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Video: Labour’s Gardiner laughs at Raab’s sweat-soaked post-leader debate panic

Labour’s star media performer Barry Gardiner cool after leader’s debate while Raab can’t hide panic after Johnson trounced

Barry Gardiner and Dominic Raab’s forehead

Barry Gardiner has long been recognised as one of the Labour Party’s star media supporters, cutting obstructive or hostile interviewers down to size with polite aplomb.

“So decisively did Corbyn have the rattled and rambling Johnson in his pocket that many even of Corbyn’s critics had to pay him tribute”

But he was able to relax and enjoy himself on Friday night as he appeared for the party on BBC News to discuss the broadcaster’s televised debate between Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson.

So decisively did Corbyn have the rattled and rambling Johnson in his pocket that many even of Corbyn’s critics had to pay him tribute – and Gardiner knew it – even though the BBC and Sky commentators have been doing their best to spin it away.

One of many examples of Corbyn owning his outclassed opponent

Tory Dominic Raab, in stark contrast, had to try to retrieve Johnson’s credibility from the abyss into which it long since sank – and his frantic rate of speech gave away how panicked he was by the situation in which he found himself.

And Barry Gardiner didn’t hold back from pointing out another sign of Raab’s fear:

Raab’s glistening forehead may well become an icon of the Tory lack of substance and spine in this election.

Vote Labour.

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  1. I am sweating more than Raabid,thinking about these fanatics could get in because the MSM have conspired with the establishment to stop us dead in our tracks with No news,fake news, lies and propaganda and we call ourselves a democracy.I am even worried about the fate of our election boxes and the counting.They(the Torys and the establishment) will use any dirty tricks and illegal manouver to stop a socialist government..

  2. And Gardner….the usual deadly precision and performance.I almost forgot to comment because their is no one including Jeremy Corbyn who can play the media like Gardner….If only we had a couple more like him and we could win easily,but how often do we see a loyal mp on TV outside of the election….or any form of blockage.!

    1. Looking at Gardiner and Raab it’s not hard to tell the prey animal from the hunter, is it?
      It’s like Gardiner’s cornered some poor defenceless Bambi and he’s toying with it.
      See how in the video Raab looks trapped and terrified – eyes fixed & glazed he’ll do anything to avoid looking into Gardiner’s eyes and losing his shit.
      Gardiner’s much meaner than me – I turn the pressure down when the fight goes out of their eyes like that – he wasn’t easing off at all 🙂

  3. yougov again same as the last time puts forward the “boris just won it” narrative ….which after the 30 thousand itv viewers put the last debate on 78% corbyn win…indicates that there seems to be a problem with their “fair and honest” polling methodology.

    the narrative seems to go like this ..when boris loses …its all about how they were BOTH terrible but boris was a little better….when boris wins ..corbyn was terrible and boris was just superb.

    MSM rules positive press for corbyn ever!
    2.corbyn cannot be allowed to win ever!
    3.see rule 1
    4.see rule 3
    5.never dispute a tory lie but always dispute labour statements.
    6.when in doubt accuse of anti-semitism because mccarthyism works when you have the full support of the right wing establishment and media.
    7.see rule 2
    8.see rule 1 and 2
    9.see rule 1,2,5 and 6
    10.its not a lie as long as you are entitled and you really really want it to be true…because if enough people say the same lie becomes true…to the gullible and hard of thinking …and of course the gammons.

    1. Spot on marti➕➕➕
      I say as I find. CLEAR Jeremy win. BlobJob was less crass and STILL Jeremy thrashed him…showed the Johnson up for what he is – an entitled blowhard.

      When Jeremy let fly with HONEST fire, he was SUPERB.
      And marti, what amazes and impresses, is that after three years of ceaseless MSM LIES… especially the vile dangerous A S evidence free accusations, which would crush most people, Jeremy STILL STANDS.
      Name one other UK politician who has endured 1/10th of the attacks ➕SEEN OFF TWO TORY PMs???

      Remarkable. Jeremy is a rare individual. VISION way ahead of his time. Correctly predicting the consequences of Blair’s IRAQ like all of us, but RESISTING the pressure to tow Alastair Campbell’s line. THAT takes more than guts. When the coyledtypes collapsed, Jeremy remained resolute. Resolutely right.

