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Video: here’s how BBC covered huge scandal of Tory ‘punched in face by Labour activist’ lie (not)

Tories caught in huge lie as they attempted to divert attention from Boris Johnson’s A&E car-crash and anger over 4yo boy forced to sleep on hospital floor. BBC’s coverage? None

On Monday, the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg and a number of other senior political journalists repeated as fact a Tory claim that one of Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s aides had been ‘punched in the face‘ by a Labour activist.

It was a complete lie.

Kuenssberg and the others were forced to retract and apologise. But when the BBC covered Hancock’s visit to a Leeds hospital – over an incident in which a sick 4-year-old child had to sleep on the floor because there were no beds because of Tory underfunding – where the non-punch was claimed, the Tory lie was toweringly absent from the coverage.

Even though the voice-over narrative was by the same Laura Kuenssberg who repeated and then had to withdraw the Tories’ lie:

This general election has been characterised by a level of media bias and complicity that has dwarfed even the scandal of the 2017 campaign.

The only mention of it on the BBC News channel was a mention by one of the guests on the evening’s newspaper review that slipped out live.

The governing party made up a wholesale fiction – a bare-faced lie – to distract from a massive embarrassment for the Tories in Boris Johnson’s car-crash interview about the appalling plight of a small child because of Tory policies.

And yet again, the BBC’s policy – during a period in which it has a legal duty to report impartially – was to hide it from the nation.

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  1. News of the century ,That fearless broadcaster funded by us and relys on sydicate news and usually have quotes from the ever reliable Tory HQ….you couldn’t make it up!..but the Beeb does and gets away with it .!

    1. I see Johnson is talking about stopping the compulsory licence fee and the BBC are outraged. LOL!

      1. It’s about the only thing I’ve ever agreed with him about, but for different reasons!

      2. Yes – they’re that ‘outraged’ that they’re still covering up for the toerags..

      3. Reply to Toffee 597 Thats what makes the proposal so funny!

    2. “It’s about the only thing I’ve ever agreed with him about, but for different reasons!”

      No – actually for the same reason. It’s what’s known as being conned. If it comes out of Johnson’s mouth, you should know its poison. They did it over Brexit as well!

  2. The whole sorry saga is utterly disgusting. It is not the first time that sick people have had to lie on floors in hospital A&Es but the awful picture of a really sick little child being forced to do so seems to have pricked the collective conscience. We all agree it is truly vile and uncivilised for this to happen in one of the richest countries in the world.
    Then we had Boris Johnson refusing to look at the picture of the child and putting the ITV journalist’s phone in his pocket. This begs the question -how low can this man stoop?
    This shameful behaviour of Boris Johnson was followed by Hancock being sent on a damage limitation exercise to the hospital concerned where he was heckled by a handful of people. He took off in a hurry and one of the protesters reached out his arm and touched one of Hancocks staff completely by accident. This entire incident was relayed to the press by the Tories as a baying Labour mob punching a Tory aide in the face. The BBC and others were quick to swallow and report Tories lies which were quickly exposed as the whole incident was captured on camera.
    This does show however how low the Tories and their allies in the MSM are prepared to go. They are happy to blatantly lie in order to avoid scrutiny and undermine Labour.
    It is reported that some people are undecided about how to vote. If they genuinely don’t know who to vote for I suggest they reflect on all of the above.

  3. As I said, in effect, in an earlier thread, isn’t it an amazing coincidence that Hancock should just happen to go to Leeds Hospital and that THIS should happen, even though it DIDN’T. What are the odds. I mean if you wanted to distract from the disasterous ‘Iphone in pocket’ episode and overshadow it with something else, well you would probably have come up with an idea exactly like this. I mean we’re talking about a very serious and damaging event, and I have no doubt whatsoever that the Dirty Tricks Department swung in to action more-or-less immediately afterwards to come up with something to make the LP look bad etc.

    And there was no reason on this earth for Hancock to travel all the way to Leeds to do his TV/media piece re the kid on the floor, and he could have done it from London or wherever he was, and NO-ONE would have thought to themselves: “Oh, he should have gone to the hospital involved to make the apology”, but then again, his aide couldn’t have been punched in the face by a Labour thug, even though he wasn’t, if he hadn’t!!

    Anyway, just out of interest, I thought I’d check out Laura Kuenssberg’s twitter page so as to determine how long it was between her tweeting about the ‘punch’, and then tweeting that she’d seen some video of it and there wasn’t a punch. So it was 01.35 when I checked, and it was then seven hours since the tweet where she said: ‘Happy to apologise for earlier tweet about the punch that wasn’t a punch” and then mentions the “2 sources” that supposedly told her that Hancock’s aide had been punched in the face etc. I then searched for the initial tweet, but it looks as if she’s deleted it.

    Needless to say, and especially given the coverage it got, the Labour Party should demand of her just exactly who these “2 sources” were, as there is absolutely no reason why she shouldn’t divulge their names, if they exist at all that is, cos if they DO exist, they were lying through their nasty little Tory mouths..

    1. Afterthought: And if it really HAD happened, then why would these TWO sources have both thought to contact Kuenssberg about it, and NOT phoned the Mail and/or the Sun about it immediately instead. Doesn’t make sense does it! But then again – if they really exist at all that is – if and when it later transpires that there’s a video of it, as it did, and nothing whatsoever happened, then all Kuenssberg has to do is tweet her correction and no-one is going to accuse HER of lying, or think to ask her who these two sources were.

      BUT, given that they obviously lied to her – if they exist at all – you would have thought that she HERSELF would have named them as such. But she DOESN’T, and THAT says it ALL! As if any journalist/reporter worthy of the name WOULDN’T have done! Of course they would!

  4. Apologies, but this is important too. But first I just want to emphasise the point I made above, at the end of my post: If YOU were a reporter and someone told you what later turned out to be a falsehood, and you then knew that THAT someone had told you that falsehood, wouldn’t you be furious with them for having done so and, as such, reveal who it was. Of course you would, as would ANY genuine reporter or journalist. But apparently it wasn’t a problem for Kuenssberg that these “2 sources” did so. No problem at all!

    Anyway, when I was looking through her twitter page earlier, I came across the following tweet, which she tweeted sometime prior to her ‘apologies’ tweet:

    ‘Not entirely sure what happened, but Tories suggesting Labour campaigners offered to pay [for] cabs for activists to go and heckle Hancock’

    Now how would these ‘Tories’ have learnt about it? And it’s odd how she says “suggesting”. How do you ‘suggest’ such a thing as such? And it’s also odd that it’s so vague – ie Labour campaigners. Yes, and I have no doubt that it’s another falsehood. I mean REALLY, why on earth would you bother!

    Anyway, I just checked the Comments section of the Daily Mail article I linked to yesterday evening in another thread, and the Best Rated comment – with 7294 up-votes at the time of writing – is the following:

    ‘My goodness all this Labour propeganda, there were people sleeping on the floor in hospitals and on trolly’s 20 years ago under Labour.’

    As I’ve said on several occasions before, their shills write such comments and then they manipulate the up-votes to keep them at the top of the Best Rated Comments. They do it all the time.

  5. What would have happened if nobody recorded footage of what really happened. Guessing today’s headlines would be Momentum thugs viciously attack Tory official.

  6. Yes and see Daily Mirror today (10/12) baby in A&E left on chair 6 hours!
    Vote Labour!

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