Thunderous standing ovation as Corbyn arrives in Bangor to talk about Labour’s brilliant social care plan

Labour leader receives another huge welcome

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn received another huge welcome today as he arrived in Bangor to talk about the party’s outstanding policies to transform social care in the UK, including free personal care.

A packed hall rose to its feet to welcome Corbyn to the stage, in yet another moment that will never feature on the Establishment media:

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  1. Well swansong has just said that she could do a deal with Labour if Corbyn stepped down,she also mentioned in the same interview that she smoked a lot of cannabis in university and she did inhale.Now far be it for me to preach,but its only Corbyn that I can think of thats not been tripping out . ITs almost becoming compulsory for leaders to be a tripper or a smack head and in Swansongs case it sounds like the poor girls still inhaling….No wonder she gets on with piffle Johnson so well.!

    1. Yes heard her. The Non liberal Non democrats will be less than 8% vote share. Swansong also boasted that she went on Fararra’s prog and Jeremy should go on it too. FARRAFAR is BIASSED ➕➕➕ No Labour person should ever go on any LBC 10:00hr slots, incl weekends. Those have the most shamelessly biased browbeating bullies. DON’t enable them. Nothing to be gained.
      Use every opportunity to meet the public everyehere.

  2. Corbyn stormed across Wales. He took every community he visited to another level in the election campaign. The Welsh Labour hierarchy who remain in the clutches of the Blarite PLP (think Kinnock & co) were left standing. You would think they didnt want Jeremy to be PM!

    1. Brilliant news. Think they will be in for a shock on Friday😊😊😊

  3. WONDERFUL! Thunderously Fantastic.

    Jeremy’s energy and commitment is great example to us all, even those great milennials members who are campaigning like winners. I’m proud to have voted for JC twice.

    People need to hear Labour’s Hope. If you haven’t already, set yourself up on Labour’s phonebank tool, Dialogue, and help Jeremy become the first PM in over 40 years to fully derve the job.

    Now’s the time to have Hope ‘conversations’ with voters.supporters and those not quite sure (yet). Get Dialogue-ing. It’s a greart tool

  4. The news media did not mind showing Corbyn addressing big rallies last time. Channel 4 News even covered one as its lead item.

    They probably thought that they do not make much difference. They have not made the same mistake this time.

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