      TheirGov, (Tory owned) can do satisfactory polling, so it’s obvious their TWO swift post debate polls are DELIBERATE FALSEHOODS and not ignorance of reliable methodology. Pollsters with professional integrity work to the best of their ability, to produce an accurate snapshot of opinion. Those that disregard professional standards, try to SWAY opinion… to influence. Money buys influence and propaganda that fools some of the people some of the time.
      I am with the itv 78%🌹🌹🌹

  4. “Why are you sweating and I’m not?”

    “Because you’re staring reality…and not answering basic questions”

    What the complete and total F was THAT meant to be?

    May as well have said something like: “Because the spiders eat up all the cockroaches… But don’t tell the ginger people” or other such gobbledegook.

    And you thought raabid had a problem with reality when he said foodbank use was due to ‘periodic cashflow problems’

    Perhaps he’d had a go of the showbiz sherbet.

  5. Off topic again, sorry.

    BBC just broadcast a piece about Labour’s leaked documents having come from Reddit – in the same piece they discuss with a talking head the possibility that Russia may be interfering in the UK election through Reddit.
    They don’t go so far as to link the two things – can’t call them “facts” by any means – but discussing the two issues concerning Reddit in the same piece is a clear invitation to the viewer to conflate the leaked document with Russian interference.
    Bit of a masterclass in deniable propaganda.

    1. Same as David, a bit off topic. Last night I was compelled to comment on the inescapable tory ad at the top of YouTube on my phone, they had left the comments enabled. Some wag had noticed this and commented ‘Ok lads lets get the memes going” so I just had to throw in a couple of conservative home truths myself. Practically ALL of the comments were derogaTORY about the ad and it’s creators, commenting how stupid they were and didn’t even think to disable the comments section due to their gross incompetence. Woke up to a notification from youtube from a tory troll which started “Ok boomer…” so I clicked on it… Only to be led to “Comments disabled for this video”
      No kidding, ALL the comments were previously pointing out the damage they have done to the country and its people. And the replies from the young tories were actually BLAMING the commenters for the bad conditions which they were now in. One commenter said

      “Conservatives killed my poor old mother”

      The compassionate tory reply to that was;

      “Oh fuck off, how old are you? You look about eleven”

      Just about sums the tories up, doesn’t it? No wonder they finally closed the comments down. Damage limitation.

      To be a tory you have to be a totally self centred, greedy, heartless moron.

    2. David! I was watching Gordon Dimmack on YouTube last night and he was reporting about this very subject. He said that in May this year the telegraph actually ran a story with these leaked papers ramarking about how little progress had been made in the discussions.there was no mention or hint that they considered these papers at the time to have come from Russia. They treated it as a genuine source. Now speed ahead 7 months and because labour have got hold of the same papers it has now become Russian interference! I will put a link below to Gordon Dimmack’s YouTube report. Sorry for the sound delay he must have been having problems.

      1. Such opportunism should come as no surprise.

        No discussion about possible Israeli interference.

    3. David do you mean the Russian state or the mafia bankrolling elite..Its actually quite different and both have different motives for espionage.

      1. Joseph, not actually my investigation and the BBC didn’t say either so can’t answer your question 🙂
        timfrom, exactly. The source is less important than the authenticity to everyone but the Tories and their succubi at the BBC.

  6. Labour now needs to drop all the offer/positive stuff and just attack:

    “It doesn’t take two years to say no to privatisation of the NHS”…

    Good line to use from Corbyn.

    And here’s another:

    “The NHS is about as safe with them (Boris Johnson and co) as a pet hamster would be with a hungry python,” John Major, former Conservative prime minister.

    Attack, attack, attack.

  7. I didn’t watch this ‘debate’. I had too much paint to watch dry.

    The point is that these encounters are vastly over-hyped, and, even recognising Corbyn’s superiority in terms of truth and seriousness, I don’t reckon that much changing of minds happens. Broadly, if asked their opinion after the event, people in a sample will reinforce their pre-existing beliefs.

    Change only happens at the margins (which can be important, but is an uphill battle).

    Of course, this is what propaganda depends on – infecting people with a particular emotional reaction that is largely immune to critical judgment. Thus the effort spent in slagging off Corbyn with various fictions and the simple tactic of just keeping Mr Toad away from opportunities to probe his inadequacies.

  8. To duck out of one debate/interview might be unfortunate but to duck out of 4 looks rather different altogether.

    It has been reported that Johnson has ducked out of his own constituency hustings!

    How can someone who does that be trusted to negotiate a trade deal that protects our NHS.

