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Video: London Bridge killer tagged and released from terrorism conviction because of Tory cuts

Johnson breaks promise in disgusting show of disrespect to victims to get in his excuses early

As the SKWAWKBOX has reported, Boris Johnson twice broke a pledge to suspend general election campaigning until Saturday out of respect for the victims of Friday’s London Bridge attack.

Johnson made two appearances on Friday evening – not to pay tribute to victims and emergency services or to offer condolences to families, but in order to get ahead of news that the killer was free to murder because Tory policies had resulted in his early release wearing only a tag.

As Sky News journalist Beth Rigby had pointed out, the news that the murderer had been released from a conviction for terrorism offences because of Tory cuts had not yet broken publicly.

Yet Johnson appeared on camera to talked of early release and even specifically mentioned terrorists.

It was as blatant and appalling display of obscene self-interest: Johnson wanted to ‘get ahead of the narrative’, getting his excuses in early and distancing himself from the blame for the London Bridge atrocity – even though government cuts that he had supported were responsible:

Johnson’s cynicism and disrespect for the London Bridge victims were so great that even the so-called ‘mainstream’ media could not fail to point out Johnson’s behaviour as he broke his promise not to campaign, all to suit himself.

Boris Johnson is a disgrace.

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  1. Terror threat downgraded before General election and a meeting of international leaders?Police and emergency services stood down why?The obvious but not to our alleged government .10 members of the public do the job of our goverment and stop a Terrorist?Why? And most importantly why didnt double barrel Bailey point this out?The 20.000 extra police would not have been specifically trained anti terror police although it would have helped.We missed a chance in the TV debate to show how everything will have to be a DIY exercise if the torys are re-elected I am sure we have better debaters with some passion and sense of outrage that should have been communicated.And what can we now expect from the media this week end….more AS and terrorist supporting Corbyn.How many times Will we miss an opportunity to show this alleged government for what they are.!

    1. “And most importantly why didnt double barrel Bailey point this out?”

      Probably because making political capital out of this when we still didn’t know even the most basic facts about what had happened would have been f*cking obscene.

      1. Ultra violet We knew the basic facts yesterday and the only obscene act is to let this obscene government get away with downgrading the terror threat to save money on standby overtime and then letting them off the hook.maybe you’re above all this but we need to get rid.Somtimes politics gets dirty open your eyes and look whats happening to ordinary people and I dont mind getting dirty with Torys.

      2. Pointing out a RECURRING FACT, is not making political capital. It is necessary. Explaining facts with confidence and clarity is vital. It SAVES lives. Silence does not.

        If not now, then W H E N ? When exactly? When we have more predictable desperate victims of flooding needing attention? When another person deemed fit for work collapses and DIES in the Job Centre Queue as in Wales 2 or 3 weeks ago?

        When another British Steel goes bust?
        When another “Beyond Reproach” Prince Andrew the “too honourable friend” of international child trafficking paedophile Epstein scandal breaks?

        When another Hillsborough THIRTY YEAR JUDGE DIRECTED NON ANSWER is delivered? When? Please someone, provide the secret sacred timetable of when URGENT TORY FAILURES can be raised. When the MSM says so??? When?

        The answer is NOW! WHEN the TORY FAILURES HAPPEN, OVER and OVER again…. Tory PM after TORY PM.

        Clear facts. Incisive analysis. ASSERTIVE PRESENTATION and repetition. Otherwise the gross MYTHS of Tory competence prevails.

        Unmask the MYTHS. Everywhere. Every hour.

        Does following some peculiar timetable for discussing issues bring back one life? How many does it save? Why the repetition of tragedy 18 minutes walk from my home? Within TWO years? Before yet ANOTHER General Election? Under ANOTHER SECURITY BASHING button pushing CONSERVATIVE PM?
        Under Boris Johnson??? Please. Give me strenght.

      3. Ultraviolet – ‘Obscene’ or not, it would have certainly been bone-headed and an example of truly shit tactics.

        How *not* to win friends and influence people!

  2. All the TERRORIST attacks take place under Conservative PMs.
    Because of Tory cuts, Tory lies, Tory Talk but no competent action.
    Tories & MSM prattle on about pushing nuclear buttons. yet Tories fail to keep us safe from KNOWN terrorists released with leg tags. How many in 3 years???

