Video: “How DARE you lie?” – if charity CEO’s anger at Johnson doesn’t make you vote Labour for real change, nothing will

Charity CEO Elaine Waugh

Elaine Waugh is CEO of Humanity UK, a charity that tries to help families in dire straights because of unemployment, benefits issues and tenancy troubles. She is all too used to seeing the hardships that millions face in Tory Britain.

But when she saw Boris Johnson lying outright about the plight of the UK’s most vulnerable during his appearance on Sunday’s Marr programme on the BBC, her anger spilled over into an astonishing outpouring of fury:

Elaine Waugh’s outrage is born of bitter experience of the misery that the Tories have inflicted on millions in this country – including, in spite of Johnson’s lies, over four million of our children.

If only everyone got this angry.

If seeing this doesn’t make you vote Labour, nothing will.

Visit Humanity UK’s website here.

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  1. At last real anger and real passion for a change.,and its coming once again from areas that we have missed from thinking about real poverty The South West of England,,the English cream teas and strawberry,long sandy beaches and now poverty on a scale unseen for nearly half a century.Was it after edd Miliband was beaten and the press had come out and ridiculed Labour and and the working class that the penny droped,or was it when tv started to ridicule ordinary people on TV who had lost all their dignity and were used by the media or the Tory PM Cameron talking curtain twitchers.Well we have all woken up now and its taken one old man,relagated to the back benches for pointing out the truth about the Labour party and how far our party had drifted from representing the working class before we lost the people completely Jeremy Corbyn who deserves to be our next PM and we should be forever grateful for pointing the way and the solution Enough really this time.!

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