Video: Burgon underlines deputy leader credentials in BBC S*n take-down

Video footage being recirculated today on Twitter underlines deputy leader candidate Richard Burgon’s credentials for the Labour job.

A few days after the general election, Burgon not only took the S*n’s Tom Newton-Dunn to task for his rag’s vile behaviour toward the people of Liverpool and others, but also recognised – contrary to the shameless rewriting of history attempted by the Labour right – that the party’s change of position on Brexit was the fatal element in the election result:

In both, Burgon showed why he is a popular choice with Labour members who know that the party has to admit and put right that catastrophic mistake and win back the leave seats in its heartlands, as it must if Labour is to return to power for the good of the country.

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  1. Let the tory party show the heartlands just what a mistake they made in voting for the most right wing establishment party in living memory.I fear that once the dogs are unleashed its going to be difficult to get them caged.Gerrymandering and election ballot rigging is well within their ideology which they consider almost patriotism to stop a Labour government.

    1. One of the main reasons why ‘the poor’; the downtrodden’; ‘the working class’ voted ‘Leave’ was because they are ‘the left behind’. They know the System does not serve them. They are not racist nor stupid & rightly resent being accused as such. Living in areas where manufacturing was destroyed by Thatcher, to be replaced by low wage service industries they were represented by bourgeois Labour Party MPs who have never got their hands dirty in their life! You have to become a solicitor B4 you can become a Labour MP.
      Time that Burgon & other Labour MPs represented the anger that their constituents feel & projected the passion that orators like Nigh Bevan had for Socialism. Stop apologising for everything….’Get Up, Stand Up’ or ‘Things can only get bitter’.

      1. Steve, “They are not racist nor stupid”

        In the main that’s true but because of lies told by Farage and the far right which concentrated the blame for deprevation on immigrants and by implication the EU, many of those you speak about, who are undoubtedly under informed, chose to penilise themselves and the rest of us by voting for Brexit.

        Please don’t try to pander to the ‘working class’ by using the same tactics as Farage.

      2. They did NOT ‘choose’ to penalise themselves Jack! You’re spouting B/S again. And as you WELL know, the right-wing press had been fabricating endless things about the EU for twenty/twenty-five years or so prior to the referendum – ie the Sun and the Mail and Express – and between them they had a readership of fifteen million or more in the 90s and early 2000s, when their circulation then started to decrease. The circulation of the Sun alone was 3.5 to 4 million AND read by around ten million people. And I expect the Times and the Telegraph did their bit as well, only much more subtly:

        They weren’t ‘under-informed’, they were MISINFORMED and lied to repeatedly over the course of two to three decades. ‘…chose to penalise themselves….! Yeah, sure they did Jack!!

      3. It’s the usual confusion of class with individual moral rectitude or rational thought. It is a simple correlation that simply doesn’t exist. It’s a classic two-dimensional category error. Sentimental wishful thinking that has no basis in reality. (As Marx recognised)

      4. Allan Howard , “They weren’t ‘under-informed’, they were MISINFORMED”

        😊 Pedantic and verbose as usual eh Allan? If someone is fully informed, any amount of misinformation will be ineffective.

        You’d start an argument in an empty room.

      5. Thankyou both for your rapid responses!

        And having given it further thought, I realise that the mindset of millions of people prior to the GE was “I’m going to vote Tory and penalise myself”, and that you were in fact right Jack.


      6. Steve Richards…yes I was one of those casualties that you mention ,when my father upped sticks and moved all of the family from Bolton when the cotton industry collapsed.I am now seventy and despite Bolton and many other mill towns being left to rot by Labour administrations,we and all of my family members,would never have been stupid enough to vote for the alternative to Corbyn The Bullingdon boys Tory party..The destruction of manufacturing started well before Thatcher and was a sign of a crumbling empire built on misery and led by Torys like Thatcher and now we have the worst example Piffel Johnson and I cannot and will not get my head around how any decent human being could vote for scum like that.regards comrades!

    2. Come on now Skwawkbox ! That supposedly ‘excellent’ video demonstration of Richard Burgon doing a ‘Sun takedown’ on The Daily Politics show actually shows him being very woodenly defensive as per usual, and very unconvincing unfortunately. And sadly, Richard Burgon is undoubtedly the ONLY socialist , and politician of principle, of any sort at all standing in this Leadership and Deputy Leadership contest ! Such is the tragedy of the now decisively post Corbyn , post carefully internally engineered mega electoral defeat , state of the broken Labour Party.