    Probation and critical security services have been privatised / outsourced. G4S and the like. Owners likely all vote and fund Conservatives.
    Yet, these basic clear failings are never pointed out and repeated by our Labour MPs. Thus the MYTHS continue of Tory competence re safety & security & the economy.

    Why would the public believe otherwise if we fail to repeat the facts at every opportunity? Why? Because too many fail to see we don’t all obsess about fancy virtue signalling niche diversions. Some people are busy losing their industries, wondering how they will manage to pay for heating this winter. Who will look after ill mother or father or child. How will they afford school uniforms. Will they have to survive Christmas in a tent in the woods? I kid you not. Hidden homelessness in Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Surrey Hampshire… a shock certainly for me.

    Our Labour MPs need to drop the esoteric niche issues and deal with the over-arching basics: People sleeping on cold streets on remembrance day, during and after the display of politicians like Tony Blair oh so sombre wreath farce. While the royal parasites pretend to care… If they really cared, the military veterans would not need charity. They would be properly cared for not needing the 99% to buy poppies to support the casualties of the wars of the 1%. Blackrock? Major used to be a director… prob still is. Or Theresa May’s husband’s fund holdings in military aviation suppliers… name slips me.

    Stop the shallow charade. Look after the military properly. Tons of wreaths while veterans sleep on the street. TYPICAL CONSERVATIVE DISGRACE but never highlighted by Labour MPs. Why?

    REPEATED TERRORIST attacks, over and over during Tory rule INCLUDING BLAIR. More foreign invasions and arms sales and the second attack at London Bridge under Conservative strongman words but NO effective action. NONE. 18 minutes walk from my home. The Conservatives talk about pushing nuclear buttons but no management of known terrorists with knives roaming about. Empty Tory Talk. NO USEFIL ACTION.

    Jeremy, close team and us MUST unpack the myths. STOP bleating about women’s issues, and gendered this & that, and planting a trillion trees. Our responsibility is to ACT! Outlaw prejudice and bigotry full-stop. Not bleat on as if getting some satisfaction from bleating! Parks are contemplating charging for use so what exactly is the priority of planting more trees while existing one may be closed off to runners and other exercisers?

    Every gender needs housing. Every gender needs schools. Every gender needs to be free of deadly UNIVERSAL CREDIT. Every gender could have been stabbed by the known terrorist 18 minutes walk away. Every gender could hear the din of helicopters overhead.

    PLEASE please HIGHLIGHT – CONCENTRATE on the UNIVERSAL.. the fundamentals which affect ALL of us,
    We all suffer when the Tories decimate the high street, the century old BHS, the oldest travel company Thomas Cook… British Steel…the list is endless. Yet i have never heard on LBC, Talkradio nor BBC, a single Labour MP lambast the Conservatives for their catalogue of failures, let alone on a regular basis. Never an energised focused persuasive description of Tory failures.

    And why the frequent nervous laughter, or the chummy oh i’m such fun me laughter (thornbury esp and also butler) or the trust me laughter of McD always a forced faked laughter at nothing funny. STOP IT! Deal with the universal basic issues. The suffering in this Tiry country is not funny. The presenters are NOT your chums. They are conduits in extremis, to us. BE PROFESSIONAL

    Take to the streets like Rory Stewart. He raised his profile because he made that direct contact! Cut out the middle tools. Reach out with dynamism to the WHOLE electorate⚫️⚫️⚫️

  3. Signpost not windchimes…The name says it follow the signs not the chimes blowing in the wind…Corbyn has pointed the way,but its rare I see any passion or belief from our Mps.I do not see anger as always negative and somtimes it can be harnessed for real change,but not with our current mps and so called moderates.How can anyone with a pulse not be angry and yet day after day I watch the cool and controlled manner that some of our elected behave and I know they really don’t care,but they will still be there next year picking up the money 💰 and a big fat pension…But I won’t because I will be winging it back to help people who do care and know the evils of insane politicians that ruled in Cambodia,and have learnt that the family and people matter more than politician’s that do not care…..And yes I am angry and still have hope.!

