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Tories’ 50k nurse promise collapses even further: not only is it NOT 50k – it’s not NURSES

Boris Johnson’s dishonesty on glaring display again

The dishonesty of Boris Johnson and his party has been written in huge letters across every phase of this general election campaign.

Tory lies have been a daily and often more than daily phenomenon, from Johnson’s ludicrous claim that fewer children are in poverty to their manifesto ‘promise’ to put ‘50,000 more nurses’ into the NHS.

The nursing claim that didn’t even last the day before it was exposed as a lie by the revelation that well over a third – around 19,000 – of the ‘more’ nurses are existing nurses the Tories hope to retain when thousands are quitting yearly because of stress.

But the massive NHS lie has continued to collapse, like watching a demolished building fall down in slow motion. First, the detail of the Tories’ ‘more nurses’ plan was revealed to include only 1,400 new UK nurses per year.

And now, leaked NHS documents have revealed that not only are the numbers in the Tory claim a complete fiction and abuse of mathematics – but the ‘nurses’ are not even nurses.

The leaked documents reveal that around a quarter of the ‘nurses’ in the plan will in fact be cheaper ‘nursing associates’ who have not passed a full nursing qualification.

They also show that a nursing associate is considered the equivalent of half a nurse in terms of the tasks of a full nurse they can undertake. According to experts, over-use of nursing associates (NAs) puts patients in danger.

But in spite of this, the leaked document suggests that the number of new NAs might be far higher than the quarter of the supposed ‘more’ that is mentioned in the headline figure:

We assume that the NA pipeline will continue to recruit 7,500 trainees a year from 2019-20.

So the 50,000 isn’t 50,000 – and many of those that the plan does hope to employ are not nurses at all, but lower-cost, less-qualified ‘nursing assistants’.

The report also says that even if more nurses are recruited from overseas, around one in twelve nursing posts will still be vacant by 2024 under the Tory-driven plans.

Isn’t it just like the Tories to want to do things ‘on the cheap’ – and lie about it?

Never, ever trust a Tory with the NHS.

Vote Labour.

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  1. His kind alleged government of piffel have nothing but contempt for the peasentry which is the way they the establishment veiw us the working class.Thats the sytem we have been brought up in and its the same for him.Why would he put wasted money into the NHS for the people whom he despises.I do not think the majority of the public have a clue what they are in for if the Torys steal the election through lies corrupton and the entire MSM bought and paid for..I think the polls are rigged and cannot see any reason why they wouldn’t be,thats if we agree that the media have a vested interest in distortion and lies.Jeremy Corbyn frightens the elite,but lets hope for the landslide we the Labour party deserve because otherwise this country will descend into anarchy and violence .!cheap careworkers on minimum wage and redundent nurses will be the least of our worrys.

  2. One doesn’t even register a raised eyebrow about this sort of thing – so low has the limbo bar sunk in politics and journalism.

    I happened to hear – on 5Live – the self-regarding Emma Barnett talking to another journalist about the coverage of the election. It was a typical illustration of the sort of dogging club that is the low quality metro- jouirnalism we have come to expect. Not *once* was the key issue of fiction, bias and lack of research mentioned as a pertinent topic for real discussion, even though, just today, Peter Oborne has written a scathing opinion piece on the subject :

  3. Not strictly on topic, except in terms of the issue of lying propaganda.

    But have people picked up the double-barrel that Gus John has fired at Justin Welby over the latter’s support for the Chief Rabbit’s fictionalising?

    Just thought that a bit of justified putting the record straight was worth spreading when smiles are hard to come by.

    1. P.S. I’m not sure why Corbyn – the other headline – is apologising for not having committed any crime or sin. He has some crap advisers.


      A leading campaigner against racism has resigned from a Church of England advisory body in protest at the archbishop of Canterbury’s support for the chief rabbi’s comments last week on antisemitism in the Labour party.

      Gus John, a respected author and academic, said: “As a matter of principle, I cannot continue to work with the Anglican church … after the archbishop of Canterbury’s disgraceful endorsement of the chief rabbi’s unjust condemnation of Jeremy Corbyn and the entire Labour party.”

  4. they dwp nurses, whoopee carry a cup of coffee okay, load a front washing machine, perfectly okay, the dwp 4 weeks make a hcp program, guaranteed to cure illnesses that billions in research cannot cure, fills you with confidence that were in such capable hands

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