Exclusive: #Pendle Tory councillor/ex-Mayor shares racist joke on soc media

Rosemary Carroll is a Tory councillor and former Mayor in Pendle:


Apparently she came across this horrifically racist ‘joke’ on Facebook:


Rather than reporting it, or at the very least blocking the person who originated it, if the images below are genuine she seems to have found it amusing enough to share:



Local radio is expected to run the story this afternoon and national press is likely to do so shortly. It’s to be hoped that the Conservative Party will be as outraged as voters are likely to be.

Conservative HQ has been contacted but has so far not provided comment.

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  1. Disgusting comments from an elected councillor but probably typical Tory. She should be suspended and reported to the proper authorities

    1. who are the proper authorities Brian ? i tried reporting this Tory Councillor in this blog to Chief Executive Philip Mousdale but his reply was a Councillor need not abide by the Code of Conduct whist not on Council duty https://justjoe2u.tumblr.com/

  2. This is her 2016 election result from Pendle council website:

    CARROLL, Rosemary Elizabeth The Conservative Party Candidate 886 (elected)
    LYONS, Ian James Liberal Democrat 525
    TENNANT, Russell Labour Party 291

    It is not just racist though as it also insults anybody who claims benefits.

    Thank you for reporting this.

  3. She has committed a total breach of the Cllr Code of Conduct – This is Gross Misconduct and she could (ought to) be sacked!

    1. it’s not that i condone racist jokes but i think it was a bit over the top to suspend Rosemary Carroll as for a breach of Code of Conduct i reported a Tory Councillor to Philip Musedale for a far more serious incident his reply was a Councillor not on Council duty need not abide with the Code of Conduct ? please see what the Councillor got up to you will no doubt know who i mean https://justjoe2u.tumblr.com/

  4. @Brian Doherty , @jayne162 : I completely agree with your comments. I’m not familiar with the Cllr Code of Conduct but it’s certain that she’s totally despicable, and deserves to be sacked.

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