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France, Spain declare lockdown, making Johnson’s madness even more isolated

UK under Boris Johnson’s ‘herd’ experiment ever more a twisted ‘outlier’ from WHO plan to combat virus

France and Spain have followed Italy in declaring a national lockdown in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The UK stands ever more isolated under the madness of a PM who has expressed a willingness to allow hundreds of thousands, potentially even millions, of our citizens to die – all in pursuit of some ‘herd immunity’ that scientists say is unlikely to work even if the virus is allowed to run.

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  1. The UK gov are committing a crime against it’s own people by taking the approach it is taking and ignoring the blindingly obvious and experts worldwide.

    We should be ahead of the curve, learning from others countries and be in lockdown right now. Stop the cull !!!

  2. This is time if ever there was one for Jeremy Corbyn to cancel his resignation as leader.

    1. Agreed 100% Jack .
      Still no comments from any of the other potential leaders . just rubbish ALL of them .

    2. Still spouting complete bollocks I see Jack, like your buddy signpost in another thread a bit earlier.

      As for the ‘Likes’, I expect they are all from Tory Party activists having a laugh!

      Meanwhile, back in the real world:

      Blow to Assange extradition after Chelsea Manning is freed and grand jury disbanded

      1. PS Oh, and you can be 150% certain that JackT saw my ‘replies’ to signpost in another thread a bit earlier and THAT is why he repeated the same B/S in this thread. The im-posters on here just lurve fucking about with the emotions of people who don’t have a grasp on reality, because anyone who DOES, knows that it is inconceivable that Jeremy is going to ‘cancel his resignation as leader’.

        And don’t be fooled by all the Likes…… there are not seven (the number of Like at the time of writing) people who subscribe to and follow skwawkbox who are so divorced from reality and so dumb that they somehow think there’s a possibility that JC will ‘cancel his resignation’. And Jack T is just having a larf.

        And remember, this is one of the main personas who have been slagging Jeremy off time and time again for being a coward and appeasing the A/S smearers etc, etc. And I mean literally dozens and dozens of times during the past seven or eight months or so. Believe me, ‘Jack T’ is a fucking fraud!

        When posters keep repeating something over and over and over again, you can be absolutely certain they are shills!

      2. Allan Howard, the infamous white flag man whose answer to the A/S smears was to ignore them ….. and look where that got us!

        Despite believing that JC could have been more assertive in answering the A/S smears thrown at him and the Party by the JLM, LFI and other assorted Zionists, I still believe he is head and shoulders above any of Zionists now attempting to become Leader.

        I think the readers who supported my comment, many whose names I recogise from this blog, would take great exception to being called a Tory by someone as spineless as you!

      3. How can you be so right about Chelsea Manning & Julian Assange & so wrong about Comrade Jack? Accusations of anti-Semitism is a stick that will never stop beating Socialism; you need look no further than Ephraim Mirvis’s speech to AIPAC in which he brags about how he prevented Jeremy Corbyn from becoming Prime Minister, along with ‘other friends’. He also encouraged other ‘friends’ to stop Bernie (wrong Jew & Socialist) Sanders from becoming President. There would appear to be a need for a ‘reality check’.

      4. AH u r clearly angry at even the idea of Jeremy remaining as leader. Why so frantic spitting feathers. With a proper team, Jeremy Corbyn is THE man for these times. With Richard Burgon as interim Deputy leader, Jeremy will show his brilliance. Richard will take inject the boldness we need against the unelected unrepresentative sisters who mouse only for themselves. Yet, u seem to be enraged at the idea of this election being cancelled. Everything else is being cancelled. Do u think it makes sense for your preferred new leader to attempt an effective opposition now❓❓❓

        An executive decision should be taken now. Stop the contest, just as the May elections etc have been stopped. What’s the problem AH❓❓❓

      5. signpost, you are hilarious, and obviously enjoy your work! I mean does anyone take this guy seriously. My sympathies to anyone who DOES!

        As I keep saying….. have some respect for Jeremy. He’s just had to endure four and a half years of abuse and vilification and demonisation and smears, and will no doubt ALWAYS be labelled as an anti-semite by the fascists from now on. But of course, THAT’s the whole point, you DON’T have any respect for Jeremy whatsoever, do you!

        ‘Jellied weakness’ FFS!

  3. Germany next I would think , then the rest of the EU one by one .

    But you can guess good ole blighty with Capitan fuckwit Mainweraing in charge , still waving his GB flag and his dick about , takin it on the chin whilst singin Rule bloody Britannia ……and Get Brexit DONE , which reminds me where is that syphilitic stick insect Reese Mogg these days … another one hiding out of the way

  4. For those who die is this government manslaughter because of the way Cummings is handling against the WHOs advice?

  5. Jeremy, because of the purge by our own useless executive, i.e. the witch hunters, there is no one left in the Labour Party who is able to command the respect of the vast majority of members. You MUST stay on and represent us against this god awful government.

    1. Had YOU not made a fucking mountain of a molehill with your constant A/S ramblings, giving people the impression that the truth about it being a minor problem was actually false, maybe that’d have garnered a few more votes and seats instead of turning people off because of their perception of Corbyn’s supposed lack of leadership.

      Yes we’ve heard your persistent condemnation of watson over his shithousery over A/S, but strangely we didn’t hear a peep out of you over the same watson (aided & abetted by starmer) shithousery over the 2nd referendum, did we?

      NO – You actually backed fatberg with your silence & refusal to call the fat fuck out. You, and the other morons.

      And THAT turned off FAR more people than A/S claims ever did.

      And now you’re begging Corbyn to remain? I appreciate he’s a hippy, but by Christ if you’d be doing now after what you’d done to me if I’d been in Corbyn’s position – you’d be put flat on yer ‘arris.

