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Excl: Tory councillor gives conflicting excuses for antisemitic ‘you have a mind of Jews’ comment

Pendle Tory councillor tells local man “Everyone says you have a mind of Jews” – but gives mutually-exclusive explanations when challenged
Cllr Mohammad Aslam, far left, with Tory peer Sayeeda Warsi and Pendle candidate Andrew Stephenson, second from right

A Tory councillor in the Lancashire borough of Pendle has given conflicting excuses for an antisemitic comment to a local man when challenged by the SKWAWKBOX this evening.

Cllr Mohammad Aslam today got in touch via Facebook with a resident who had asked why he should consider voting Conservative.

After the resident rejected Aslam’s arguments, Aslam sent him a message saying “Everyone says you have a mind of Jews”:

The comment was then posted to a Facebook group with a request for information on how to report Cllr Aslam to the Conservative Party.

When challenged this evening by the SKWAWKBOX to explain what he meant by the post, Cllr Aslam first claimed that he had been quoting what someone else regularly said about the resident.

However, moments later he denied that he had made the comment and said it must have been faked – and then referred to his account being hacked.

Ironically, the councillor’s recent Facebook posts are largely made up of claims that Labour is antisemitic.

Cllr Aslam’s comment is not the only recent example of alleged racism among Pendle Conservatives. Pendle councillor Rosemary Carroll was suspended by the Tories for sharing a joke on Facebook that referred to people with brown skin stinking and being work-shy.

She was subsequently reinstated. The Establishment media paid little attention.

Conservative party HQ has been contacted for comment.

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  1. Listening to Head to Head. So far Jeremy is EXCELLENT ✅✅✅ Johnson his usual superficial empty self, NOTHING to offer.
    Impressive how Jeremy survives all these years of attack from the MSM and tory pest that invaded our party, and yet Jeremy is so brilliant tonight.
    A truly remarkable man Jeremy Corbyn.
    Still J should stop ill mannered JohnJohn’s interruptions and those of the presenter asking silly biased questions ➕ “translating” perfectly clear audience questions into, yes…English.

  2. I call this a CLEAR win for Jeremy. Just wish Jeremy could always be consistent like this. Clarity. Confident. Brilliant🏆🏆🏆

  3. There was the inevitable question tonight on A/S and as usual Jeremy failed to answer it by not refuting the smears. Instead, as he always does, he made things worse by owning the allegations and promised to deal with them: 100% the wrong approach.

    All he has to say is that there is a minority of Jews inside and outside the Party whose criticism of him stem from his support for the Palestinians.

    And then say, in contrast, there are many thousands of Jews who fully support him for his principled stand against discrimination of all types and in particular his backing for Jewish issues over the decades he has been in Parliament.

    The public need to know why the smears are taking place but the right wing media, particularly the BBC, are not going to tell them therefore Jeremy must do it. John McDonnell appears to be the one who is driving this woeful appeasement strategy.

    1. Absolutely right Jack T. Despite my praise for JC, despite him being a tiny bit less wet…. it is extraordinary that i’v never heard or read ANY of Gardner, McDonnell, Thornberry, Starmer Cooper, Harman, Coyle, Hodge et al cite the thousands of Jews who know and the HUNDREDS who have braved the bullying to publish open letters refuting the slanders.

      It is a great puzzling failure of that we have seen NO SHOW of PUBLIC ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. No public gratitude and PUBLIC recognition of those who have stuck their necks out to defend Jeremy.

      HUNDREDS have resisted intimidation and J and front bench have never dispelled the myth that a few self-appointed people have authority to speak for all. The front bench have never cited the MASSOT Israel affair even though it is in the public domain.

      It may be the result of not realising that interactions and focus must be with and on the electorate. Not with and on the political lobby / cocoon / chatterati. MEDIA BUBBLE. The media bubble obsession leads to the failure to realise that the majority DO NOT have the luxury nor inclination to hunt for facts… Eg Jeremy’s specific and long record of fighting against AS.

      It is false modesty, when any, especially serious accusations are made, to remain aloof. It is an attitude that needs URGENT change. Basic logic: do not let falsehoods remain unchallenged.

      Also, It’s basic politeness and gratitude to acknowledge efforts of ALL who speak truths to counteract lies.
      It is bewildering that after three years, still NO repeated acknowledgements.

      FOUR DAYS to go, to put that right at EVERY OPPORTUNITY. Four days to MAKE at least quarter hourly CLEAR opportunities to put that right. NEVER too late. Failure to give ROBUST and P U B L I C recognition, to ALL, …A L L who despite intimidation, put heads ABOVE the parapet, is W R O N G .

      It is neither kind nor gentle nor polite nor productive. INSTEAD it has fed and feeds lies and liars from which they gush.