    1. Joseph, i feel and think as you do on the above. Heartbreakingly Bizarre how lack lustre and pushed around by interviewers the L MPs are in the light of so many BASIC Tory evils.
      When i saw people sleeping on the cold central London streets after the likes of Tony Bliar were prancing about with wreaths, Joseph, I was speechless at the juxtaposition of the costly ceremony with the sad sight 5 minutes walk not away. Homeless people not begging, SLEEPING on a near freezing evening. Yet as I heard an MP floundering to say how many homeless were in their borough.

      Joseph, they may care, but they just don’t care enough if they are not aware of the nightly figures homeless and rough sleepers, in their own constituency and nationwide total. The basics just cannot stimulate that lot. If someone produces a glittering “charity do” on the same urgent issues, you can bet your last pence, the same lack lustre timid MPs will chime.

      They cannot see and feel for themselves the URGENCY of UNIVERSAL issues especially at home. RIGHT HERE. I know someone who spent decades doing real helpfull work in Cambodia like you. I dare not mention that in any of my Corbyn supporting groups. It would be irresistible passionate ➕➕➕ engagement, at the expense of any local issue. I diagnose, generations of a defeatist culture. IE Protest frequently despite being ignored. Because the protest is a nice group all feeling the same, KNOW they are right, and comfort each other. The most preliminary / elementary means, triumphs over the noble aims.
      The group outing and comfort become the end. Without the self comforters doing any self assessment.

      I do not see. an assertive focus on what’s the problem. How exactly to fix. Deadline. ANTICIPATED hurdles. Plan B and Cs. Potential allies. How to build involvement / commitment and MAINTAIN those. Seize new fresh input / ideas. NEVER become fixed and stale or you die, until pumped with the above list, eg NOKIA. And those that did not so dying eg Royal Mail could have pioneered the internet. The High Street stores could have anticipated the impact and reorganise TO LAST etc. Anyway I’m preaching to the converted.
      But like you as heart breaking to hear more meek and mumbling apologetic on the back MPs I live in hope even in TWO weeks they will SEIZE the baton and run! Take the baton and conduct the music. MAKE the planned music!! Take the BATON and POINT THE WAY…

  4. My feeling is that we should continue with normal life in the aftermath of such attacks. Roads closed all day, wall to wall TV news coverage and suspension of normal election activity all make terrorism more attractive to terrorists.
    Disruption suits their purpose not ours – reopen roads in minutes, keep the news coverage factual and short and back to business as usual. Suiciding themselves for a thirty-second matter-of-fact news item would be much less appealing to the puppets or the puppetmasters.
    Making it a three day news extravaganza is infantile in its stupidity.
    Teach the public how best to defend themselves against knife-wielding terrorists, celebrate those who put themselves in danger to save others and let the terrorists themselves disappear from public view to die in solitary obscurity.
    We’re a warlike people – see history – I’m vaguely embarrassed that we’re not dismissing these pathetic dead ‘terrorists’ with a “meh… fucking idiot.”
    Our parents’ generation and their parents’ generation mourned millions with less fuss.
    “Terror”… Pffft.

    1. My reaction, too. The media endlessly pawing over an incident and interminably asking the same inane questions and looking for some ‘human interest (i.e motorway car-crash gawping) is a bit pathetic.

      Is it my retrospective imagination, or was coverage rather more adult and considered during the IRA terrorism period?

      1. RHDo you mean when that scum Thatcher blanked out the elected members of Sinn fein but not the loyalist terrorists.Yes very adult Richard about rose tinted glasses!

  5. Corbyn is made out to be an existential threat to the country and would be politically absolutely dead if something like this happened on his watch. If Johnson can ride this out, this will prove the inherent bias and corruption in our system, which has one purpose – to stop a Labour government which opposes neoliberalism and the interests of the wealthy,

    1. It was something similar which sunk Michael Dukakis’s presidential campaign in 1988.

    2. The media is biased but do you think our MPs express themselves with clarity and confidence or like timid sheep?
      Do you see any basic assertiveness training in evidence?