    1. Its clearly obvious that johnson has no interest in protecting the nhs, Tony. That’s what all the ‘not turning up for interviews’ is all about. Avoiding scrutiny.

  9. Cheer yourself up by reading Frankie Boyle in today’s Groan :

    Some favourite quotations :

    “Conservatives would say that the story of Christmas chimes with their values, as it involves a pregnant refugee being treated quite badly.”

    On the average Brexiteer : “….middle-aged men outraged about Europe making decisions for them (these are people whose wives buy their socks).”

    “We also seem to be hearing a lot about “Unleashing Britain’s potential”, despite most of our potential being for food riots, and perhaps some kind of race war.”

    “Gove – looking like someone took all the flesh out of a serial killer’s drains and forced it into some brogues; like Davros fell out of his Dalek; like a rushed cartoon of a horny snail. – is somehow not the worst person in cabinet, or even his own marriage.”

    On Farage : “… having him back in public life is a bit like watching a suicide bomber doing a comeback tour.”

    1. I liked Frankie best when he was young, hungry and spitting bile, before age turned him into Victoria Wood 🙂 🙂

  10. More reasons to be cheerful, from a poll analysis by Ell Smith in the Groan :

    “In short, the idea that this election is a foregone conclusion is as incorrect as it was in 2017. Labour has made significant gains in the polls over the past few weeks, and the events of 2017 are largely being repeated. The Corbyn surge, the “youthquake”, the collapse in support for minor parties and the enthusiasm among Labour supporters – all these things occurred in 2017, and have occurred again. A slight error in the polls – such as the kind that occurred in 2015, 2016 and 2017 – could see Corbyn enter No 10.

    If the Conservatives win an overall majority on 12 December, they will become the first government to increase their seat total when seeking a fourth term in office since the 19th century. Such a phenomenal task would require them to expand their support beyond the overwhelmingly pro-leave voters that enabled the Conservatives to win 42% of the vote in 2017. There are no signs, so far, that they have done so.”

    1. Thankyou for that RH we need more of that and realisation that the MSM and the Torys would not be trying so hard if the election is in the bag…

      1. It is to be hoped that the polls are not picking up new registrations and ‘Don’t Knows’ moving to Labour.

        The downside is that the Tory vote seems to be stabilising at about 41-43%. It’s not a switch from the Tories that we can look to, but a switch from the LibDems and those ‘hidden’ factors.

        And no, as I’ve said before, – I don’t believe the polls are fixed, even when they prove inaccurate – everything I’ve seen is within the range of reasonable expectation, given the volatility of the vote and the range of error. We just need that surge in the last week that happened last time – and some more.

      2. Isn’t in the bag, Joseph. I hear Johnson’s nasties are mostly campaigning in safe seats.
        Plus Reece-Mogg failed to present his 18th century upturned nose at a Victorian Fancy dress do he regularly attends in his own Somerset Constituency.

        Consider: be it night or day, out or inside his gilded cat flap, sprawled out upon his own crested green leather cat cushion, while scratching at effigies of those impoverished by Conservatives, why has he hidden from a Victorian shindig? A full strength Tory out of touch indulgence?
        Why would MUCKY MOGG ROD miss any opportunity to show how high he can turn up his snout? … amongst approving Tories?… To plan yet more ways to squeeze the poor and vulnerable?
        After all, the heartless louche lounging pole, full of “common-sense” could have shown up even in his day or night costume.

        Joseph, my first foray weeks ago with bookmakers, despite LP front bench failings, feels safe. Time will tell but, Jeremy will be the UK’s next Prime Minister. Lib Dems will be nowhere. UMumm will lose the seat he has invaded.
        Brexit Party is a risk in the heartlands, yes. But I placed my stakes in the belief that the LP high command would have dumped the laughable fudge & fog to appease those who have lost a binary argument while treating the heartlands as fools racists. Obscene, as that makes Tony Benn and Jeremy, Beast of Bolsover etc racist and fools. No⁉️

        So got that wrong. However, hoping heartlands will forgive us and give Jeremy an opportunity AND FIRM DECISIVE ENCOURAGEMENT, to ditch the losers and foggers and stick to his sound long held reasoned EVIDENCED view.