      1. Toffee, as usual, you are so consumed with anger at those who disagree with you that your rambling comments make no sense. Take a chill pill.

      2. Well you’ve got THAT right…

        Of course I’m fucking livid. Of course I disagree with you and your abject hypocritcal twattery which has cost this country a socialist govt and lumbered us with another 5+ years of toeragism.

        What d’ya expect I should do? Dance a merry fucking jig about it, soft shite?

      3. Toffee, it was people such as yourself, who failed to see that Zionist control of the Party and the almost complete lack of democracy, who cost us the election.

        Go into a darkened room and lie down until the anger and confusion passes.

      4. How you’ve got the fucking brass neck to complain of ‘lack of democracy’ after you supported what starmer did with the 2nd ref is beyond belief.

        Just about everybody on the entire planet knows why labour lost seats, nevermind the election.

        And there’s about three of them will tell you it was a zionist conspiracy…You being one of them, you jew-obsessed weirdo.

      5. Toffee, it was the undermining of Corbyn by your mates the Zionists which cost us the election. The public said ‘why should we trust Corbyn when he’s not trusted by his own (Zionist) MPs?’ It was said to me on many occasions on doorsteps during campaigning.

        Try not to be so thick.

      6. And in all those pre-election vox-pops, just how many said they wouldn’t vote labour because they think Corbyn’s an antisemite, compared to those who wouldn’t vote for labour over starmer & watson being spoilt little pricks (i.e. reneging on the promise to respect the referendum result)?

        The a/s bullshit was a trifling matter, affecting 250k people. The EU business affected the destiny of 60-odd million.

        But you’re fucked when it comes to numbers because you still believe that 17m is smaller than 16m

        And I’m no zionist, but anyone who disagrees with you is somehow some kind of jew conspirator. You kept the A/S palaver in the spotlight EVERY BIT as much as hodge, watson, mann, screeching and the rest of the cranks.

        You happily gave watson carte-blanche by vitrue of your reticence when it came to the EU though.


      7. *Was meant to read*

        ”But you’re fucked when it comes to numbers because you still believe that 17m is smaller than 16m

        You also believed that your 70% of the membership trumped anything over and above the wishes of >4m labour voters who voted leave.

        You thought that’d coerce them into voting labour and it did the exact opposite.”

    1. Sinn Fein…are the only way for a left wing party to finally represent Ireland and banish the conservative stitch up in the Republic and the Tory unionists in the northern part of Ireland…Even the 2conservative partys in Ireland can see that fighting the virus makes sense..And for the unionists in the northern part of Ireland…well even the flat earth society makes sense to them.,they will all be out thumping the bible today praying for the end of times and delivrance from Rome rule!.

      1. I fundamentally disagree Joseph. Nationalism causes wars & divisions.. I am a mongrel… father’s family Irish travellers & my mother’s family Welsh. I was born in Bristol but now live in Liverpool, the capital of Ireland. The blood is thicker than sectarian logic; this is the British Isles, not Great Britain. One people.

      2. Steve Richards “Nationalism causes wars & divisions.”

        Completely agree. So why do the Little Englanders want us to ditch our friends and partners in the EU which was set up to encourage closer cooperation and avoid jingoism and wars?

  6. Schools are already closed in the republic so not surprising SF and also the SDLP are calling for closure in NI. I think Ireland will announce lockdown very soon. Norway has closed its borders to people but not goods

  7. China is already planning for a second wave of the virus,more hospitals more respirators,and a fantastic invention to detect the virus in under a hour.The Torys are ignoring Scientific evidence and the Chinese authorities who are willing to share with the west.I cannot understand the TORY plan to ignore the world,ITs almost like dealing with a cult obsessed with destroying the country,Surely somthing must happen to stop ✋ the!m..Do they realise that the virus can and has already mutated and the Herd agenda can only lead to destruction of many thousands of people and the institutions that they Worship,banks the City the establishment themselves.Call in Corbyn please!

  8. I notice that the bigist benefit scroungers from the public purse are Virgin airways and beardy Branson looking for a mere 7.5billion on benefits for the Airlines. Strange how these super entrepreneurs are always there looking to take advantage of a grim situation.Parasites like Branson needs isolating on his luxury island whilst scamming the taxpayers.Maybe him and his type should try to pay tax instead of being first in the line for a handout..Socialism for the Torys bailout,handout tax exile …nice for some!

    1. Spot-on, Joseph.

      Socialism for the rich, austerity for everyone else. Privatise the profit and nationalise the risk & debt.

      Leeches, the bastard lot of them. Poor bastard gets overpaid 10p by the DWP = £50 civil penalty. Potential criminal record.

      MP knowingly claims £000’s for heating their fucking stables ffs, and it’s: ‘An honest mistake, guv’

      About time we had a class war. (Before you start, dicky, just don’t fucking bother. I’m in no humour for your gobshitery today.)

  9. Looks like the Brexit brigade have played a blinder in withdrawing from European institutions just when we will need co-operation over a vaccine.

    Now who’s indulging in ‘betrayal’ of the population?

  10. The latest Opinium poll is worth a look :

    “Despite the fact that the prime minister and medical experts have said washing hands regularly is the most important step people can take, only 53% of those asked said they were doing so more than they usually do”

    Well – forget the ‘prime minister’ bit : hardly a recommendation for anything, and 36% apparently trust what the big liar says! (A true measure of public wisdom – equivalent to those voting for the Brexit nonsense.)

    Meanwhile 47% can’t take the one reasonably effective measure that is within their control. Doh!


  11. You will follow Starmer into oblivion writing this gibberish. Closer co-operation & involvement with Europe became impossible as the right-wing Blairite PLP takes even more control & prevents Jeremy’s visions becoming reality.. Keep drinking the Duff’s.

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