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Video: senior NI politician says Johnson’s “shire of bastards” conducting “twisted medical experiment”

A politician from one of Northern Ireland’s two main parties has publicly accused Boris Johnson’s “shire of bastards” of conducting a “twisted medical experiment” on the people of the UK.

More shockingly, at least one BBC radio station has reported it:

The penny is at last starting to drop, even on a small part of the UK media, about the reality of Johnson and his eugenics-mad advisers and their ‘herd immunity’ lunacy that is putting our population in grave danger.

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  1. Completely agree and ‘we the people’ have to keep shouting about it !

    Thank you for caring enough about us ‘people’ skwawkbox and keep raising this and posting on it until this gov are pressured and forced to move to care.

  2. Should it be “shower of bastards” thats been misheard? I don’t think the Chief Scientific Adviser and Chief Medical Officer could be described as ‘eugenics mad advisers’.
    Perhaps this is the Skwawky who was telling us how well Jeremy was doing in the GE when he was “hitting it out of the park”, not. Covid is going to get into the population. If it goes through us in 12 months it’s manageable in terms of healthcare resources and economic effect. If in 3 months it’s not. We do not have the resources nor are the population able or willing to take the economic hit (because we have a much lower savings rate), never mind the draconian restrictions on normal activity to go down the Chinese route.

    1. I beg to differ. The Chancellor stood at the dispatch box on Tuesday during his budget and said the NHS will get whatever it needs to cope with the Corona virus ( blank cheque statement)…. there was no mention of the ‘ we are a poor country without the resources to take an economic hit’.

      Please post your factual evidence that states ‘we do not have the resources nor population willing or able to take an economic hit’

    2. Heh heh heh… “shower” makes more sense, certainly.
      Or is “Shire” a sly dig at Johnson and Cumminge, who both look like they’d pass unnoticed in Middle Earth.

    3. Should it be “shower of bastards” thats been misheard?

      I thought so too, but it’s what’s written on O’Dowd’s tweet. Mind you, with him being Sinn Fein, he might write: ‘BRITS OIT, NOI!’

  3. “We do not have the resources” isn’t quite right. We are a very wealthy country even though much is stashed away in tax havens. What we don’t have is a ruling class prepared to spend even a small percentage of the wealth on saving or improving lives of the masses. Tories are the meanest most selfish rulers in history. If they can’t/won’t use that wealth then it ought to be taken from them.

    1. Thanks for that link, Steve. Clicking on the tweet links to what appears to be a thoroughly-researched article…
      … which in turn contains links to other interesting data-based articles.
      What I took from reading them is that countries that experienced SARS were the best-prepared for COVID-19 and that they used a ‘big data, quick response’ approach which was extremely effective in attacking the virus early.
      Early and intensive intervention is so obviously the correct approach that only stupidity, laziness and lack of interest in our wellbeing can explain BloJob’s pathetically arrogant blustering nonsense.
      It also occurred to me that the ‘Big Data’ companies that involve themselves in stealing elections could have used their expertise to help the world act rationally.
      When this is over every player’s action or inaction needs to be challenged.

      1. David – When Johnson and his cohorts tell us they are following the advise of the scientists they neglect to mention that the only advise they are listening to comes from behavioural ‘scientists’. (their infamous ‘nudge unit’)

      2. Sorry Steve, meant another one of your links. Down to me having too many Skwawkbox tabs open from clicking on his emails I think.

  4. Despite the predation visited on the NHS by the Spivs, that the ‘Heartlands’ voted for, it is worth holding on to the fact that it is an organisation that is still way ahead of the US system – and indeed the Italian system – in terms of capability for response.

    … which is why we value it.

    1. ‘Way ahead of the Italian system’ – ? What makes you say that, where is the evidence? It seems they have many more ventilators and acute care beds than the UK. Most of the elderly who die will never have had a test and their death will be recorded as heart failure or whatever was the complaint that saw them refused treatment on triage. It means our Death totals will be relatively low enabling Johnson to boast he beat the virus.

      1. The Italians lost control at an early stage by a miscalculation.

        As I’ve said, despite the undoubted predations on the health service, the essential NHS framework is more robust – which is why we defend that framework.

      2. Evidence is more than just your assertion that it’s so. Tell us please 1 How many acute beds Italy and the UK have per capita and 2 how many ventilators. That would be a start!

    2. Italy has one of the best public health services in Europe. most Italian hospitals are a higher standard than private ones in the UK.

  5. It is blatantly obvious that our UK gov aren’t going to give us practical solutions like other countries have…which seem to be working !

    They won’t increase sick pay nor give sick pay to those on low pay or self-employed/ in the gig economy.

    We, as a community are left to our own devices, so to speak so we should and can do more;

    Can the Labour party, CLP’s/ unions do a mass crowdfunding for their members who are in the above categories ? If so, and a member has enough savings to get through a period of self isolation could they nominate a non member/ friend/ work colleague/ family member to receive such financial support that has no funds or sick pay to help them through self isolation ?

    Yes, this is a massive thing but so is this virus, it’s going to explode and our gov couldn’t care less apart from themselves. Surely something like this could work to help those that have nothing ?

  6. On radio 5 this afternoon a government adviser was explaining why their current approach is correct and follows the science. She then went on to say Bunter had to stick to his guns and not be deflected because “a man down the pub doesn’t agree with it”. I make no claim to understand the science but it seems incredibly arrogant and blinkered to describe the WHO,scientists working for other governments and many prominent experts in the UK as being equivalent to “a man down the pub”.How typical of so many in this entitled regime we are cursed with.

  7. Britain needs a PM with empathy and humanity, not a sociopath. Now I wonder who that could be 🤔

  8. Capitalism might very well have to be rebooted post-virus if debt bankrupts enough businesses, as seems possible.
    This time we the many must absolutely refuse to accept the burden of bailing out all the large corporations like we did the banks after the crash – this time rebuilding had better come from the trillions stashed in tax havens and not ‘Austerity II’ – and we better not have to ask the fuckers twice.
    The Tories will definitely try to tell us austerity is the only way out.
    Maybe the super rich tax cheats might actually prefer to spend their ill-gotten gains on rebuilding commercial activity and employment rather than see capitalism lying rusting in a pool of blood?

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