      Do you see any satisfactory preparation when agreeing to face the biased media? If it is biased and you fail to prepare and make your case like any average13 year old could, then why go on the biased media? Why not go on the street like that tiresome Rory Stewart? I know his name because he goes out and interacts with real people AND the MSM. The MSM is biased but our representatives must raise their game. When they are not absent, they are half present ie seem reluctant / afraid to be there. When not totally silent, i hear unengaged, flat speech. Monotones. No emphasis. Convoluted stuff dreamt up by a few to tame the many and appease the same biased MSM.

      1. Can you give us a few examples signpost. I must say it’s very odd how you seem to spend most of your time criticising the Labour Party, and have been doing so repeatedly on a daily basis during the past few weeks since just after the GE was called.

        One thing is for sure, you certainly don’t come across as a JC/LP supporter to me!

        So anyway, can you give a few examples of Labour Party MPs being ‘absent’ or ‘half present’ and ‘reluctant and afraid to be there’, and when and where it happened AND in relation to what exactly.


      2. Hi ARS H BOT, programmers deserted u? Any true JC/LP supporter would recognise my observations of areas for urgent improvement. Anyway, expected my firm Atlee, Tony Benn, JC inspired sound stance of LEAVE the protectionist EU, would activate your sensor & controllers into action. Not sure which bit of the bot u r, A, R S, ?Have more anyway: leave, Leave, LEAVE, L E A VE , L E A V E , L E A V E , L E A V E , L E A V E , L E A V E , leave 😊

      3. ps. leave just as our Labour Heartlands voted. As is their right. The heartlands are WISE. Labour HEARTLANDS are WISE. Labour HEARTLANDS are WISE. labour heartlands, Labour Heartlands , LABOUR HEARTLANDS. Traditional Labour Heartlands. Heartlands out if which our party grew. Labour Heartlands… Have your cogs & patches melted yet ? Controllers in tears? Nice 😊

      4. So no examples then signpost? Not a single one! And I gather from your relatively quick response – if one can call it that – that you are constantly monitoring skwawkbox!!

        And I would be particularly interested in an example or two of a Labour Party MP being ‘half present’, and which half it was.

      5. Prove you are not a bot first. Answer these Qs correctly. Mary had one lamb. How large was her green lamb?
        If Mary had two green lambs, where did the pink one live?
        Mary gave away her brown lamb and has a grey one. Thomas has one grey lamb. John has three grey lambs. Palmyra has four grey lambs. If Tarquinius is allergic to sheep’s wool. and Romulus has bought 2 extra ducks. When will the Sorbonne stop selling silk pots to the Greeks?
        Why do the Greek reject ducks with hairy feet? Which feet are best? Romulus’s turtles or the sunshine in the wool? If you give the correct answer by three weeks before four. You will give away a bonus. So who controls you? leave leave leave leave… Heartlands are correct… heartlands, Labour Heartlands, heartlands. JEREMY CORBYN is the only, inspired visionary politician who had endured the likes of you. Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy x trillions & gazillions. Jeremy believes in leave and our Traditional Labour Heartlands. That should get your circuits to overload😊😊😊

  6. Let the security services deal with the terror and we will deal with the. Political shortcomings of the alleged government of Boris Johnson.We need to highlight anything to show the weakness and ineptitude of the Tory party on security and defence including terror attacks and the fact that we have to protect ourselves.from violence.We really arnt all in it together with the Tory party.

    1. As ever Joseph, Could not agree with you more. THANK GOD to read some insightful proactive words. You keep my good spirits up!
      I’m always hopeful but the constant tendency to retreat, as in my JC supporting groups, is really spirit sapping.
      All energy and capacity of too many, are directed to – how do we avoid upsetting the Tories and MSM tools or vice-versa… think of the redhead’s “kitchen suppers” where cabinet post were decided in Chipping Norton…

      The default setting of so many amongst us is to tiptoe around the status quo. It never crosses the mind that WE CAN MAKE NEW better STATUS QUOS. M U C H better.
      Strange to witness the defeatist attitude up-close.
      NEVER saw it in any of my professional work. Inconceivable. You would never get anything done.
      Yet all is not lost. It never is.
      So never give up.

