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Breaking: Downing St – no denial Johnson running scared from Uxbridge to safe Tory seat

Seems Tory leader so scared of losing current seat to Labour that he is preparing to flee it

Number 10 and Conservative HQ failed to deny reports that Boris Johnson is so afraid that he will lose his Uxbridge and South Ruislip parliamentary seat in December that he is preparing to abandon it and stand in a safe Tory ‘shires’ seat instead – probably Rutland and Melton, which incumbent Alan Duncan won in 2017 with a majority of over 23,000.

Duncan has said that he will not stand for re-election and the Tories have not yet named their new candidate.

Asked several hours ago whether they would deny the reports, neither Downing Street nor ‘CCHQ’ have done so.

Boris Johnson likes the word ‘frit’ – frightened or spooked – and has used it in Parliament to describe his opponents. But it seems that Labour’s strong start to the general election campaign and outstanding policy offer have put him in exactly that state.


Labour’s candidate who apparently has Johnson running is the excellent Ali Milani. Here’s a video of him on the campaign trail, talking about his timid opponent:

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  1. What would be even better than Johnson losing Uxbridge is if he headed for greener pastures elsewhere and then lost anyway. FCor all it’s historic significance though I have to say Johnson losing his seat would be outranked for sheer delight by IDS losing Chingford.

  2. If you watch the clip from Addenbrooke’s the staff pull down the blinds to hide Cummings glove puppet,
    Backs up what the trainee doctor said about it being kept secret from staff, patients and public,
    He can run but he cannot hide

  3. Grant Shapps, Iain Duncan Smith are near certainties to loose their seats. Boris Johnson knows he’s on thin, momentum-targeted ground, and is, as Skwawkie told us, looking for never-never land where tories always get elected. The SNP are determined to displace Jo Swinson, and maybe even Dominic Raab and Rees-Mogg. Every Tory MP of a Scottish seat, and at least thirty others including Goldsmith and Villiers, the two tories returned from Pudsey and Morley in the lovely Labour city of Leeds and at least thirty others elsewhere in England, 12 Dec is going to be a great election night. We just have to knock on thousands of doors before then to make sure JB Corbyn is the clear winner on the night and the country’s next PM.

  4. If the NEC fail to re-instate Chris Williamson, I wouldn’t give Labour’s chance of success much credence. Hand the Party back to the Blairites as New Labour Part 2.

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