      Anyone with any doubts that the hapless trimmer, and fantasist, Long-Bailey, is anything but yet another, politically-flexible, shifty careerist, need look no further than her latest thinly-veiled attack on Jeremy’s loyal headquarters staff – segueing totally, as it does, with the current mass media and Labour PLP Right campaign to force out all Jeremy’s loyal, socialist, staff once he departs.

      There is no possibility of any ‘continuity Corbyn’ leadership now. Not that the triumphant saboteurs of the Right and ‘Centre’ would tolerate such a new Leader anyway. In fact my safe bet is that that charisma-free, woodentop, right wing, ‘man from the UK Deep State’, ex DPP, Kier Starmer, deeply responsible for the adoption of our suicidal 2nd Ref and Remain Election stance, who already has nominations from nearly three times the CLPs of any other candidate , will win the Leadership contest . Such is the flighty ‘butterfly politics’ of much of our overwhelmingly middle class membership. And then, on the back of the totally predictable looming May local election disaster for Labour in England and Wales, in our now lost old heartlands, the purging of the Left will really get into full swing ! If you for some reason want to stay in what will quickly become a reborn neo-Blairite revivalist Party of the smug, ‘woke’ middle classes and the big cities after that, be very worried about anything vaguely radical you put out on social media over the last fifteen years or so ! The huge teams of investigators suddenly employed by the Party , despite our growing financial difficulties, will hunt you down !

      1. jpenney – Does this mean that you and your little flock will be ‘rejoining’ (did you ever leave) Left Unity to spend few more decades bleating from the sidelines.

    3. This is the link to my new thread on the Craig Murray Discussion Forum:
      Elections Aftermath: Was our 2019 Vote & the EU Referendum Rigged? #TORYRIG2019

      Our Electoral System is well recognized as wide open to vote rigging!
      The Electoral Commission is not empowered to protect our voting rights: A Watchdog that cannot watch is just a dog! Rescue our Watchdog.
      Read the sound reasoning why we must challenge this rigged election by visiting the newly created thread: click on the Bulldog Picture on my thread to go direct to the petition to sign: All votes must count.

    4. Farage was hardly the only one lying when it came to the referendum. Neoliberals that when if office had imprisoned refugee mothers and their children then pretended to be anti-racist because they supported the globalized movement of cheap labour and the institutionalized power of the EU were doing their share of deception too.
      Taking migrants to whom the UK owed reparations, to instead work in zero hour contracts in the likes of Sports Direct is hardly a favour to them. Using migrants to work for wages/conditions that white Britons mostly wouldn’t touch is still not service to them either. If EU & World Trade rules weren’t outlawing traditional Keynesian national polices some of these migrants could have been refurbishing their own countries infrastructures ie Poland for example.
      It’s worth recalling that under New Labour that instead of investing in training and paying living rates to our own workers, we stole trained nurses from the likes of South Africa & the Philippines.
      Separating the issue of honoring our obligation to refugees from globalized cheap labour policies is complex.
      Working-class voters shouldn’t be stigmatized for instinctively rejecting globalized exploitation.

  2. A good example of why Labour MPs need media training. Burgon should have answered the question directly and explained why JC was talking to Gerry Adams and therefore been able to turn the tables on Dunn who made Burgon look evasive.

    1. Absolutely. The incompetence of Labour spokespersons isn’t justified by the overwhelming media opposition that they are trying to combat. Many have not eveven been in the game – handing the enemy win after win on a plate.

      Yes – it’s a harsh judgment, but simply one based on fact.

      Even now, we have continual banging ‘Brexit betrayal’, the fiction of the ‘Labour heartlands’ etc. etc. – comfort blankets all largely irrelevant to the electoral defeat that was primarily a result of successful propaganda that rendered all but a few utterly useless in terms of countering the lies and distortions.

  3. Dawn Butler has also made it onto the ballot paper having secured the required number of CLP nominations.

  4. This edition of ‘Politics Live’ is currently not available.
    Burgon looked evasive & intimidated by a ‘Sun ‘ journalist (if that isn’t a contradiction in terms). The Sun headlines ref ‘Hillsborough’ ……”The Truth”. I was there & believe me no Sun journalist should ever be given the time of day, but being defended by Burgon was like being defended by a dead sheep!
    Time to be loud & proud about being a Socialist & get up off of your knees! JC is judged on who he spoke to, but after all Burgon was talking to the BBC & Tom Newton-Dunn.

