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Video: Jeremy Corbyn sends Trump a ‘welcome’ message – we built the NHS out of the rubble of WWII. Hands off

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has issued a message ahead of the arrival of US president Donald Trump to the UK this week.

In his ‘welcome’ video, Corbyn reminds Trump – and the nation – about Trump’s eagerness to get his little hands on our NHS and about Boris Johnson’s status as Trump’s poodle.

It’s a message of defiance – a ‘hands off’ warning – but most importantly of all, it’s a message of hope.

Even amid the devastation of the Second World War, Labour was able to build the greatest treasure in the nation’s history – our NHS – and transform the lives and health of the people of this country.

And all against the opposition of the Tory party.

Labour can build our NHS – and our communities – back to what they were before the Tories devastated them to enrich their mates:

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    1. “… requires countries to identify exclusions, not the other way around.”

      Not agreeing with this blatant attempt to create rushed deals full of legal loopholes, but the law as presently constructed does generally permit everything that isn’t expressly forbidden and that’s how they’ll justify the “principle” they’re pushing.

      There’s no inherent disadvantage to the UK in “identifying exclusions” anyway – if we want to exclude something we just exclude it.
      The US will also have to exclude every little bit of stuff they want to keep … Diego Garcia, Disneyland, Mount Rushmore, Alaska, Hawaii, the Statue of Liberty, Yellowstone, ‘New’ England – pfft – there’s loads of stuff they want to hang on to like we want to hang on to the NHS.
      They make unreasonable demands, we do the same.
      They still haven’t made good our losses from The Treacherous Revolution either – and we hardly hanged any of them for treating with our enemies the French, the Spanish and the Dutch.

      The post-brexit need for quick deals (any old shit suddenly becoming better than no deal) will be the real problem – it’ll cause massive and stupid shortcuts to be taken in BloJob’s drive to “get it done” – which will create immense opportunities for lawyers and other spivs to make even bigger fortunes.
      It’s going to be a beanfeast of a jamboree on a gravy train for the 1% with US, Chinese and Russian oligarchs divvying up England among themselves to keep The Conservatives Inc. afloat with “inward investment.”

      Unless, of course, there’s a Corbyn-Labour government.

      1. Your penultimate paragraph is absolutely right. But it’s worse than that. Not only is there this immediate pressure for a rushed, subservient deal, but the whole project is driven by an Atlantacist fixation, underpinned by decades of brain-washing networks that have infected the political class by use of money from the US extreme right.

        Meanwhile, the essential trade arrangements with our nearest major partner is unpicked.

  1. “I think the NHS is obviously on the table. I think that no trade negotiation with the United States is not going to have the (US) pharmaceutical industry wanting to play a strong role.

    I think Britain being out of the European Union when that happens will lower their leverage.

    . . . Deals for him (Trump) mean ‘I win, you lose’ ”

    Mark Landler, London Bureau Chief, New York Times.

    Politics Live, BBC2, 2 December 2019

    P.S. It is important to keep repeating this to friends, family members, people when out canvassing.

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