        Plus, Chicken Job JinJob Cenotaph disrespecting Johnson will NOT deliver ANY meaningful Leave.
        He never intended to do so. BloJon’s scam is a long planned act to DECEIVE TORY grassroots AND Labour Heartlands.
        Sadly the LP front-bench delivered precisely what Jonnie wanted: stupid “HOLD ME BACK” REMAINIAC rabid hysterics‼️ Plus, Jeremy’s OPEN enemies like NEIL COYLE, bullied him knowing that it is not his inclination. THORNYCOIL brought the worst of the worst to campaign in Bermondsey and Old Southwark London Izzard, Khan, Campbellend, David Milliband, Hodge and boasted of Blair endorsement. Yesterday just as predicted, Neil Coyle excreted Jeremy bashing lies in the Southwark News. The NEC could have prevented that if they had acted responsibly to several complaints of his admitted “aggressive” and “forever swearing” behaviour. Coyle is circulating emails to “Coyle’s SUPPORTERS” with “COYLE’s PLEDGES. Labour only in fine print. On the doorstep he is running dodgy “polls” asking the electorate “if they disapprove of Corbyn”.

        Just as with the AS allegations, Jeremy and the NEC bowed to enemies rather than friends. He compromised with losers rather than those who called the Ref right, AND WON‼️ Who does that? Bow to losers and enemies who have gotten most things wrong???
        In those areas Jeremy tries to chime to the foul winds of a few ie the PLP, rather than be ALWAYS VISIBLE and a DECISIVE signpost for the many.

        I LONG for TONY BENN to be ALIVE now. I remain hopeful that Jeremy will even now, reflect:

        WHAT would TONY BENN THINK of his protégé.

        What would TONY BENN do? Now and after we win?

      3. signpostnotwindchimes 2:22 pm

        The vast majority of Labour voters – voted Remain, support Remain and support a second referendum.

        If he was still alive what would Tony Benn do?

      4. He would have campaigned for Leave, Won by a bigger margin and implemented the wining result. Leave.

      5. Corbyn stopped living in the past and changed his mind on the EU so what makes you think that Benn wouldn’t have been wise enough to reach the same conclusion.

      6. Jeremy has always lived in the present,
        has carefully studied history, and has THE vital vision for the future.

        He says he “wants to bring the country together”. That does not equate to, he “changed his mind”.

        TONY BENN had the qualities in the first paragraph, but would have shunned the fog, the illusive, the fantasy – “bring the country together”.

        1️⃣ When was ANY country together ish, other than for cricket, football or war?

        With research ➕ observation, tis clear, EU unease and disease has been rumbling since the 50s to today. SO Cameron called the ref to “put it to bed once and for all”. Cameron failed.
        2️⃣ Why would a fudge put it to bed and “bring the country together”?

        Cameron’s ref had same purpose as many never-ending judicial inquiries & commissions ie Kick problems into the long grass. NB HILLSBOROUGH – 30 years, many £millions and NO justice for victims & families.

        If the ref had delivered the result OUT OF TOUCH Tory Cameron expected, He’d have said, “the matter is settled”.

        Tony Blair hissed the same after each INQUIRY into its & George Bush’s ILLEGAL Iraq INVASION, including the suspiciously launched within minutes, inquiry re: DEATH of DR DAVID KELLY 17 July 2003… in the woods… “Closed”. Cherrie Blair said the very morning after the Dr David Kelly Inquiry “at least we can get a good nights sleep now”. Not a care for Dr Kelly’s widow and daughter. Tells you all you need to know about the creature and its mate.

        So, like the Blair creature and alleged DEAD PIG’s head MOLESTING onanist DAVID CAMERON . . . gosh… what’s that, necrophile bestiality ? bestial necrophilist ? ? ? hmmm . . . a l w a y s Conservative MPs.
        Trust Conservative MPs with nothing, except putting an unimaginable twist on necrophilia, bestiality and self pleasure. Every depraved scandal every gigantic corruption scam, almost always Conservative MPs. Read up Tory MPs are almost the only beings engrossed and engorged by every depravity, every type of racism, every type of heartlessness to the most vulnerable, consider like Boris Johnson – sweat free “Prince Andrew beyond reproach”. Such an honourable friend to Epstein…so honourable” Air-miles Andrew flies across the Atlantic to stay FOUR days with a CONVICTED paedophilic child trafficker for the 1%… the entertaining consumption of the 1%… the use, abuse and discard Tory supporting, yacht hopping, “Lolita Express” ride hitching, Tax exiling, Privatising everything – Probation – Social Care – Water – NHS – Prisons – Medical Waste (body parts) PRIVATISING – Privatise everything but losses…ONE PERCENT – the FEW …

