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Breaking video: desperate Tories claim aide punched by Labour protester – but footage says no

Video shows no sign of any physical threat or contact

The Tories have briefed journalists today that an aide to Health Secretary Matt Hancock was ‘punched in the face’ by a Labour protester when Hancock visited Leeds Infirmary – the hospital where a young boy had to sleep on the floor because of a shortage of beds last week.

The journalists have claimed that the punch took place while the aide was helping Hancock into his car as he left the hospital:

But video footage of Hancock leaving shows the aide helping into his car – with no sign of any violence or physical contact:

The aide can easily be made out as he helps Hancock into the vehicle – and then turns away and stands with no sign of a blow or any kind of threat or intimidation.

In spite of Robert Peston’s claim that police were on the scene, West Yorkshire Police told the SKWAWKBOX they had no information about any assault – and pointed to a tweet stating the same:

CCHQ has been asked to comment on why journalists were briefed to put out what appears self-evidently fake news.


The Tories are getting desperate – and must be desperate to divert attention from Boris Johnson’s ‘car crash’ interview today in which he took away and hid a journalist’s phone to avoid having to look at a picture of young Jack Milliment-Barr, a four-year-old with suspected pneumonia who had to sleep on the floor of Leeds Infirmary when there were no beds available.

Hancock was at the hospital as a follow-up – and the rest, as they say, appears to have been complete fiction.

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  1. Oh the humanity!!

    A toerag gets filled in good n proper but Corbyn only got ‘egged.’ according to kuenssberg, Preston and the rest of them.

    Not that any of them were present at either event, mind

    Yorkshire plod unaware… Of course, the toerag just took it on the chin, being the fair play fellow they are. Stiff upper lip, what-what?!

    Now, if they HAD been assaulted, the shrieks would’ve been unmerciful be now.

  2. Kuenssberg changed her tweet at least Peston didn’t, these people are desperate

    1. Clearly the tweets were false. Just goes to show nothing is too bad to say about Labour supporters. Disgusting faux journalism from faux journalists

  3. Not a peep about any punch on the six just now….

    Bullshit means bullshit.

    1. “And as it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end
      That bullshit is bullshit, it just goes by different names”

      Beat Surrender (The Jam)

  4. Did anyone else see that Labour triceratops hoof Hancock’s car in the air? No, I didn’t either.

  5. Just followed this live on twitter and the BBC today. I am so angry. First horrified by the image of a child in hospital being treated on the floor as there were no beds. Corbyn’s heartfelt pleas to get the Tories out and properly fund the NHS. Johnson’s unwilingness even to look at the phone picture of the child, and grabbing the reporter’s phone. Then Matt Hancock being sent to the Hospital and his apology. But whilst this was happening I saw tweets from Tory supporters about how the parents set up the photo and the child should be taken into care. Then reports, shock horror, that 100s of Labour / Momentum activists had been paid / bussed to go to the Hospital. Then a Labour activist had punched Hancok’s aid as they left the hospital, then it was Hancock who had been punched, then a Labour supporter had been arrested. The Tory media waded in headed by Laura Kuesenberg and Robert Peston et al. They all tweeted with no evidence desperate to use this to take the pressure off the Tories. The BBC TV news repeated the lie…..then a video of Hancock leaving the hospital with a handful of people shouting at him, no evidence of a punch. Then finally a closer video with one guy, on a bike, shouting at Hancock as he got into his car. After Hancock car leaves and a remaining aid brushes past the shouty cyclists outstretched arm. No punch. No arrest. No busloads of paid activists. No nothing. Just Hatred directed at the Labour Party by the BBC.

    1. “Just followed this live on twitter”

      I’m afraid that’s an affliction rather than a sensible pastime.

      In actuality (and I normally grouse incessantly about inherent BBC bias), the coverage tonight wasn’t at all pro-Tory. Credit where credit’s due. Kuenssberg actually did ask the right questions of the Tories, and Corbyn did look good in contrast with shots from the Bristol meeting.

      I’m not holding my breath, but neither am I cultivating exaggerated paranoia.

  6. So does Matt Hancock chasing Doris around the country with a blue light and a bucket and shovel come under ‘Health’ or ‘Social Care’?
    It’s a question of who pays, obviously.

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