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Labour: Boris Johnson lied outright about hungry children. Here’s how we will lift them out of poverty

Tory leader lied outright on BBC’s Marr show, claiming 400,000 decrease in child poverty when it has risen by half a million

Boris Johnson has lied about one of the most sensitive subjects imaginable to most people: poor and hungry children.

Johnson made up a completely fake claim on child poverty, telling the Andrew Marr Show that “there are 400,000 fewer children in poverty than there were in 2010”.

In fact, there has been an increase of half a million under the Tories:

One in three of our children live in poverty

In 2016 the Conservatives abolished the Child Poverty Act and scrapped targets to reduce poverty. 4.1 million children – that’s 30% of all the UK’s children – now live in poverty in this country.

A report by the Resolution Foundation found that Boris Johnson’s own manifesto, which preserves the coalition’s benefit cuts, risks child poverty rates rising to a 60-year high – to 5.2 million.

The Trussell Trust expects foodbank demand this Christmas to be even higher than last year, when it provided 186,185 three-day emergency food parcels, with almost 80,000 of those going to children.

A Channel 4 Dispatches programme recently exposed the horrific reality faced by children in poverty and the hunger that gnaws at them daily:

Child poverty reduced dramatically under the last Labour government, which lifted around 900,000 children out of poverty.

The next Labour government will provide:

  • free school meals for all primary schoolchildren and a Right to Food to end the scandal of children and their families relying on foodbanks
  • an end to in-work poverty, abolishing zero-hours contracts and the public-sector pay freeze, and introducing a real living wage of at least £10 an hour
  • the expansion of free childcare and the opening of 1,000 new Sure Start centres
  • reforms to social security, scrapping Universal Credit, the Two-Child Limit and the Benefit Cap
  • a million homes over a decade to tackle the housing crisis
  • proper investment in local public services after a decade of Tory neglect

Early last year, Tory MPs voted to prevent one million poor children from receiving free school meals:

Labour Party chair Ian Lavery said:

Boris Johnson claimed the number of children living in poverty in our country has gone down, when the exact opposite is true.

He cannot seem to open his mouth without telling a lie. You cannot trust a word he says.

Labour will end foodbank Britain and lift children and families out of poverty. We’ll end in-work poverty, scrap Universal Credit and the immoral two-child limit, we’ll bring in a Real Living Wage of at least £10 an hour for all workers 16 and over, end zero-hours contracts and strengthen trade union rights.

This is the real change our country needs.

Labour has published a report showing 10 ways the Tories have entrenched poverty across the nation.

Since 2010, the number of children growing up in relative poverty has increased by half a million. In 2010/11, relative child poverty was 3.6 million. The most recent figures for 2017/18 show it has increased to 4.1 million.


Lying about hungry, poor children is beyond the pale. Boris Johnson is a pathetic excuse for a human being.

Vote Labour. Those children are depending on you.

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  1. Human being? What fucking human being? He’d be a pathetic excuse for a slug – for the slime trail of a slug – on the kitchen floor.
    He’s the vomit rising in your mouth when you see that slug trail before you’ve had your first coffee and suddenly remember the massive slug at eye level on the back door frame when you rolled in pissed last night.

      1. It was such a relief finally acknowledging my trauma.
        PTSD is truly a hidden disability – would you believe it, they even turned down my application for a Blue Badge? 🙂

  2. Can we not get these type of vermin to the Haig,They are litteraly an offence against humanity and those that vote for the Torys must have a question mark over their morality.Can we see some real anger from our Labour mps,or will this be decided in the streets and left to the public to show some revulsion.Nearly 2020year and we still have this abomination in our society….

    1. “GROWING UP POOR”. i understand BBC documentary to be screened tonight. No TV here but radio clip had child saying she has to cuddle her mother so they can stay warm. Heartbreaking. Even typing this, i feel tears welling up. The Tories KNOW full well their cruelty. Conservatives DELIBERATELY PUNISH THE POOR for the impoverishment IAN DUNCAN SMITH and his BORIS JOHNSON nasty Nasty NASTY PARTY scum dumped on them.

      NO one with eyes to see or ears to hear, no matter how angry and let down, should vote for ANY TORY. We CAN help Jeremy to deal with the Thatcherite Remainiacs after the election. DUMP the worst repellant traitors like YVETTE COOPER, WES STREETING, HODGE and COYLE, and HARMAN NOW‼️ Now is the chance‼️
      The others we can campaign hard for them to be recalled at the first tiniest sign of undermining Jeremy Corbyn.

