Video: Johnson promised voters early-release terror would not happen again. He is unfit for his role

Tory PM and his Home Secretary hopelessly negligent

Boris Johnson made an election promise to voters, after Usman Khan’s murderous London Bridge attack, that he would keep British citizens safe by preventing early release of prisoners convicted of terrorism offences.

He even tried to blame Labour, after a decade of Tory government – and lied that he had voted against laws that led to Khan’s release.

Today, Sudesh Amman attacked innocent passers-by on the streets of Streatham – just days after being released early from a short sentence for terrorism offences.

Johnson’s promise was meaningless – and his Home Secretary Priti Patel couldn’t even get the month of the London Bridge attack right when she tried to divert attention from the Tories’ failure to act:

Boris Johnson is unfit for office – and the Tories don’t even care enough about the people they’re supposed to protect to get the date right of an attack that cost innocent lives on their watch.

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  1. A more significant approach to this is to ask whether the apparently unplanned attack took place when the terrorist spotted he was under surveillance? Are you sure Johnson broke an election pledge? Didn’t his promise apply to violent terrorist offences? Distributing leaflets etc isn’t an offence of violence. The dismal thought is that all Johnson and Patel can promise is to delay such attacks.

  2. I was once asked in a job interview for the date of my divorce over a decade before – I wasn’t even sure of the year and had to apply for a duplicate of the decree.
    The Tories habitually pretend they’re on top of such situations when they’re no more capable than anyone else of predicting who is safe to release and who isn’t. Criticise them for the pretence.
    Criticising one of them for being two days out on the date of an attack seems a bit like criticising Diane Abbott for getting the cost of police salaries wrong in an interview.
    Nobody can predict anyone’s future actions with enough certainty to protect the public from attacks – both parties might as well concede that and move on.
    Surely the political angle here is Tory policy in the Middle East?

  3. ‘….. a Labour MP [Ruth Smeeth], with proven deep connections to right-wing Israeli organisations, married to an executive of a right-wing think tank that was funded by Murdoch and other neo-con organisations has been trying to bring down Jeremy Corbyn who has sympathy with the plight of the working class and that of the Palestinian people in particular.’

    1. The following ‘story’ was widely covered by the MSM (in December 2017), as in this Daily Mail ‘article’. The following is the headline and a couple of clips:

      ‘We will put your head on a spike’: Left-wing trolls threaten MP’s pregnant wife and ‘wish death on her baby’ after he heckled Jeremy Corbyn

      Jeremy Corbyn was last night accused of ‘inciting’ vicious Labour trolls who targeted the heavily pregnant wife of a Tory MP.

      ‘When the death threats and the message about ‘hope your baby dies’ came up, she spent the weekend in floods of tears. The post had a ‘#JC4PM’ [Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister] hashtag on it.

      ‘Her and the baby’s health is all that matters. It is beyond belief that Mr Corbyn’s supporters could act in such a sick manner. Nearly all the messages had pro-Corbyn markers on them or the Labour red rose emblem.

      ‘What is so chilling is that this evil is co-ordinated. They found out my wife is pregnant from a recent Facebook post I did praising our local hospital when we went for a scan.


      How very thoughtful of them to put the JC4PM hashtag on their post/threat. And needless to say it was Jeremy who incited them (along with the others who posted violent threats and very kindly let the MP and his wife know that they were doing it in Jeremy’s name by including pro-Corbyn markers or the Labour red rose emblem). But it IS odd how the police didn’t track down the culprit (I assume the MP and his wife reported the matter to the police), as with whoever supposedly made a threat against Luciana Berger’s unborn child (see link below).

      1. Here’s a couple of clips from the Times magazine article/interview:

        That cannot stop the virulent attacks she receives on Twitter, many of them from Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters on the hard left [presumably THEY too, very thoughtfully, include the JC4PM hashtag!]. She scrolls through her email inbox, which is full of vile messages from anonymous correspondents calling her an “arrogant y** whore” and telling her to “go and live in Israel you f***ing piece of shit”. One says, “We f***ed and killed your ilk out of here almost 100 years ago.”