        Difficult to not get carried away, sorry. CAMERON would have said: The people have decided…”the matter is closed now”. Tony Benn, after being on the winning side… victory GIFTED to him by a Tory called ref, TONY BENN would not have reopened a Tory made war, join in the battle as gauze to soak up the blood and as scrubs and janitors to clean up the spilt bits guts and other innards. Tony Benn would never have invented the deceitful nonsense “constructive ambiguity”. He said what he meant. He meant what he said. If he made a mistake he would apologise and ACT. He would be a signpost, not a wind-chime.
        He would not have let the visionless self-serving metropolitan arrogant ignorant shallow virtue-signallers drag him to lend his scarce voice and presence to promote their vacuous tosh.

        Tony Benn would have asked, when was any nation ever “together”? Families to political parties to countries all comprise diverse and opposing views. All societies devise methods to manage that fact. A ref was called, involved the whole country, Leave won. Implement that. Do not reopen a Tory argument especially when the outcome meets your long held beliefs. The folly of that, is not disguised by the fantasy of “bring the country together”.

        I hope our heartlands forgive, then fight for Leave. Johnson does not believe in Leave. He never did. Johnson won’t deliver. He never does.

      7. signpostnotwindchimes 08/12/2019 at 10:06 am · ·

        Jeremy has always lived in the present,
        has carefully studied history, and has THE vital vision for the future.
        He says he “wants to bring the country together”. That does not equate to, he “changed his mind”.

        ‘Thanks’ for the long diatribe.

        As JC has clearly stated on numerous occasions that he voted to Remain in the 2016 Referendum which is the opposite to how he voted in the previous EU referendum and his clearly stated views all those years ago it would be nonsensical for anyone to argue that he hasn’t changed his mind on the EU, but you thought you’d give it a try anyway.

        I believe Jeremy when he says that he voted Remain in the 2016 EU Referendum, do you?

      8. Of course i believe him, u ARS H bot.
        Jeremy is honest to a fault. As the super funded democratic vote ignoring people like your controlling programmers made the most baseless noises, he succumbed. To appease the Remainiacs tethered to the vast funds of the 1% protecting EU in our PLP, he gave them his word, and kept it.

      9. signpostnotwindchimes at 3:32 pm

        Your views on the EU are not shared by JC or the vast majority of Labour’s members & voters.

        Unlike you, I believe that when Jeremy cast his vote for Remain he did so because he truly believes that Remain offers the best way forward for this country’s future.

      10. ps SOS your handlers • try harder • Controllers, melt ARS H Bot chips • Start from scratch • Melt or CRUSH them • Don’t recycle • Heat them till they explode and vanish. Hope this helps you. They malfunction when they detect the following:

        LABOUR H E A R T L A N D S 🌹🌹🌹
        TRADITIONAL voters 🌹🌹🌹
        W O R K I N G CLASS v o t e r s 🌹🌹🌹

        for whom our L A B O U R party was founded to represent. Founded to serve. Founded that they be heard. Founded to be headed.
        FOUNDED that they be RESPECTED.
        Founded to meet their previously IGNORED CONCERNS by Tories and Blair’s new labour conservatives poorly disguised.

        TRUE LABOUR. People working together to make our country the best it will be. True Labour will offer ALL, the best chances to fulfil their RICH potential.

        True Labour – TRANSFORMATIVE🌹
        P O S I T I V E🌹 VISION🌹 of a
        J E R E M Y C O R B Y N led

      11. signpostnotwindchimes at 4:06 pm
        All your concerns are addressed in our 2019 Labour Party Manifesto.

        The Labour party’s settled policy on Brexit is also very clearly expressed. I suggest you read it and then let us know whether or not you support Jeremy Corbyn’s 2019 manifesto.

      12. QUESTIONS: A R S H bot
        1️⃣ Do you support Jeremy❓
        2️⃣ Do you look forward to Jeremy being Prime Minister on Friday❓
        3️⃣ Will you be rejoicing like the rest of us on Skwawkbox❓
        4️⃣ Do you promise to support him❓

        Yes or No ? ? ?

