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The most devastating, tragic and true coronavirus video you’ll see today

Tweeted by Labour activist “Rachael Swindon”, heartbreaking video damns madness of Boris Johnson and his handlers

A hard-hitting, heartbreaking video by social media activist @Rachael_Swindon has shone a devastating light on the lunacy of Boris Johnson’s approach to the coronavirus pandemic.

Johnson is engaged in a reckless experiment, gambling the lives of millions on a ‘herd immunity’ that medical experts doubt can be achieved – and which will result in an unthinkable death toll even if it does.

And ‘Swindon’s tragic video highlights both the madness of Johnson’s plan and its utter disregard for the lives of the ‘cannon fodder’ in this experiment – you, me and our loved ones:

Share widely. The UK needs to rescue itself from the people claiming to be governing it.

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  1. Are you worried? You should be! We still have lions led by donkeys, why do we ever allow these looms near power

    1. Well, look no further than the PLP, Labour First, Progress, Starmer, Thornberry et al who all contributed to allowing these despicable, detestable despots ( or should it be tosspots) to forward their culling policies.

      1. And the rodents who both backed and emboldened them by their silence…

        You know who you are.

  2. We had street parties here when Churchill died; Thatcher too. When this monster goes I’d expect firework displays at the very least.

  3. We are lucky,we are able to look at other news world wide whilst my elderly relatives,brothers and sisters are hoodwinked by our State broadcaster and walk smiling 😃into the arms of the establishment to be culled like cattle.. His this what the establishment machine has become..My brotherd and sisters hid under the kitchen table to survive the bombs being dropped on them in the blitz,Some of my wifes family walked into the ovens,not realising they were being culled too a political ideology.And now my extended family members will be culled by a insane political ideology that has survived the century’s and is now out of control
    The Conservative and unionist party!

  4. The British Isles……can’t be too difficult for ‘Bonzo’ to isolate.

  5. Has michael (inside-out-faced) gove seen this, yet?

    Let’s hear him go on about how this virus has been ‘misinterpreted by lefties’ or somesuch bollocks like he said about Blackadder and WWI.

    People died unncessarily then, and they will do now, all because of clueless, vainglorious, blundering, upper-class thundercunts like him and his cronies…

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