  5. Sun journalists never need to talk to anyone, as they can make it up as they go.

  6. But just in case you are ignorant, racist, old and white, in the interests of democracy
    Uncle Festa and cheap and nasty Tory party want your vote
    Fuck em

  7. I watched that episode and im a Richard supporter
    He wasnt great for simple reason he was ambushed and he wss far to polite and professional
    When will we learn

  8. I remember one reporter who said that he knew one Labour frontbencher who had told him that he/she had only joined the frontbench after Corbyn became leader so as to resign later.

    It is worth bearing in mind that Keir Starmer was part of that attempt to overturn the 2015 leadership election result. He then nominated Owen Smith in a further attempt to overturn the 2015 result.

    People need to bear that in mind when they decide how to vote in the forthcoming leadership election.

    1. From his actions Johnson’s first question in any situation seems to be “What would Trump do?”
      Second question “What does The S*n say ‘The People’ Want?”

      Tracey, 18, from Pinner, says it’s “More tits, more racism & loads & loads more bollocks please.”

  9. Full roll-out of universal credit is being delayed again
    Officials say not enough people are moving to the benefit as they “scared” to move to universal credit.

      1. Amalgamating six separate entitlements/payments into one and calling it “Universal Credit” ought to have been easy, cheap, effective and completed within months – if that had been the only or the real objective.
        When applying for any of the six existing benefits, claimants always had to declare any other benefits received as far as I know, so everything required to be known about all existing claimants was already on file at the inception of UC.
        Each individual’s total entitlement should therefore have remained the same unless changed circumstances, fraud or error was discovered.
        Every excuse the Tories have ever made about UC, its purpose and the nature of their own failure – deliberate or incompetent – to implement it efficiently has been a lie.
        Withholding payments and forcing people onto charity to feed their families in the name of encouraging them into work is unspeakably evil.
        Are you listening, ‘Labour heartlands’?

      2. “Are you listening, ‘Labour heartlands’?”

        Indeed they are …

        … to the SunMailExpress information service.

        But, of course, the whole idea of ‘the *Labour* Heartlands’ is a fictional Neve-Never Land that doesn’t exist. These areas have always had a strong conservative vote, held back by habit and tradition from being a Strong Conservative Vote. This restraint has disappeared, along with a lot of illusions, which are still held only by those detached from reality by too much absorption in ‘Marxism for Duggies’.

        The real problem for Labour is that its real electoral base hasn’t been simply ‘*the* working class’ for a long, long time. Nor is it – as now proved – situated in the old heavy industry areas. It is much more diffuse in both class and geographical terms, but with strong roots amongst younger individuals – and the better qualified.

        The Party needs to get to grips with those basic realities if it is to get to grips with the nature of class, privilege and impoverishment rather than just blowing hot air about the issues and fictional Tooting notions about its electorate.

      3. Therese Coffey’s made her position on poverty clear before. Even Jack Straw thinks she’s a bit too right wing.

  10. Well I had a good laugh at the press walkout,its a case of “who let the dogs out” and look what you urged everyone to vote for.ITs only just begun!…Wait for the dictatorship to really get stuck in?

  11. This Election was rigged nothing else makes any logical sense. Visit the Elections Aftermath thread on Craig Murray’s blog where we are gathering evidence; the thread has now become overloaded and I have started a new thread. In my first post on the new thread I wrote the following:

    “The BBC and MSM propaganda juggernaut is still rolling on, trying desperately to make the impossible narrative fit. with talk of those “borrowed votes” that were never on loan in the first place. To honestly believe that droves of the working poor, subsisting on the pittance pay of a zero-hours contract, reliant on Universal Credit and food banks to make ends meet, living in squalid, insecure, overpriced, rental accommodation, worried sick about job loss and the possibility of eviction, courageously risked destitution and starvation to vote for Brexit is patently ridiculous! It is equally delusional to suggest that their more secure parents were so selfish that they blocked out the hardship their children were suffering under austerity for the pipe dream nostalgia of life outside the EU.

    Reality check: No matter how much they might gripe to canvassers or rant to opportunistic TV presenters in a pro-Brexit Vox-Pop, when the time comes to actually vote people always chose self-preservation over destitution and watching their children starve; this is a really basic essential of human survival. If Boris Johnson’s documented gross insults were not enough to dissuade them; after unnecessarily inflicting a decade of ideologically driven austerity on the forgotten and abandoned North, you want me to believe that those former Labour voters were ready to support their tormentors and beg for another decade of exploitation? To buy into this BS you would have to accept the theory that the most deprived areas of the UK were gripped by mass Stockholm Syndrome!
    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck its not a giraffe!”