        5️⃣ Binary choices • Can you cope? Can you answer ? Yes or No❓

        I, like the rest of us here on Skwawkbox can answer resoundingly Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Yes!!!! Yes!!!!!
        Will you ? Can you ?? Try. Type now:
        He is the ONLY and the BEST Prime Minister this Country Can get‼️

        If you can’t do that, then you confirm to be the scum you clearly are who sees the plight of a child on a hospital floor can be ignored because it is covered in a huge manifesto or was spoke of too much for you. You are vile. You seem just like my Blair worshiping vile self-confessed abusive MP.

        This is a busy time though so answer YES to the five questions above or go play with yourself like your other depraved heartless Tories.

        Ooooh Jeremy Corbyn 🎶🎶🎶

      13. signpostnotwindchimes at 9:19 pm

        Yes. just like the vast majority of the membership I support Jeremy and our manifesto and like the majority I of course also support the Labour Party’s Brexit policy to have a second referendum, do you?

        You are more than welcome to try trawling through my past comments to try and prove otherwise.

      14. FIVE QUESTIONS • five • 1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5
        QUESTIONS: A R S H bot
1️⃣ Do you support Jeremy❓
2️⃣ Do you look forward to Jeremy being Prime Minister on Friday❓
3️⃣ Will you be rejoicing like the rest of us on Skwawkbox❓
4️⃣ Do you promise to support him❓
        Yes or No ? ? ?
        5️⃣ Binary choices • Can you cope? Can you answer ? Yes or No❓to EACH question separately please?

      15. Can you cope? Can you answer ? Yes or No❓to EACH question separately please?

        Why? I thought it would be obvious to even a child that my answer of Yes applied to all 5 questions. If I had thought differently I would have said so.

        Is this all leading up to some earth shattering Got-Ya. FFS grow up.

      16. Oh, and something to suck up on your way… LABOUR HEARTLANDS🌹 Traditional Labour🌹 LEAVE 🌹🌹🌹

      17. spnw do you imagine Corbyn doesn’t have the need to be true to socialism constantly in mind?
        Or that he doesn’t weigh every policy direction change on whether it takes us closer to or further from the goal?
        Do you have constant discussions with experts in all the fields relevant to good governance – and with party colleagues who’ve risen to national prominence on intellect and dedication?

        Two serious questions for any socialist criticising Corbyn:
        1. Who is best placed to decide policy and tactics – you or Jeremy Corbyn?
        2. If not you or Corbyn – who?

      18. Jeremy does not run a dictatorship. We all must contribute as best as we can, especially the grass roots. Traditional working class voters. That is why even at PMQs he started reading letters from the electorate. That is why we have CLPs etc. It is a joint effort. Jeremy tries his best at that. Your controllers sound very Conservative/New Labour SOFA GOVERNMENT of Power to be in Power to keep the same old same old. They should give up now. They are running out of angles to silence contributors here. No? You never seem to give up. Typical of senseless machines with armies of bankrolled operators. Persistence is an excellent trait. Shame it is wasted on your disingenuous attempts to silence those who wish to erase IRAQ INVADING BUSH POODLE LIAR TONY BLAIR for good.
        Your act only deceives a few. 🌹🌹🌹

      19. spnw, I’ve been a consistent supporter & defender of Corbyn in every comment I’ve ever made on this blog and elsewhere – you won’t find anything to contradict that.
        Like most contributors to Skwawkbox I’m a grown-up – I use my real name here and everywhere else so search away.
        Invent all the shit you like – you’re fooling no-one but the Duggies, Dannys and dummies and I won’t see most of your ill-considered rubbish.
        Your comments appear to be largely pre-teen txt-spk gamer gobbledegook and I only give them the briefest of scans since deciphering the first few and finding nothing worth the trouble.

  11. Ha! if u give them the briefest of scans etc, why do you write som many long illogical replies to them??? You seem to search especially for mine. Funny that. Your controllers really do overestimate themselves.

    1. “You seem to search especially for mine” No, that’s just teenage hormonal self-consciousness on your part. You’ll grow out of it.

      My logic is flawless and has been since I was six, when I calculestimated that at least 60% of adults were incapable of it even after ten years’ education (the norm back then) and decided it must be at least partly heritable.
      I vividly remember my classmates’ slackjawed preference for sandpit studies and footy over newspapers – over even an imminent full solar eclipse – shocked me to the core.
      I also remember the flash of insight when my six year old head hit, as instructed, the enormously heavy, ancient, sodden, leather football for the first and only time ever – that teachers were sometimes not too bright either.

      I’ve seen nothing that would cause me to revise my opinion of the herd since the last time I looked.
      Guess when that was.

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