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IMPORTANT: Tories lying to our old folk that Labour will take their home. Make sure they know Johnson is the threat

Tories’ lack of principle is spreading fear among elderly people

The Tories are spreading an outright lie among older voters around the country, telling them that Labour will take their home from them.

There is nothing in Labour’s policies that poses the remotest threat to people’s homes.

In fact, the opposite is true. Labour’s plans for a National Care Service to match the NHS will prevent people losing their homes in old age.

Unlike the Tories. Remember the ‘Dementia Tax’?

Labour’s plan to compensate the ‘WASPI’ women robbed of their pensions by the Tories will also make older people – and their homes – more secure.

Labour has a fantastic set of policies for older people and their kids and grandkids. Labour is the hope of young and old alike – and the Tories are the threat.

The only way to counter the Tories’ outrageous and shameful lie is to spread the truth. The Tories are frightening our old folk – so talk to your older friends, family, neighbours urgently and give them the truth to put their minds at rest.

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  1. Liar Torys…does a dog bark.Now we have 2 liars meeting soon with Trump sneaking into Britain landing in Essex.Stage managed mtg with more vile vermin at the palace,and a quick chat about a knock down price on the NHS or anything else at a givaway price and its up and away.Meanwhile piffel and the team frightens old folk to death and saves some money treating them…still and least weve got HRH and our tried and tested establishment…and of course the Beeb!

  2. There is no level to which they will not stoop.

    Anyway, the following is an article recently posted on the world socialist website:

    Spanish judge to question Assange over illegal CIA spying in Ecuadorian embassy

    According to El País’ reports, the surveillance was particularly targeted at Assange’s legal team.

    Audio and video of confidential discussions between Assange and his lawyers were recorded and streamed directly to the CIA, while legal documents were stolen or copied. Spying equipment was even installed in the women’s bathroom, where Assange’s female lawyers sometimes conferred with him in a bid to evade the surveillance.

    The flagrant violations of Assange’s attorney-client privilege, by the very American authorities that are pursuing him, brands the attempted US prosecution as a violation of international and domestic law.

  3. Never had dummkopf-schmitt down as a ‘scaremongerer’

    That was always one of his favourite comebacks – until everything bad that was predicted would happen, happened.

    I wouldn’t trust that knobend to count the moon and come back with a honest answer.

  4. I despair at the Westminster-centric promulgation of half-truths and falsehoods generally, even though the Tories are outright liars on a mammoth scale.

    Just reading a Polly Toynbee article in the Groan that is actually friendly to Labour. But we have statements like this about the current MP, who, if defeated :

    ” … leaves 14 years of landmarks: she fought for a new performing arts Brit school of the north, flood defences saving the city so far, a new hospital and more.”

    Three things – one is a pipe dream, and two were planned well before this MP was elected – it was actually a Labour *local authority* that was the key and co-ordinator..

    Does it matter in the great scheme of current things? Perhaps not : but this sort of sloppy metro-journalism generally irritates the f. out of me.

  5. This is not the first time I have heard of people saying Labour will take their houses to pay for their care.It is a typical Tory lie which is believed by typical Tory voters.

  6. Raab was on the Today Programme this morning telling us that Corbyn had ‘sided with Putin’.

    Nick Robinson made no effort to challenge him.

    1. piers moron gave him a bit of a light grilling this morning.

      … Ten minutes later, minchin on BBC breakfast didn’t even switch the gas on.

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