  7. ps I feel sure we can win STILL win this election because enough people can see Conservative destruction and REPEATED dreadful terrorist acts by KNOWN terrorist the shortsighted Conservatives have set free WITHOUT DUE DILIGENCE. Without proper risk assessments. They (including Blair) have brought approx ONE THOUSAND LYBIAN TERRORIST to live in Manchester. The MEN bomber of all those beautiful children and adults, was Tony Blair’s creation, MAINTAINED by the creature’s so called “CENTRIST MODERATE CONSERVATIVE” chums.

    The Bomber’s brother was in and out of the UK too and fro to Libya. Warnings from German and other Security Services were IGNORED by the SECURITY tough TALKING TORIES.

    The Westminster terrorist was ALSO known to the CONSERVATIVE “led” Authorities. Same with every single one of the others last election 2017. There were THREE attacks in about THREE months while another CONSERVATIVE Prime Minister, Theresa MAY was in charge.

    QUESTIONS: How competent are Conservatives re REAL Security? Not the easy CRASS hypothetical security out of childish fantasy thrillers, REAL DAY to DAY security on our streets? Minutes away from people’s doorstep like mine. 18 minutes and 5 minutes from one of my hospitals Guy’s. I studied in Manchester and have been to the MEN many times. The failings of the Tories are VIVID. It is inexplicable how not highlighting the serious UNFORGIVABLE CONSERVATIVE CATASTROPHES will prevent them happening again. Please explain.

    QUESTIONS: Why accept even the ludicrous labels: Centrists, Moderate, Conservative without question?

    It is that ever supine, following, un incisive addressing of Tory failures and MSM promoted labels which allow them to take hold and be accepted as truths. That keeps the many key MSM aided myths alive.

    Definitely we should stop trading inconceivable budgets… numbers projected way into a future. Deal with CONCRETE OUTCOMES not money to be spent. It may be possible to transform several areas with the same money or even less, if we reinvest “profits” now creatively filched away by ToryBliar like self servers.

    These days to the the Election should focus on the Dreadful Tory failure by increasing knife crime, terrorist attacks, dreadful neglect of veterans forced to rely on security, outsourced everything eg G4S Olympic debacle that needed PUBLIC SECTOR RESCUE by… the army.

    Focus on the dreadful migrant crisis. The eg Vietnamese Deaths took place under TORY rule. The flammable cladding. The un dredged rivers leading to flooded out hones year after year. Subsidies for the 1% while heartlessly squeezing the 79%. Housing as a speculative asset rather than an ingredient to enable people to be at their best. Tory housing policy is fixed to benefit huge landowners, like the Grovesner’s and speculative Grovesners and some just trying to meet the cost of Tory destroyed SOCIAL CARE. Could list more. We all could.
    But on the doorstep PRIORITISE the immediate tangible failings that affect ALL of us directly and indirectly. Not inconceivable budgets. And forever fearful of everything.

    Most of all LISTEN. My contributions are long because I have listened, read and worked A LOT. Listen to the concerns on the doorstep. Should anyone anywhere say they want “constructive ambiguity” please share here. You would have discovered a new species. You may have it named after you.

  8. “Boris Johnson was *personally* warned about risks of freeing terrorists but said there’s ‘no money’ to deradicalise them, ex-prosecutor says”

    Fascinating. Syria under war, crippling economic sanctions and assault of western axis supported terrorists since 2011 has managed to find funds and ways for de-radicalization and re-integration of radicalised Syrians back into society and even into SAA! UK always has money to bomb, subvert and back terrorists and mercenaries to bring down governments, murder millions and even destroy civilian infrastructure and even whole countries that are not aligned with its economic, financial and political ideology. Let’s not forget tax breaks and bail outs to wealthy Corps, banks and individuals Torys always seem to find on their money tree.

    Begs all sorts of questions about Johnson’s regime motives and agenda, seems to me to be in line with five previous UK Govs at least!

    Of course plenty of money to keep an innocent journalist incarcerated in a high security prison and take quasi legal steps to extradite him funded by the tax payer and austerity

    ps. Western narrative taking a serious bashing about Douma, Syria in another media world following OPCW leaks. Looks like May regime bombed on ‘sexed up’ no directly qand willfully corrupted info/report. Nothing much changes in UK foreign policy but millions abroad continue to die, suffer and have their will and Govs subverted.

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