    Please read, sign, share and Link to this Petition on AVAAZ:

    W.A.R.P.E.D. Withdrawal Against the Rights of People’s Electoral Decision – #TORYWARPED2019 Adopt this Hashtag and this one: #TORYRIG2019.

    I despair, Labour are too busy eating their smelly socks to pull on their boots and march!

    1. Kim Sanders-Fisher, when Kuenssberg spoke of postal votes showing a Tory win to be almost confirmed (on the night of the election iirc?) I instantly thought “fraud.”
      It would be foolish to deny any possibility of electoral fraud on a national scale but conspiracy theories have problems.
      Idox’s bosses (assuming they’re your prime suspects) would need to keep any hint of fraud or access to the real numbers from non-involved employees to avoid blackmail or whistleblowing and jail.
      Involved employees are guaranteed jobs for life – or death.
      Any large scale election fraud would require a conspiracy.
      What all conspiracy theories fail to explain is how the conspirators guarantee none of them will ever blow the whistle, mention the crime in a drunken encounter, be caught in other crimes and name the conspirators for a reduced sentence, find god, make deathbed confessions etc etc.
      Only fools trust others with their freedom.

    2. Conspiraloon alert. Try looking the the POLITICS behind the victory of both the Leave side in the Referendum, and the ‘Getting Brexit Done’ mantra-spouting Tories in the General Election, rather than ridiculious conspiracy theories – the last refuge of middleclass Liberals who simply cannot believe that they didn’t get their own way. Oh dear… Stampy, stampy, great big huff, waily, waily, – and then reach for conspiraloon explanations – rather than doing some serious, self-critical political analysis !

      Grow up, Kim Sanders-Fisher – the ‘conspiracy’ is called capitalism, orchestrated day-in, day-out, by its capitalist ruling class and its minions , but that is just business as usual, not , in the UK , power achieved by ballot box ‘stuffing’. The minds of the electorate were ‘pre-stuffed’ long before the election by the overwhelming impact of the pro capitalist mass media, and the political process controlled by the longstanding outright corrupt purchase of most of the politicians in the PLP.

  12. The link to my new Discission Forum thread on Craig Murray’s blog is: Elections Aftermath: Was our 2019 Vote & the EU Referendum Rigged? #TORYRIG2019 It explains the logic behind my Petition; if you click on the picture of the Bulldog at the top of this new thread it will go straight to my AVAAZ Petition: please consider signing.

    1. For the gods’ sakes ! There is no ‘logic’ whatsoever behind your theory that either the Referendum or the General election were ‘Rigged’, Kim Sanders-Fisher , just tiresome conspiraloon nonsense. The sad fact is that all General Elections are structurally ‘rigged’ in favour of status-quo-supporting candidates , by the overwhelming pro Tory and Pro Labour neoliberal Right billionaire-owned press and the establishment controlled mass media. But that isn’t the same as denying the accuracy of the actual vote process itself (which is remarkably uncorrupt in the UK) . The ballot boxes (or postal votes) simply aren’t ‘stuffed’ in the UK so far – but the minds of voters are of course ‘pre-stuffed’ by constant pro capitalist, pro status quo endless propaganda.

      The Left needs to look closer to home, more self critically, to explain both the Leave victory in the Referendum, and the disaster for our Party in the General Election I’m afraid. That middle class Lefty Liberals simply cannot grasp what is increasingly unacceptable to poorer working class voters , ie, competing in the Uberised jobs market, with the unlimited labour supply that is a core rule for the neoliberal EU, or why our ex-Labour voters in our ex Labour Heartlands deserted us , by abstaining, or voting for The Brexit Party or the Tories, as a response to Labour repudiating our 2017 commitment to ‘respect the Referendum result’ , simply demonstrates the widespread political bankruptcy of the actually Left Liberal UK ‘Left’. And why so many of these Left Liberals , rather than re-examining their ignorant liberal view of the EU as a benevolent institution, fall back on daft conspiracy nonsense about ‘electoral fraud’, and writing off all the working class voters who deserted Labour in their millions in December, as ‘knuckle-dragging, stupid, racists’ !

