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  1. The elitists do not give a flying fuck about anybody but themselves.

    I’ve just seen that obnoxious shithouse raab on TV, with his condescending attitude to young Garry Dunn’s father. Had it been my boy I’d have butted the fucking slimy arrogant little shite into next week, the way raab carried on.

    I don’t give a fuck about what people think about that statement and those shithouse toerags will shriek “Jo Cox” because they’re verminous cowardly self-serving shitbags who will not only sell our NHS but have also allowed American citizens to come over here and kill our children. And to add insult to injury – granted them diplomatic immunity when they have no such fucking claim to it.

    THAT’S how much toerags care.

    Sorry for the rant, but by Christ raab has sent my blood pressure through the fucking roof. It’s about time karma rolled that bastards dice for him.

    1. Toffee 597 The female absconder and criminal who fled was an highly placed spook and so would be absolved of all blame because of that.The compliance of the Home office and the police force shows us the value that Johnson and his government have for the peasentry.

  2. Yes and Labour posted a brilliant flyer as a money tree as item by item it showed how the £83b on public services would be paid for ie by taxing TNCs at the average rate of Europe – £24b so overall paid for and cost neutral. But we always have the political hand grenade of quantitative easing, the electronic printing of money which has only kept the economy STATIC! I have put Labour info on my phone & will have it when canvassing. – do this too comrades!
    The Tories QE is the TORIES ELECTRONIC MAGIC MONEY TREE but Labour’s public investment will stimulate the economy (as well as feeding the private sector supply chain) and this and measures like a 5% public sector pay increase and Waspi money etc will put MORE POUNDS IN PEOPLES POCKETS so can buy commodities which will stimulate the economy too. LABOUR FOR HOPE!

    1. Tories QE £435b spent since 2010 just to keep the economy static whilst Labour spending and PUTTING MORE POUNDS IN PEOPLES POCKETS will stimulate the economy.

  3. By the way it was on ITN news. Dunno if ‘the corporation’ broadcast anything about it… Highly unlikely seeing as they told a pack of lies (merely repeated the toerag line) themselves about the so-called diplomatic immunity business.

    What has this toerag govt become when they’ll allow your kids to be collateral damage as part of a future trade ‘deal’ that will be of far lesser benefit to us than the ‘septic tanks’ – and have the temerity to tell you that you’re ‘not on for wanting to discuss it in front of the cameras’ after being lied to and ignored…

    No wonder the despicable little prick scarpered behind those gates at speed… The absolute shithouse.

  4. Again sorry for posting this here but I’ve only just seen Allen Howards response to my post of Nov24 about complaining to Ofcom.
    I am not trying to put anybody off complaining to the BBC as I have done so many times over the years. And yes they do respond immediately by saying thanks. and then about ten days later or longer respond again by basically telling you they’ve done nothing wrong so f**k off. You can complain to ofcom but you need to show you have complained to the BBC directly first and produce a complaint number unless there are exeptional circumstances. I personally think that them trying to influence the outcome of a general election by deciet is an exceptional circumstance, with so little time to correct things. And if you don’t try you’ll never find out.
    As for never posting on here I have a few times since I started following following skwawky. And the reason its only been a few is because of paranoid dicks like what you is.

  5. Direct attack upon the leader of the Labour party by the chief Rabbi in a general election and ably assisted by the politicaly appointed Archbishop of Canterbury the ex Banker and big oil Archbishop of the tory party at prayer.Two hypocrites together and I hope that god will forgive them “For they know exactly what they do”.I hope that biblical description doesnt make them a “None Persons” because I will not forget their comments.or them.

  6. Seems like the ruling classes are desperate to stop Corbyn. Why when we are told the polls favour the Tories so heavily? I heard on Dateline London that over 40% of voters are undecided. What ever the percentage, where is the category for ‘don’t knows’ in the polls? It shows that the polls are just a propaganda tool.

  7. A very good new article on the JVL website outlining the facts about the antisemitism scam :


    It doesn’t present anything particularly new, but is a very concise demolition by fact of the all-pervading myth. Useful when you are arguing back.

    Also another new article that illustrates how support for Palestinians is actually the root cause of this scare tactic – dating back to Ed Milliband’s tenancy (when, obviously, the antisemism myth couldn’t be used).

  8. Yes the Ruling elite and are worried so time to play the AS card.
    Richard Silverstein argues firstly this is an attack on Jewish diversity with Right Wing Jewish groups wanting one dominant narrative, total and uncritical support for Israel. I would argue the worst that has come out of this as well as possibly frightening some Jewish citizens is that some treat the Jewish community as an homogenous group.
    The best thing to emerge is Jewish Voice for Labour.
    Secondly as you would expect the right wing billionaire owners of the right wing media (who are worried about Labour making them pay their fair and proper tax) are piling in too!
    Thirdly we have seen Right Wing opportunist Labour MPs piling in as a way to try to get rid of JC because they can’t beat the movement behind JC on IDEAS!
    There is some AS in Labour (0.3% of membership) which will continue to be addressed but it is greater in the Tory Party so why the focus on the least culprit?
    I was talking to a young female Jewish student at a Labour Register to Vote stall at the University in my city and she said she “Couldn’t vote Labour because of AS” but I told her I had put my life on the line confronting the Far Right in my city (some of them are known football thugs) but none of our critics ARE EVER THERE STOOD WITH US!
    Far Right US Billionaire Barbarians are putting millions into Far Right groups and individuals around the World including here.
    The Far Right try to set groups against each other thus trying to divide diverse working people so THE FAR RIGHT USEFUL IDIOTS help the rich and powerful!
    It will be Labour and the trade unions that continue to confront the Far Right on the front-line as for the moment they focus on Muslims.
    We ask all diverse working people to stand with us, and our critics would be welcome to join us on the front-line.
    Diverse working people of the World Unite!

  9. It’s a long, long read (11,000 words) but you can find the full text of a speech given on 25Nov19 at Glasgow University by Sir Ivan Rodgers our ex diplomat to the EU.

    It gives a very comprehensive picture of what Boris’s so called deal really means for us.

    Sir Ivan Rodgers – The Ghost of Christmas yet to come: Looking ahead to the coming year(s) of the Brexit process

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