      NEVER too late. PUT THIS RIGHT. N O W 🌹🌹🌹

      1. Absolutely right Jack T. Despite my praise for JC, despite him being a tiny bit less wet last night re: AS accusations…

  4. Indeed it seems so obvious. Whoever gives the advice – it’s crap. It doesn’t work – even marginally.

    It has got so bad that little short-trousered Philip Schofield feels entitled to repetitively and hysterically scream ‘Apologise!’ at Corbyn as if there is no dispute that there is something to apologise for. The scene was a grotesque corruption of truth-seeking journalism.

    It’s too late now – the truth (in terms of the average Joe) has been buried, with the victims wielding some of the spades.

    1. After Hodge’s disgusting confrontation with Corbyn, McDonnell described her as his ‘friend’.

      That sort of approach is no good at all.

      1. Yes. I’ll agree that there is a need to avoid bigging up the Pantomime Dame by focussing too much on her evil ways – but you don’t need to go to the other extreme.

        I’d have gone for a put-down implying that she’d lost it with the onset of senile decay added to her ego.

      2. Exactly. Also lacks a solid sense of right and wrong decisions. Eg Chris reinstated – MSM – outcry – Chris apologises (for what God alone knows) – Chris resuspended then expelled.
        To me, that screams bending in the wind.
        No INCISIVE reasoning of why decisions are made. No DECISIVE process.
        1️⃣ ALL FIRST HAND allegations in WRITING.
        2️⃣ EXACTLY Who + Witnesses if any. What exactly said / done. When incl context ie what was said / done before the alleged claim. Were?
        3️⃣ What VERIFIABLE PROOF accused is an ACTIVE Labour member. SINCE WHEN pre or post the losers who failed to be elected leader eg Smith, Cooper, Harman, Ummumm, Eaglet etc etc
        4️⃣ Reported to police❓ Crime number❓
        5️⃣ CONVICTIONS❓For what EXACTLY❓
        6️⃣ EXACTLY WHO was convicted❓
        7️⃣ Tories / BNP / UKIP / Liberal Democrat❓
        8️⃣ Have accusers APOLOGISED PUBLICLY and COMPENSATED the unfairly accused❓

        The above outline is the polar and proper opposite of the LAMENTABLE JOHN McDONNELL pleading almost sobbing ADMISSION on two weeks ago:

        That Mr McDonnell is NOT a just way to deal with any matter, let alone disputed hot matters at anytime ANYWHERE⚠️⚠️⚠️

        Until a process as outlined above is implemented and Tony Blair’s old flatmate is ruled out of ANY Labour bodies, the questionable allegations will prevail. The failed AG has prejudged this particular issue. He has regularly declared his opinion on MSM.
        WHO EXACTLY thought it even acceptable to consider him for ANY role, especially this, has serious questions to answer. The defunct Attorney General of Blair’s IRAQ “SOFA GOVERNMENT” has proved that he is a most inappropriate choice for ANY public office. Remember his paragraph of legal advice to cabinet to force through the Blair George Bush Iraq Invasion❓❓❓ Forced out of him Campbell & Blair by Claire Short, Robin Cook and Co❓❓❓ FOUR DAYS to read up on that sordid episode that brought shame to this country.
        Read up then bin anything from the BlairCampbellend MandelsonDavidMillband brigade Milliband of the BINYAM MOHAMMED SAGA. David Miliband the one who said that we need a European President with extended powers and TONY BLAIR is the right choice… Milliband’s reason??? Because “We need a president who can stop traffic”. Not some one with integrity. “A traffic stopper”. Possibly with he David and the other absurdly dishonest Campbellend in tow… to run ahead waving flags.

  5. Not difficult to see why the(average joe) believes that AS is a serious problem inside the Labour party…Both the leader and our former deputy leader have admited and apologised including most of our mps and lords.We meaning the membership are in the unenviable position of defending the reputation of the Labour party and the leader,when our spoksman say otherwise.I somtimes feel that I am the lunatic in the assylum claiming “I am not mad its eveyone else” or the criminal “we in here are all innocent” ….I am afraid that we now own the tag AS and will be judged as such…..solidarity from the average Joe.!

  6. When de piffle said “they’re bounced out first time” Corbyn should’ve pounced on the reinstatements of that councillor and Anne Morris (and one or two other recent examples who’s names escape me).

    They weren’t ‘bounced out’ at all.

  7. It is almost unfathomable why a principled and honourable person such as Jeremy Corbyn has ditched and failed to support some of his closest and most loyal friends over the A/S smears. There is one possibility which I’ve heard mentioned on more than one occasion and it is that his safety and possibly his life, have been threatend by forces external to the UK.

    At first this idea appears to be preposterous and will have some people shouting ‘conspiracy’ but figures such as JFK and others of much greater prominence than Corbyn have ‘removed’ by those opposed to their policies and ideas.

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