Labour’s new policies for older people (and their grandkids) keep getting better – and more to come

Manifesto not yet launched, but already Labour’s plans to help older citizens looks stellar

Even before the official launch of Labour’s 2019 general election manifesto, details of exciting policies are starting to become clear – and the policies for young and older people are no exception.

Among the policies that will benefit the older generation – and others – Labour in government will provide:

  • a National Care Service in the model of the NHS to provide dignity for those who need help in old age
  • £6 billion in free personal social care
  • home help for a further 160,000 people
  • capacity for an additional 27 million GP appointments annually
  • restoration of free prescriptions
  • free NHS car-parking
  • an end to the 15-minute limit for care visits
  • a £500 carer allowance
  • restoration of free TV licences for over 75s

In addition, there will be big news for ‘WASPI’ women – the 1950s-born women who have been deprived of years of their pension by the government – by the middle of this month.

Jeremy Corbyn tweeted a comment by well-known actor Ricky Tomlinson that sums up the importance of the party’s policies:

Labour’s policies and the party’s vision for young and old alike mean that whether it’s for themselves or their kids and grandkids, the commonsense choice for the country’s older folk is a vote for Labour on 12 December.

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  1. It is Back to 60 that is fighting for full recompence for 50s born women, not Waspi, who will accept a compromise of a briging instead, and are critical of Back to 60’s court action as being too uncompromising. This court action is ongoing. Why do we all (women born in the 50s) keep getting called Waspi women?
    Waspi were out in force outside the court and they were the ones interviewed by the although they were critical of the legal action taken by Back to 60.
    It is my view that in this age of technology no one, men or women should have to work beyond age 60. Technological advancement is benefiting only the rich while we are made to work longer for less

      1. I’m really irritated by socialists calling #50swomen ‘waspi’
        #50swomen emcompasses ALL groups and the predominant ask is #backto60
        Also when you’re 60 or over you get free prescriptions anyway (don’t tell the Tories)
        We also need #buspass60 in manifesto as well as #backto60

  2. I am…pleased regarding the waspi women getting a mention in the Squawk box and pleased that the Tory myth of pensioners on the gravy train is being acknowledged by the Labour party.THE state pension is one of the lowest in Europe and is shaming in the level of poverty that the basic pension creates.My state pension is £674 per month and my wife and myself are expected to live off that.I can beg for more but why should I.!

  3. Looks like the Tories have now effectively admitted the influence of Russian money in the Leave campaign and in their coffers. From The Groan :

    “Downing Street has effectively blocked the publication of a potentially explosive parliamentary report on the security threat that Russia poses to the UK until after the general election.”

  4. Russian money? Where do you think you are ? In Trumps America? Can anyone explain whats in it for Russia?

    1. Yes. Same as is in the meddling in foreign countries that the US indulges in : the imperial role of capital. Just a different mafia.

  5. Re. Labour plan for elderly. MY wife ,a district nurse 1960s – – -1980s, could educate the public- -that means you if you care – – about neglect of people who worked all their lives, paid for the services you enjoy & are then scrapped & left alone with only tv to alay their plight; They pay licence fee next year! PLESASE DO NOT TALK UP Russian INFLUENCE – -WE HAVE FAR WORST AMONG US AT HOME. bp aGE 83

    1. Combenonstop….I think its more a case of using any weapon to hammer the Tory party with,Russia happens to be a usfull tool at the moment,but I do agree that our home grown scum are worse.We do well to not follow the herd in blaming Russia a powerful neighbour and world leader…and hopefully a friend one day.!

  6. I am pleased that 60S and the waspis are still campaigning against the discrimination in the way its been pushed through.A united front is needed and surely its realised that gaining publicity for this and support is difficult .To get a mention and support from the Labour party is a victory,but the issue itself will never be top of the list.We are the generation that benefited greatly from a Labour government and the public services,. My wife and I will benifit from a Labour victory especially if shes allowed a pension,because my state pension could never support both of us which is the situation now.So good luck our 1950S girls and solidarity comrades.

  7. @Veronica I don’t know if I’m right in thinking that bus passes cover only one’s local area – I haven’t checked – but assuming they do, I’d quite like a universal travel pass that was good for national buses.
    Trains too would be nice.
    I’ve always suspected that free public transport for all might increase total economic activity as well as being better for the planet.
    I haven’t even applied for a buss pass inn the 9 years since I hit 60 so probably shouldn’t be asking for a better one – but I could definitely take my vehicle off the road if I could travel countrywide without it – now that I don’t need to get anywhere in a hurry.

    Voxpopper just said, “Yes, I think the NHS issue IS all about party advantage” when prompted to do so by the microphone-drone.
    Well, it is for one of the parties, dickhead.
    Painting Labour as ‘no better than the Tories’ is how the BBC plans to hit its faux-impartiality targets from now on it seems.
    In propaganda terms that’s got to be pretty close to clutching at straws, no? 🙂

  8. Just as a matter of interest the Chairman of the NHS trusts has issued a statement that politicians should not turn the NHS into a political football?…The NHS has been gutted by the politicising of our NHS by Tory stooges like him helping the torys to destroy the health service..I remember the day after the Labour landslide under Blair that after campaigning against NHS privatization for over 5years my hopes were dashed by the message from HQ that the hated trust hospitals were to be retained.We must abolish the Trusts and the boards packed with overpaid tory enablers,then return to the old system of the NHS with the matron etc.The NHS trusts are a disaster.!

  9. I am the son of a shopkeeper but the NHS is not a business nor are any public services ,get rid of the Chairpersons,the boards and the cheif executives in our councils and public services and ‘re nationalised utilities…we need to obliterate all forms of corporate speak from our public lives.The brainwashing of our public must stop..Thatchers revolution needs to finish with the election of a democratic socialist Labour government under the leadership of jeremy Corbyn.!…The modern incarceration of the Torys the Johnson regime should be obliterated,never again allowed by any means .

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