviously need vaccines more than we need banks.

    Alternatively, you could simply re-balance acute and chronic mineral imbalance, enhance your body’s anti-oxidants and ensure your vitamin D, methylated B vitamins and Vitamin C levels are optimal.

    Customers are as customers do.

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