        There have also been horrific personal threats. “In the wake of the murder of Jo Cox, someone sent a picture of a massive machete and said I was going to get it like Jo Cox got it. A guy was arrested for making death threats and when they seized his phones and so on, it transpired he’d downloaded terrorist material.” A letter was hand-delivered to her office. “It said I was going to have acid thrown on me and be stabbed. That was signed off by people who said that they were supporters of Jeremy Corbyn [well, you would, wouldn’t you!], but who knows? Sadly, the police didn’t find them.”

    2. Interesting article, but ‘Truepublica searching for the truth so you don’t have to’. Like a recent advert on Channel 4 ‘Changing perceptions with Mitsubishi’.
      To what extent do we have government by MSM?

  4. How many promises broken by boris but sadly has of above many believed stories about Corbyn the commie I speak to many who believe this BBC they say is far left I looked stunned at this and point out they far up the Tories bums sadly

    1. Our appalling election result was because we betrayed the Leave voters on Brexit. 52 of our 54 losses were Leave-voting seats.

      A lot of people (albeit not enough) were prepared to vote for “Corbyn the commie” two years earlier when we respected the EU referendum result. To say “it’s the media wot did it” is just a way of shrugging off responsibility for this betrayal of the working class voters and of democracy itself.

      1. Wolfie still banging out the spoof Tooting party line – despite the fact that anyone with a little bit of numeracy knows that the result (a) was about a combination of factors – and particularly related to blanket propaganda (b) wasn’t caused by the ‘working class’ (Leave was for older, relatively comfortable voters, Working class Labour voters supported Remain) (c) The Remain vote lost after the previous election back was never fully reclaimed.

        If anything, Brexit was mostly relevant because of Labour’s initial mistake in going against its support and not opposing the Tories, with a resulting loss of credibility.

      2. There was no such thing as a ‘Brexit betrayal’. Just a too-late attempt to establish a sensible policy on the Tory scam.

  5. Early release? Somewhat later release? Would it have made a difference Skwarkie?

  6. You English Voters gave him not only Victory but an 80 Seat Majority in Englishminster You Lot Deserve every Rotten Stinking move he makes against you THE REST OF THE UK DO NOT.
    You put HIM AND THEM IN You Get them OUT

    1. ……………& not only that, I demand compensation from the Italian gov’t for the Roman Invasion & Angela Merkel’s gov’t was to blame for WW2 because she’s German. Same logic!
      Pity ‘Blo Jo’ isn’t just tough on terrorism, why isn’t he tough on the causes of terrorism……such as Foreign policy? Oil should stay in the ground for more than one good reason.
      What about the Vikings………..?
      Nationalism will make you Blind.

    2. “You English Voters ”

      Actually a shrinking minority of English voters – as in the UK as a whole. The less gullible who voted ‘Remain’ share your pain.

      It wasn’t ‘English voter’s – it was a bent constitutional referendum that had (a) no requirement for a convincing majority and (b) didn’t require every country in the Union to show a majority.

      Statistically – it was the comfortable old and less educated what ‘won’ as opposed to those who will have to live with the on-going consequences.

  7. “Boris Johnson is unfit for office”

    Heartily agree. And criminal justice policy is part of the mess.

    But imitating their foul propaganda with a SunMail line on this single attack isn’t a good look.

    1. … and note that the mother claims that this terrorist was radicalised *in prison*.

      Now – this couls be natural self-defence on her part; it may not be true – but knee-jerk reactions to such incidents tend to confuse rather than enlighten (criminal justice issues are massively prone to such distortions of facts and solutions). We aren’t going to win a quick victory by seeking rationality and honesty instead of populist point-scoring, but Labour shouldn’t sell out. The Tories always do lies better, anyway.

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