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Video: Trump wouldn’t take NHS ‘on a silver platter’ and he’s ‘never even thought about it’. He’s done a lot more than that

The US Boris Johnson says he’s got no interest in the NHS and never even thought about it. Right…

Donald Trump has provoked ridicule and derision toward himself and the Tories at the start of his visit to the UK, after claiming he’s “never even thought about” US access to the NHS in a trade deal.

Trump made this remarkable claim less than six months after sparking a frantic Tory cover-up by telling TV cameras that the NHS (“and a lot more than that”) would be on the table in any trade deal.

He also claimed the US wouldn’t touch the NHS if it was offered to them ‘on a silver platter’ – in spite of the six meetings between US and UK negotiators covering the NHS in any trade deal – which Jeremy Corbyn exposed when Labour obtained the full, unredacted reports of those meetings that showed the centrality of the NHS to any US/UK deal:

At the same time, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has admitted that US ‘Big Pharma’ companies would be able to raise the price paid for drugs by the NHS under a US/UK trade deal.

Boris Johnson and Donald Trump are two sides of the same phoney coin – they both lie as instinctively and shamelessly as breathing and assume that people are too stupid or gullible to notice, or too corrupted to care.

Never, ever trust either of them with the NHS.

Vote Labour.

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  1. He wants to be able to claim later that his brilliant plan won the election for BloJob.
    If the Tories did win in less than a year Trunt would be telling the world’s media “The Brits begged me to save their butts – I’m a great guy so I never want to say no – but we’re just helping our friends the Brits bring the failing Communist-inspired NHS into the 21st century.”

  2. The deals nailed on if we don’t win The liar trumps just confirmed his interest.

  3. F absolute FS .

    We’re not your fellow countrymen, Donald. Do us the courtesy of crediting (most of) us with at least some intelligence, you utter bulb.

  4. When large multinational corporates see a barrier or an obstacle, they immediately HAVE to overcome or sidetrack it. It’s in their nature. When the large multinational corporates in question are American health-care conglomerates, they do whatever it takes to OBLITERATE the obstacles and barriers.

    The NHS used to be protected from rigged-market capitalist takeover, but then a child-of-Thatcher Prime Minister called Blair introduced ‘internal market’ dynamics to our NHS and a different Child-of-Thatcher called Lawnsley imposed his 2012 Health and Social Care Act – and now the NHS is wonderful socialiist mega-efficient health care system with a target on its back. Johnson’s fuck-awful Brexit is an invitation to capitalist take-over.

    The next Labour Government (which hopefully will come to pass on 13 Dec 2019) will repeal HSCA and will also pass further legislation to protect our NHS from vulture capitalists.

  5. Yes Trump, like Johnson, just another of the Macho Male Right Wing Neo-Liberal Barbarian Leaders for capiital around the World!
    Had good discussion trade union colleague and we believe Labour needs to remember that it is a political party and should also be about POLITICAL EDUCATION and perhaps we all need to do more now to counter Neo-Liberalism, to come up with a counter narrative as we expose it, with our common sense, and language, for example I always refer to people as ‘citizens.’
    The Tories have been captured by Neo-Liberalism since Thatcher was sat in a room by Keith Joseph and others and taught it, the Tories are Neo-Liberal ideologues and it was them acting as ideologues captured by Neo-Liberalism that caused Grenfell!
    The Tory Neo-Liberals “Know the price of everything, and the value of nothing!”
    So let’s go on the offensive against the Tory Neo-Liberals Barbarians (and against the Lib Dem Neo-Liberal 2nd X1).
    Neo-Liberalism’s drive for CHEAP LABOUR has painted it into a corner as people are restricted from purchasing commodities.
    The old order, Neo-Libetalism is dying.
    But the new cannot yet be born.
    Perhaps we are all being tested.
    And only the stars will ride the storm.’

    1. Oh £15b of NHS money already goes to private companies and some argue the Neo-Liberal Tories have a salami approach, bit by bit a bit of the public sector is chopped off, and before you know it, it is gone.
      Then it could be NHS bills (some to US private healthcare) for you and me and someone suggested we may end up with 2 receptions at GPs and NHS services, one for the less well-off and one fast track reception for higher paying Priority Customers, so perhaps I may see you sometime in the future in long queue.
      Tory Neo-Liberal Barbarians know the price of everything and the value of nothing!

  6. Footnote – wonderful camararderie amongst activists knocking on doors!
    We will remember these moments. X

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