Corbyn in training for power with 15km runs

Corbyn fitness regime astonishes staff

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been preparing for the demands of office with regular runs of up to 15 kilometers.

With the Tory government paralysed by Theresa May’s Brexit disaster – May’s deal still has so little support that so far this week she has refused to try to table a third vote on it – many commentators and even Tory MPs are now freely saying that a general election is the only way out of the ongoing chaos.

Many of those commentators – and even Tory MPs – privately admit that Labour would be likely to win the election and Corbyn’s training regime reflects his readiness for Downing Street and Labour’s determination to get there.

A Labour insider told the SKWAWKBOX:

Jeremy is as fit as a fiddle and does these runs as often as his schedule allows – a lot of his staff get worn out just thinking about it!

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  1. To win a GE Jeremy also needs to get our Brexit policy right and because there is no such thing as a good Brexit, assuming the Tories haven’t already committed such a stupid act, we must not have in our manifesto and form of Brexit.

    1. Gawd , boringly predictable uncritically pro EU Troll alert. As anyone who isn’t a EU fanatic (like the dual personality Troll , JH/Jack T) will understand, If we don’t honour the 2016 Referendum result with some form of Brexit (no matter how constrained, including some solid commitments to some significant reduction in unlimited labour supply , so as to force local firms to finally do some local UK skills training, and increase wage bargaining power by workers currently shafted by unlimited labour supply in unskilled and semi-skilled sectors ) we can wave goodbye to entire solidly Brexit supporting Labour voter heartlands – and LOSE any snap General Election. Not of concern to Trolls like Jack T or the Guardianista liberals in general of course.

      1. ” uncritically pro EU Troll alert.”

        For the uninitiated – this is the marker at the head of a post that is translated as :

        “Nonsense Now Follows”

      2. jpenney. “If we don’t honour the 2016 Referendum result with some form of Brexit”

        What a ridiculous statement. If we go into a GE boldly saying any form of Brexit will make the country, especially the worse off, worse off, the public will have a straight choice. Honour which in your case as a pretend Corbyn supporter isn’t honourable, doesn’t even enter into it.

    2. Oh, do shut up. This has nothing to do with the article. You ought to be banned from Skwarkbox. If this was any form of social club, you’d have been booted out by now.

      1. “Oh, do shut up. …You ought to be banned”

        Now who was that funny little man with a weird schoolboy haircut, a toothbrush moustache and a stiff arm who came to mind then?

    1. Yes. Tony Greenstein’s blog is a good summary. Cutting through everything, what should appall people is the idea that :

      “‘whether an ‘ordinary person hearing or reading the comments might reasonably perceive them to be antisemitic’. ”

      … is a working definition of ‘antisemitism’, rather than simply an endorsement of prejudice and mob rule.

      No process using such dangerous nonsense should be taken seriously

      1. “‘whether an ‘ordinary person hearing or reading the comments might reasonably perceive them to be antisemitic’. ”

        Right, so why don’t they do a survey of, say, ten thousand “ordinary” people AND let THEM decide!

        And given that anti-semitism is a form of racism, and racism is a criminal offence, I assume then that both those who made the allegation (and made a complaint to the NEC as such in the first place) AND the NEC have reported Jackie – and what Jackie said – to the police.

        If not, why not! (they haven’t of course because nothing she said was remotely anti-semitic as they full well know, and the police would probably charge them with wasting the police’s time and/or laugh in their face!).

        Anyway, here’s the Daily Mail article – published a few days before her hearing – that Jackie refers to in her statement, in which both Hodge and Austin get their proverbial oar in. But take note that Hodge is only quoted as complaining about the length of time it’s taken for Jackie’s case to be heard, and obviously realised – she and her saboteur buddis that is – that it would be prejudicial to the hearing, so close to it, to start ranting that Jackie should be booted out of the LP, as Ian Austin DOES:


      2. And take note of what one of the sub-headlines in the DM article says:

        ‘Jackie Walker has been suspended twice over comments to Jewish people’

        It’s just a total distortion of what actually happened of course, and needless to say, they don’t mention that Jackie herself is Jewish OR that there was no case to answer the first time she was suspended and THAT is why the case was dropped. The Daily Mail obviously hasn’t changed one iota since it supported Hitler and the Nazis in the 1930s! Fascist to the core!

        It might sound a bit far-fetched, but maybe Jackie should get someone to report what she said to the police – ie get them to make a ‘complaint’ that what she said was anti-semitic – and then send a copy of the police report to the DM and ALL the saboteurs when the police then find that there was nothing remotely anti-semitic about what she said.

        Enough is enough!

        PS And it’s OUR membership money/fees that is being wasted on all these trumped-up charges and this totally dispicable witch-hunt! It’s outrageous beyond words, let alone what THEY are putting Jackie and numerous others through in their quest to undermine and sabotage Jeremy’s leadership, and the chances of him winning a GE and forming a government.

