Video: Boris Johnson offending teetotal Sikhs by babbling about alcohol in temple

Footage shows yet more of Johnson’s racist and offensive past

2017 video footage of Boris Johnson shows the Tory leader addressing Sikhs in a Gurdwara and telling them how he has to take alcohol in his suitcase whe he visits India.

Sikhs do not drink alcohol.

The reaction of one of the poor people forced to share the stage with Johnson is hard to mistake:

It’s hard to tell which is more offensive: Johnson talking about booze in a temple of a teetotal religion, or his condescending use of the pidgin ‘clinky’, based on the sound of bottles or glasses knocking together.

This is just one of multiple examples of Boris Johnson’s racism or at best staggering offensiveness – yet it has been barely-audible background noise in the coverage of his campaign by the so-called ‘mainstream’ media.

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  1. Imbecile fancies himself as a modern-day Kipling.

    Except Kipling could write. And had a knowledge about his subject(s).

    That gawp hasnt got a feckin clue.

    1. Exactly. Let’s leave off the knee-jerk ‘racism’ charge – it’s just insensitive, brainless fucking idiocy cultivated in the Eton ebvironment.

      Of course, it connects with true racism. But it’s essentially in-bred idiocy.

      1. Dismissing or belittling it as ‘not real racism’ RH, isn’t helpful.
        Many people’s racism is unconscious and his may once have been, but not now.
        The fact that he grew up in the tiny part of society that reveres the racist british empire doesn’t excuse him either.
        Many of us here grew up in racist times and places and overcame our upbringing.
        Intelligent people have to be careful to stay far enough this side of the line that the far right don’t begin to think themselves mainstream.
        Populists like Trunt & BloJob use racism consciously for political advantage knowing full well they foment violence among their support base – they’re careful to maintain plausible deniability but they are responsible.

      2. Point taken, David – my remark was aimed purely at this particular incident and the way of calling it out. For me, it was an example of Mr Toad’s ignorance, although I agree that this is indeed also linked to racist attitudes.

        I guess my reaction comes from seeing over-use of identity issues as a hammer.

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