    2. Kim Sanders-Fisher – from Wikipedia, search term ‘Witness Protection Program’, now renamed WITSEC:
      “As of 2019, 18,900 witnesses and family members have been protected by the U.S. Marshals Service since 1971”
      If US organised crime can’t prevent its own people testifying against it when they know their punishment would be murder – what chance would a company providing election logistics in the UK have of keeping its criminality secret?

      Anyone considering a criminal enterprise first weighs the risk of being caught and the likely sentence for the crime.
      Surely you must concede the extreme likelihood of being caught tampering with polls on the industrial scale necessary to swing a general election?
      How could one guarantee to keep non-complicit employees ignorant of the crime?
      How could one guarantee to keep complicit employees from demanding more and more money for their silence?
      Any returning officer in the country might catch out a company committing a fraud with an independent check.

      Election ‘rigging’ by establishment propaganda has worked very well for centuries – there’s no reason to risk prison for conspiracy and poll-tampering.

  13. David McNiven – I respect your opinion, but while your reasoning appears to make sound common sense, and is reassuring to those who might have doubts regarding the security of our voting system, there are major flaws in this premise. First of all in the case of Idox it is important to remember that, for pure practicality of producing such large volumes of ballots, the printing of ballot papers, their envelopes, etc would need to be fully automated. A select few trusted employees might know that there was double printing or pre-marked ballot papers being automatically inserted into the A envelopes and sealed ready for substitution prior to an officially viewed opening session. This greatly reduces the number of people in the know unless someone is consciously digging for evidence ahead of time.

    However, the major disruptor with regard to those seeking to expose the truth remains the ongoing ruthless targeting of Whistleblowers. You would think that with an issue so momentous that someone would have the courage to come forward with such important information, but people are easily intimidated and rightfully fear serious reprisals. I speak from brutally raw personal experience as a Whistleblower myself. At first you believe that what you are exposing is so universally known about by fellow employees that you are in no danger bringing it to the attention of a supervisor; this is usually the tragic first step towards being blacklisted if you are a regular employee or the total destruction of your career if you are a skilled professional.

    The second there is any hint that inside knowledge of corruption, fraud or safety violations are about to be made public the Whistleblower is ruthlessly targeted and discredited to the point of being falsely criminalized. In America I was marched out of Johns Hopkins Hospital by two security guards to the horror of shocked staff who observed this deeply humiliating spectacle. From that point on not a single former work colleague dared to communicate with me for fear of being targeted; I lost dozens of close friends overnight. Once the company or institution has managed to establish that it is you who is suspected of criminality, anything that you attempt to report regarding their dangerous or fraudulent conduct can be disregarded as merely the false accusations of a disgruntled former employee with an axe to grind!

    This is a very effective tactic that will silence the most conscientious of workers since, beyond totally destroying your career, in almost every single solitary case, your honesty will accomplish absolutely nothing: sadly, no one will believe your reporting. The highly conspicuous “walk of shame” is just the very beginning of a horrific and precipitous decline that has led many Whistleblowers to take their own life; it is a truly devastating experience from which very few courageous individuals will ever fully recover. In my case a career in surgery was over, I lost my home in the US and everything I owned: I still suffer from PTSD. This process is just as effective here in the UK as the intimidation tactics of Dominic Cummings’s aggressive armed escort of the dubiously disgraced Special Advisor, Sonja Khan, out of Number 10 clearly demonstrated. What information did this SPAD possess that might have made her a target?

    This tactic of shaming, suspicion, false accusations and the ostracizing of a Whistleblower is used to silence any colleague who might be foolish enough to consider coming to their defence or supporting their allegations: for a Government agency, public institution or powerful company it is remarkably easy to universally demonize a former employee to the point where their credibility is completely destroyed. In the exceptionaly rare cases that take years to expose, after the damage becomes too great to be ignored, there are frequently dozens of people who knew enough to have come forward with the truth, but who were so fearful of retaliation that they remained silent. There are precious few bold Whistleblowers who emerge from this torturous process unscathed, but it always requires extreme personal sacrifice of some kind.

    To engage in further debate focused on the subject of the recent Election please join us on the Discussion thread: Elections Aftermath – Was our 2019 Vote & the EU Referendum Rigged? #TORYRIG2019 –

  14. Attn. SKWAWKBOX: I was falsely accused of calling people “stupid knuckle dragging racists;” I find this accusation deeply offensive, but my explanatory reply has been blocked for days. When my constrained rebuttal to the offensive unsubstantiated insult from a person, who offers zero evidence to support their mudslinging attack, remains blocked for no legitimate reason, it is time to stop visiting Skwawkbox. You want to champion open robust discussion do not take sides and support those who offer no constructive dialog, but revel in slinging unwarranted insults.

