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Breaking: massive crowd and spine-tingling reception for Corbyn in Bristol has to be seen to be believed

BBC let truth about Corbyn’s massive popularity slip at weekend. Footage from Bristol proves just how much
Corbyn and his welcome in Bristol this afternoon

On Saturday night, a BBC slip let the nation hear from a journalist just how popular – and prime-ministerial – Jeremy Corbyn is with the public.

The ‘error’ was quickly removed – but the enormous crowd and spine-tingling welcome Corbyn has just received on his arrival to speak in Bristol, on the last leg of his general election campaign – was a graphic illustration of Corbyn’s appeal that will send chills of fear down Boris Johnson’s back:

And no wonder. With a manifesto platform full of policies for real change, Corbyn and Labour represent hope for tens of millions and a return to decency for a country sick to death of austerity, meanness and small thinking.

With just three days to go, Johnson and his keepers can see a repeat of 2017 coming at them like a train down the tracks – and perhaps even an even bigger catastrophe for their party.

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    1. heard it๐Ÿ˜Š Jeremy at his bestโž•โž•โž• THRILLING ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

  1. Really heartening to see – a great crowd.

    But there’s a lot to be done in the next two days to spread that enthusiasm (or something of it) beyond the natural support on College Green.

    1. I agree RH and I hope the youth will be our killer punch on the day , have you and all others here signed up to the Momentum pledge web site to volunteer to help out in Key marginals this week
      Here’s the link folks

  2. That’s as near as I’ve seen to “universal acclaim” in my lifetime.
    Never seen anyone more deserving.

  3. Skwawkbox desperately talking up the small sparkles of light in the growing polling figures looming electoral darkness here ! Great to see such a large pro Corbyn, pro Labour crowd – but Bristol is a pro Labour area of a particular, minority, sort, ie, overwhelmingly pro unconditional Remainer. Not at all a good indication of the likely Labour voter turnout in our more typical core traditional Labour heartlands of Wales, the Midlands , or the North of England (our ex heartland of Scotland unfortunately is permanently lost to the Left fakers of the SNP, after decades of corrupt , cronyist, Tory-lite Blairite Scottish Labour misadministration lost us that country for Labour long before Jeremy Corbyn became Leader). The overwhelming majority of Labour MPs sit in solidly pro Leave seats, and the majority of Tory marginals winnable by Labour are solidly Leave too.

    So, to placate a politically Left Liberal, uncritically EU, and daft virtue-signalling (eg, that fifth former ‘maintaining and extending Freedom of Movement’ Conference decision), middle class activist membership, and the overwhelmingly Remainer loyalties of the PLP, and the Remainer majorities in the constituencies of the key Shadow Cabinet members , Labour has jumped on a suicidal ‘Remain plus second referendum’ bandwagon that can only lead us to electoral defeat. A defeat leading to a continued Tory government of such crazed Right Wing neoliberal extremism , even compared to Cameron/May, that we can wave goodbye to our NHS, local government, and the rest of our former Welfare State within short order. So, congratulations to Lansman’s wholly-owned Left Liberal Momentum creature and the rest of the pseudo Left in our Party for playing so cravenly and dopily into the hands of the Party’s ever-sabotaging Blairite fifth column, turning the once in a lifetime opportunity of the Corbyn victory of 2015 into a looming utter , end of being a mass party, disaster for the Labour Party !

    1. jpenney, the Zionist apologist, never misses a chance to attack Corbyn because of Corbyn’s support for the Palestinians.

    2. Getting your alibi in again Ha’Penny? Just in case?

      ‘Warn’t me. ‘Twere all those who didn’t kneel before our dynamic duo’s ‘socialist analysis’!

      To which, there is only one socially analytical reply :

      “Just f. off and play politics with your couple of Toytown mates in a corner of the playground, and leave the serious stuff to the grown-ups.”

  4. Where are the videos of Boris Johnson speaking to huge, enthusiastic crowds?

  5. I think Swawkbox summed up perfectly what a Labour victory on Thursday will mean -it will mean a “return to decency”.
    For the sake of all of those on the sharp end of austerity I only hope decency prevails and we have a Labour government by the end of the week.

  6. And I penny is told to f off for expressing a veiw,We need to keep it calm amongst supporters because unity against the real enemy is important.I understand tensions are high,but the real actions will start next week win or loose and anyone should be allowed to express an opinion thats a popular veiw in the country ..Leave or remain was never even on the agenda of the Labour . and like every other scam we own it if we let the torys dictate the agenda.

  7. “penny is told to f off for expressing a veiw”

    Actually a view that is antagonistic to the Labour Party in pursuit of an eccentric fantasy. Would you be so tolerant of a Tory doing the same?

  8. Hang on a minute.

    This rally took place when you would expect a lot of people to be at work. And so when we compare rally sizes, we need to look at the circumstances a bit more closely.

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