INCREDIBLE achievement for Corbyn. Disgrace for ‘moderate’ pygmies #GE17

The BBC’s exit poll is suggesting a net gain of 34 seats for Labour, a net loss of 17 seats for the Tories, a loss of 22 seats for the SNP and a gain of 6 for the LibDems.

If results bear this out as they come in, this is a historic, unprecedented and incredible achievement for the man smeared by idiots as ‘unelectable’. Even if the final results slip a little, to surge through from a starting point a mile behind everyone else to come within a whisker – and possibly over the line if the poll underestimates Labour even a little – of being able to form a progressive coalition government almost defies description.

Of course, some right-wing Labour figures are already trying to pour scorn on Corbyn and his achievement – but they are pygmies raging against a giant.

Pygmies who carry all the responsibility for the fact that this was not a Labour landslide.

The SKWAWKBOX will not even invite you to imagine how the campaign might have gone if the ridiculously-titled ‘moderate’ MPs had united behind the Labour leader. It needs no imagination:

If there had been no rebellions, no challenges, no constant furnishing of ammunition to the enemy media, Labour would be on its way to an outright majority by a mile.

The sneering jibes of ‘unelectable’ from the right-wing ‘moderates’, which handed easy dismissal on a plate to the Establishment media and the Tories they support, now look as utterly pathetic and ridiculous as the SKWAWKBOX and others always insisted they were.

And if any Labour MP thinks s/he might stick out his/her neck for a challenge or even a sneer now, they will be lucky to escape untarred and feathered.

The desperate, grasping, despicable dishonesty and selfishness of the right-wing saboteurs is now laid bare, exposed beyond any hint of doubt.

They put their selfish interests and their determined refusal to see past their self-installed blinkers ahead of the interests of the country and ahead of the lives of those who have suffered and even died under the vilest government in living memory.

And they refused to recognise even the possibility that the country was crying out for a real alternative – a possibility that is now fact.

There is no excuse. There can be none. Contrition – for that core group of morally-bankrupt morons – is utterly inadequate. They can sit in the darkest, dustiest corners of the back benches wondering when and how the axe will fall on their necks – and consider themselves lucky that Labour rules do not permit their summary replacement.

And Tom Watson, the deputy ‘leader’ who has been all but invisible while Corbyn excelled, now knows his days are numbered. It can only be a matter of time before a challenge is mounted – and he will be laughed out of his position if he even has the nerve to defend it. Emily Thornberry or Barry Gardiner will be favourites to take his place.

Iain McNicol, the Labour General Secretary, will already be looking for his coat.

They and those they collaborated with to undermine the democratically-elected leader are now disgraced beyond hope of redemption.

They may bleat that a ‘decent leader’ – as Buzzfeed earlier this week indicated they were preparing to do – would have done better than Corbyn. But that – as transparently as glass – is the whining of malicious toddlers who have been caught out torturing small animals.

If they – as the SKWAWKBOX has long advocated – had simply behaved with dignity and shut the f**k up – Corbyn would have romped home and the Tories would be even more deeply humiliated than they now look set to be.

Once the dust and plaudits settle after this evening, knives will be sharpened – and the vast majority of Labour members will be cheering on the sharpeners.

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  1. …What ever the final outcome…I have to thank you Mr Sqwawkbox for keeping my spirits and inspiration to a maximum…for educating me in the ways on politics and highlighting the injustices and the rampant bias of the MSM and literally dragging me (willingly) into the 21st century in terms of losing apathy and gaining sight of and hope of….a better, fairer UK…a bit of flowery description maybe but 100% true…thank you mate!!!!…..JC…what a true man….made of STEEL!!!!…

  2. Couldn’t agree more. The betrayal by some in the PLP of not just the party but the whole country has both disappointed and angered me. Even now Koonsberg is reporting that so called ‘senior’ Labour politicians are pouring cold water on the potential results.

  3. Hear hear.

    The Tory stooge traitors Balls and Blunkett are on TV briefing against the Labour Party leadership as we speak.

  4. Like owen smith’d have made a dent in the 20-odd point lead the toerags had 7 weeks ago??

    Peter Hitchens has been right all along, politics needed dividing. There was no differentiation in the governance of this country over the last 30 or so years. No alternative.

    Corbyn’s provided that schism (with the help of his supporters, of course)

    The sooner we wave goodbye to the likes of eagle (both) kendall, reeves, byrne, mann, watson, woodcock, et al, the bleedin better.

  5. I do not approve of your use of the term pygmies as an insult. Those tribes of humans who are short in stature are not necessarily inferior human beings.

  6. I am fully expecting those who were in with McNichol involved in suspending thousands of innocents from voting in the second leadership, Voe rigging I call it. If the party is to reunite Then an unreserved apology to these people from the NEC and PLP needs to be heard loud and clear, On top of that the rules have to adjusted to prevent such an abuse of power again. Until then I can not rejoin the party.

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