    Please examine my courteous reply that remains in moderation due to a potential Troll blocking of my carefully worded rebuttal. These people are not looking for common sense, basic logic or facts they are driven by divisive hateful rhetoric that harms us all. Skwawkbox should carefully consider who it blocks, and for what reason.

    1. Kim, which comment and on which article? Did it contain more than one link? That will always send it to moderation – WordPress thing that I can’t do anything about.

      1. Here is my carefully worded rebuttal that has been blocked for days; there is nothing offensive that warrants this response. I do wish to inform so I have removed several links. Those who disagree habitually claim offence and falsely suggest that they are being insulted by dredging up language I would never use to detract from the fact that they are providing zero evidence. This conduct should be strongly discouraged.

        You couldn’t possibly be more categorically wrong. First of all MPs, including the ultra right wing Tory MP Steve Baker, have openly criticized the security of our voting system and called for reform. A senior Judge, Richard Mawrey QC, made a scathing attack on the Postal Voting system, condemning the government for complacency in the face of fraud which would disgrace a “Banana Republic.” That was way back in 2005, but since then no positive measures have been put in place to secure our voting system. In 2007 this situation was debated in Parliament.

        In reality, the situation regressed still further when the UK Electoral System was privatized in 2012 without any extra provision for the Electoral Commission to have additional oversight of the companies that won contracts to handle our votes. This fact was confirmed in a Freedom of Information request to the Electoral Commission. Since privatization the number of Postal Votes has increased dramatically, but the system for managing and processing them remains insecure. Following the Scottish referendum an extensive report revealed “How the postal ballot was rigged.” Please read this report: Final Report The Postal Ballot at the Scottish Independence Referendum 2014 – Democratic Socialist Federation, Dunoon Unit Report.

        You would do well to read another report: “Electoral Law: the urgent need for reform” before insulting my investigative efforts as “daft conspiracy nonsense.” Please go to the UK Parliament Website where you can gain access to both the full and the Interim report. These are official UK Government reports.

        Far from slinging disgusting insults about “stupid, knuckle-dragging racists” I have stated what I firmly believe: that people in the impoverished working class in the abandoned, left behind north have a lot more common sense than you, the media or the out of touch Westminster politicians give them credit. I have never hurled random insults and we should call out thoese who do. I claim that in the run up to the EU Referendum many people were “too trusting;” certainly not a crime an insult or indicative of stupidity as, we should all be able to trust our polititions. Not any more! If you are seriously claiming that the media was able to quite easily dupe millions of voters, among this downtrodden segment of the population, to vote for another decade of exploitation and neglect then it is you who are guilty of arrogantly declaring them too stupid to make the most basic choice about the survival of their families.

        The Electoral Commission have candidly admitted that there are significant flaws in the system, but that their hands are tied because only government reform can expand their remit and increase their ability to securely monitor and protect our votes. There is sufficient hard evidence that a serious problem exists, but there is not the political will to fix it. The thrust of my petition is to fix our broken system: “Rescue our Watchdog” because “All Votes Must Count.” If there was no impropriety regarding the election result it will not be harmed by robust scrutiny to restore our faith in the system, but it will highlight the long overdue need for reform. Okease read, sign, share and link to this Petition: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION. I created a tiny url link:

        Here I have posted just a couple of the reliable sources of information on which I base my personal judgement and the need to take action. More evidence can be found by visiting the Discussion Forum thread: Elections Aftermath on Craig Murray’s blog or the newer thread:
        Elections Aftermath: Was our 2019 Vote & the EU Referendum Rigged? #TORYRIG2019 I realize that it takes time to review solid evidence and it is far easier to sling random unfounded insults on the Internet, but the latter is the genuine hallmark of childish conduct.

  15. This was my third and final try at lodging my reply. Impostant to me because I do not think people should be able to sling random insults at you via the internet. My reply was polite, but informative.

    Kim Sanders-Fisher 09/02/2020 at 12:21 am · · Reply →
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Here is my carefully worded rebuttal that has been blocked for days; there is nothing offensive that warrants this response.

    1. Hi Kim – This may help. If you right click on the grey time-stamp of your missing comment (in your case 09/02/2020 at 12:21 am) you can copy the link location for your specific comment to your clipboard and then paste it in either a comment or in an email direct to SB.

      eg: this link will take you to one of your earlier comments

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