      3. In the following Jewish News article it relates what Jackie said (that led to her suspension and yesterday’s hearing), So first off it says:

        ‘Walker was again suspended in October 2016 after being filmed at a Jewish Labour Movement training event at the party’s annual conference, saying Holocaust Memorial Day should include other genocides – which it already does.’

        So WHAT is remotely anti-semitic about THAT? The very worst she could be accused of – if it is actually the case that Holocaust Memorial Day DOES include other genocides – is that she was mistaken. Big Deal!

        The article then says:

        ‘She also said she had not yet seen a definition of antisemitism she could “work with” and questioned why Jewish schools needed special security measures.’

        How on Earth DOES anyone, or COULD anyone, get anything anti-semitic out of that!

        I’m gonna check out how much it costs to have a polling organisation conduct a poll AND – depending on the cost – crowd-fund to raise the money, and not only have them ask questions in relation to Jackie – ie ask respondents if they think that what she said was in any way anti-semitic – but Ken Livingstone and one or two other people who have been victims of this smear campaign also.


        PS There’s also an article further down the page about the Equalities and Human Rights Commission and so-called anti-semitism in the LP. And then further down still there’s one about the definition of Islamophobia, and further down again there’s an article about how ‘talkRadio could be fined £250,000 over one-sided Galloway antisemitism coverage’.

      4. I should just point out to anyone reading through these comments that at the point when jpenney posted his/her comment (below) addressing myself, I had only posted a single comment in relation to Jackie Walker (in which I put a link to an article by Tony Greenstein about her hearing yesterday), and my OTHER related comments were posted afterwards. In other words, jpenney was responding – if one can call it THAT – to my having put a link to Tony’s article (and Jackie’s statement, which he reproduces at the end of his article).

      5. “whether twelve ordinary people selected at random from the pool of jurors hearing or reading the comments might beyond reasonable doubt perceive them to be antisemitic”

        Fixed it.

    2. Give us a break, Allan Howard – This is an article on Jeremy’s fitness regime – not about Jackie Walker , or Israel, or “Zionism” in any way . Obsessed “anti-Zionist” nutter alert .

      1. Well – someone has to break in with important news amongst the trivia.

      2. jpenney. I’m not one for using expletives normally, but I’ll make an exception in your case: Go forth and multiply!

        PS YOU may not be interested in the plight of Jackie Walker OR give a toss about what she’s been put through, but the vast majority of people on the left DO. What a totally dispicable person you obviously are!

      3. And who the hell do you think you are dictating to people what they can and cannot post about. Funny how you get on your high horse about the fact that this is a thread about Jeremy’s fitness regime, and yet you make no such criticism – and even post a response! – in relation to a post about Brexit. Don’t EVER EVER tell me what I can or can’t post EVER again jpenny. Just FO!

    3. And where precisely does it say anything about the kids “special protection” in the article? It doesn’t!

      PS I’m not quite sure where this post is gonna end up, but it’s in response to Never voting Tory again 9.00pm post, with the link to an Indy article.

    4. In my 4.17pm post I quote a passage from a Jewish News article – ie the following:

      ‘Walker was again suspended in October 2016 after being filmed at a Jewish Labour Movement training event at the party’s annual conference, saying Holocaust Memorial Day should include other genocides – which it already does.’

      I have now learnt since posting that particular comment that yet AGAIN the media – Jewish News wasn’t the only newspaper to distort this particular aspect of the story – and what they say is in fact a deception. Yes, it IS true that Holocaust Memorial Day includes other genocides*, BUT!, only those that have happened SINCE the Nazi Holocaust AND! what Jackie was suggesting is that it should iclude the ‘African Holocaust’, for example, in which tens of millions died.

      The black propagandists twist and distort every little aspect they can think of with their ultra devious minds, but even if someone HAD got it wrong and thought that Holocaust Memorial Day was only about the Jewish Holocaust that, of course, is not remotely anti-semitic and, as such, only a mentally deranged person could make such a claim. Oh, right, AND black propagandists!

      *There is no doubt whatsoever that the vast majority of people believe that Holocaust Memorial Day is specifically about the Jews who were murdered by the Nazis.

  2. I hope Jeremy’s staff tell him not to be so bloody daft – 15km
    regular runs are not sensible for a 69 year old man, even a very fit one. We need Jeremy fit , not dead from a stroke or heart attack ! The fate of guys like Andrew Marr (stroke ), Leonard Rossiter (heart attack) , and so many other older guys trying to deny the passing years with over-frenetic exercise, has one core message – “slow down mate – live slower, but live LONGER !”.

    1. Not much into exercise for the sake of exercise myself – I used to get 8 hours fairly strenuous every day at work – but we all die of something.

      The longer you live the greater the chance of spending your final years sitting with a bunch of other droolers watching daytime TV sitting in upright chairs lined up around the walls of the day room in some overheated death home.

