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Video: leaked report shows GOVT expects disaster from Johnson’s deal – with loss of up to 400,000 jobs

Labour leader reveals leaked document live on TV

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has appeared on TV to reveal leaked documents that expose what the Tory government really expects to happen under Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal – and it shows that yet again Johnson has been lying through his teeth to the people of the United Kingdom.

Corbyn’s press conference revealed that the leaked assessment anticipates economic disaster for not just Northern Ireland but across the UK – on a scale of additional cost to businesses equivalent to 400,000 jobs:

Some of the details of the damning report are below:

The great divide

Slide 2 of the government report confirms that the ‘unfettered access’ between the UK and Northern Irish markets that Johnson promised to UK and Northern Irish businesses is impossible without breaching EU law.

The same slide also quotes Article 6 of the Northern Ireland Protocol that says, “Nothing in the Protocol shall prevent the United Kingdom form ensuring unfettered market access for goods moving from Northern Ireland to other parts of the United Kingdom’s internal Market.” This means forms and formalities will be required for goods or services traded between the two, in many cases – according to slide 5 – with tariffs attached.

Slide 8 warns that these changes will be hugely disruptive and prohibitively expensive for the smaller businesses (SMEs) that make up the vast majority of UK/NI trade:

Customs declarations and documentary and physical checks on W/E and E/W trade will be highly disruptive…

SMEs are likely to struggle to bear this cost.

We can’t avoid it so let’s change the meaning

Johnson’s response to this? Slides 3 and 4 of the report indicate that he is trying to redefine the meaning of ‘unfettered’ because he knows reality does not and cannot match his promise.

Huge additional costs – lost jobs

The huge financial and administrative costs to businesses mean the potential for huge job losses.

Previous analysis found the administrative cost to business of these checks could be as high as £11.2 billion a year – leading to the potential loss of more than 400,000 jobs from the UK economy.

Crucially, Johnson’s government seems not to have even bothered to conduct any proper economic assessment of the impact of the deal across the whole of the UK – but the document makes absolutely clear that the government fully expects those consequences to be dire.

With the risks to British jobs and businesses, it’s absolutely clear that Johnson’s manifesto claim that his deal would provide certainty is an outright lie – both to businesses and to the UK’s people.

Boris Johnson – yet again – has been caught red-handed in a huge lie.

Vote Labour.

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  1. Johnsons ‘oven ready deal’ is laced with razor blades so as every non rich person who is forced to eat this deal will endure cut after cut !

  2. Don’t panic! The Corporal Joneses of the Lexit and Brexit Brigade assure us that it’ll be infinite nationalised blue skies in the sweet bye and bye. 🙂

    1. this is for the current tory deal or the hard brexit no deal ….

      its not for the soft brexit being considered by the labour party….

      just saying ….

      and i dont care which of the two labour options get chosen as long as we dont screw the economy any more than its been screwed by the tories austerity and debt policies …and of course people do not suffer.

      because its about the people always!

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    1. ⚠️ Apologies, i type these observation with one finger on a small device, on the move. CORRECTION: Boris Johnson was SACKED from Michael Howard’s Govt, not from “BACK to Victorian Values” Edwina Currie spreading John Major, while he had his own wife Norma and Currie had her own husband.

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  4. We’ve been well warned that if Johnson wins a majority the country enters a very dark place. It all comes down to tactical voting. The LibDems are behaving shamefully; despite them knowing the consequences and clearly not just not caring but looking for an opportunity to get back into power via their old friends, the Tories. There are very few places where a LD vote can really stop a Tory. Like the Tories they invent fake polls and charts trying to show otherwise. 13% ought to be 6% by early next week – or it means a Johnson victory.

  5. Yes the Neo-Liberal Tory Deal is a Bad Brexit, it is a Crap Deal, it is an Ex.-Parrot!
    Labour will offer a Better Brexit Deal with a Remain option SO YOU DECIDE.
    The Toriies are likely to lose 10 seats in Scotland, get crushed in Remain London (Johnson may lose his seat) and the challenge for us comrades is to get the working class in Labour Leave areas to come home to Labour,
    Don’t turn your backs on 4.1m w class kids in poverty & the 5,000 citizens who will sleep on the streets tonight!

  6. Travelling the country as I do to support Labour, went to a hustings in Pudsey and nailed the Tory MP.
    I raised the issue on questions on the economy about how the Tories who have spent £435b with quantitative easing since 2010 just to keep the economy static.
    I paraphrased the brilliant Wolfgang Streekt saying on the economy that “The Tories haven’t a clue what to do!” and the lightweight Right Wing Neo-Liberal Tory MP went bright red!
    Labour candidate’s response was brilliant!
    So come on comrades we are up against lightweights Neo-Liberal Tory Barbarians backed by the right wing media, in debates we can crush them.
    To paraphrase the Ah, Ah song “Take us on!”

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