      I’d rather be found as skeleton in a brown Windsor soup – in a boat still sailing randomly around the NW Passage a year after my last log book entry – lying next to a polar bear skeleton with a bread knife buried in its skull 🙂

  3. Blimey I wish I could run 15km and I am somewhat younger than JC . Good on yer mate , keep doin it , just don’t die right that’s an order ,,, !
    Now where did I put that cream cake ?

  4. 10 mile runs (impressive as it is) doesn’t give Zionism the heave-ho

    1. Nvla. Are you suggesting that Jeremy has no right to go jogging? What a totally absurd comment!

      PS And just out of curiousity, why did you choose to use such a user-name on a JC-supporting blog? It’s NOT a name as such, is it, but a message/statement. Care to explain?

      1. What good are these runs for the party, it’s members and most importantly, it’s voters? He’ll have great cardio, whiffy trainers and some extra stamina for Mrs.Corbyn, but that’s where it ends.

        I have socialist tendencies, but have found labour totally unfit for purpose. From the PLPs arrogance when Corbyn was first elected, through the timed splits (at a time when the Tories were on the ropes (very suspicious timing)), continuing with the clear israeli meddling (Shai Masot, £1 million to greedy Joan Ryan, offers to “take out” Labour MPs) and a host of other “hilarious” actions in-between. Just contrast Jackie Walker with Tom Watson…

        An internet name is an internet name. I could have called myself ‘Shadwells Old Blunderbuss Messerschmitt Me109’ but it’s a bit too obscure for most folks.

        I won’t be voting for Labour again. Brexit mostly. We voted out. I understand that remainers want to stay, but it’s an affront to democracy if we don’t follow it through.

        For the record, both me and the wife are ex members. I left after Corbyns second victory (cost me money I didn’t have to spare). The wife has tried to keep the faith, but even she knows now that the party (for many reasons) is beyond saving now

    2. Nvla: You come across to me as someone completely devoid of integrity, and I couldn’t help but notice that you avoided answering my question in relation to what you chose to call yourself – ie your user-name. And just to be clear, I don’t believe a word you say about anything.

      Repetition was one of Adolf Hitler’s favourite propaganda techniques, and THAT is what YOU are doing every time you post a comment – ie repeating your propaganda!

      “What good are these runs for the party?” Give over, for crying out loud!

      1. I’m not here to make friends. Fact is, for news about Labour, this is one of the better sites. It allows me to confirm my suspicions, and discuss abhorrent behaviour (treatment of Jackie Walker for example).

        If you don’t like my name, that’s your problem. Propaganda is everywhere. The West stole the Nazi playbook. As for integrity, that’s a poor call on your behalf as a name and a few posts reveal nothing (except an IP address)

      2. Oh, right, and you don’t have an agenda? No, of course not!

        You’re obviously doing your little bit to make sure Jeremy doesn’t win a GE and form a government AND that the Tories stay in power. Shows just how much YOU care about all the millions of people who have been affected by their policies.


  5. @Never voting labour ‘again’ – so you’ll advance the cause of the many by voting Tory – again – will you?
    Thought so.
    Assuming for the moment that you ever actually did vote Labour you must be one of those we call ‘floaters’?
    Thought so.
    Decide based on what the S*n tells you?
    Thought so.
    Labour folk here argue over decisions, personalities or the present direction of the party but we’re always Labour and would NEVER EVEN CONSIDER voting otherwise.
    It’s a principle thing – you wouldn’t understand.

    1. Never voted Tory, nor will I. Have either voted Labour, or voted Lib Dems when labour stood no chance (what a rubbish voting system we have).

      Don’t feed me guff about principles. If Labour had principles, they’d be thrashing the Tories. Instead, there is Bliar telling you to vote Tory, and the PLP dropping entire toolkits into the machinery of progress for all because they don’t like the leader. Milliband gave us austerity light, Harman abstained on benefits…

      Labour lost me, that’s not my fault (am an ex member!)


      About 5 minutes in (Man in black T-shirt), nails the Labour MP and speaks more sense than Hunt. And for the record, he is the cousin of Jeremy Hunt…

      Lastly, with folks like Margret Beckitt still in the party, you’ve got to look at your principles, not mine.

      I’ll be voting UKIP, mostly because the Communist party isn’t forwarding a candidate here

  6. Vote UKIP, get Tommy Robinson.
    Most who supported Hitler just wanted work and renewed pride – perfectly reasonable demands in themselves.
    Blaming the easily-identifiable ‘other’ works so well for demagogues because the unfortunates on the wrong side of the bell curve are so easily incited to misguided hatred.
    It’s not your fault.

  7. You do realise that Tommy Robinson is an Israeli stooge?

    And essentially, he is in it for the money. He has no interest in being in the HoC, it would spoil his earning opportunities.

    As I’ve said before, I’d prefer the communist party. Primarily because they’ve never lied to me.

    It’s either UKIP or stay at home.

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