      Get DATA✅ Analyse✅ Vote thoughtfully to get the Corbyn supporting MPs and LEAVE supporting MPs elected as a priority. The Conservatives under EPIC EUROPHILE BORIS JOHNSON, will NOT DELIVER LEAVE in ANY MEANINGFUL WAY‼️ DON’T believe BloJobs ACT‼️ Read up on his TRUE record. His OWN WORDS and of those that have known him for decades.‼️ He like ALL his family are through and through “EPIC EUROPHILES”‼️ E P I C ➕➕➕⚫️

      Do not be deceived. We can bring out Jeremy’s true Europhobic LONG HELD VOTING RECORD and CORRECT PREDICTIONS.

      NOTHING will get a TRUE BREXIT out of the BORIS JOHNSON who sent SO MANY FAXES to an FT Journalist, to support an EU proposal on saving some obscure EU obsession, that the journalist had to TURN OFF THEIR FAX MACHINE after JOHNSON BURNT THROUH THREE HOURS of fax paper. Yes, T H R E E hours of bombardment ‼️‼️‼️

      Like REMEMBRANCE DISRESPECTING BUFFON, could not care less JinJohnJohn’s own scorner of decent working class people, OVER MONIED DADDY, JinJOHNNIEjohnson is wedded to the EU grand project.
      RESEARCH b4 U vote✅

      Boris Johnson said not long ago: “IF the EU did not exist, we would HAVE to CREATE it” ‼️‼️‼️

      Take note. DON’T be taken for fools. NINE DAYS to RESEARCH Johnson’s beliefs other than his devotion to his todger.

      THE CHOICE is plain. A TRUE BELIEVER OF LEAVE – JEREMY – who can after a Labour Victory direct his TREMENDOUS courage to IMPLEMENT his long held belief OR a PROVEN, careless, UNRELIABLE, truth dodger, Out of touch supporter of EPSTEIN’s FREIND PRINCE ANDREW, and epic Epic EPIC EUROPEAN SUPERSTATE LOVER – BORIS the pif-feller JOHNSON⁉️ He said aged FIVE, he “wants to be WORLD KING”.

      I believe JOHNSON will not sacrifice his personal ambitions to be, after stitching up first step – UK PM, EUROPEAN UNION PRESIDENT‼️‼️‼️


    2. BlowJobbieBorrishJonnieJohnJohn’s Trumping puppeteer master has landed, or will land at Stansted within hours.
      Let’s see if the Conservatives can hide their puppet blower-in-chief, as well as they have STUFFED Jacob Reece-MOGG back through the cat flap‼️ and strapped the arrogant MOGG into the his litter tray‼️
      WHERE is the MOGG reclining now❓ Which cat basket❓Which scratching post❓ Which ball of string❓

      Has Mogg’s correction been completed❓
      Does JACOB REECE-MOGG still believe VICTIMS of hus CONSERVATIVE PRIVATISED and penny pinching GREEDY chums, “lacked common sense”⁉️

      How many times has the MSM asked J R-Mogg to APOLOGISE⁉️⁉️⁉️ How many times…???

  3. back to the 1800 we have the work houses the charity shops the Maximus remploy who use the unemployed free labour while their children go without welcome to tory Britain

  4. Mr Johnson just keeps lying, I mean literally every day, does nobody fact check this blokes stats before he goes on air?

    1. I’ve frequently criticized the pathetic lack of research behind a lot of interviewing. But even the best would have difficulty keeping up with the mountain of fabrication that issues from Mr Toad as a matter of course.

  5. De piffle’s always had a problem with numbers of children.

    As for the MSM not factchecking; they didn’t bother to state that the £39 dummkof-schmitt claimed for his breakfast would’ve bought 557 primary children’s breakfasts at the 7p each the toerags were gonna spend on them while scrapping free school lunches

    Yes – dummkopf schmitt claimed for the equivalent of TWO (or MORE) entire primary schools’ worth of breakfasts for a single one – his own.

    Talk about ‘Snout in the trough.’

    Toerags – if they’re not trying to sexually abuse your kids they’re trying to starve them.

    1. excellent❌ Repeat it loud and clear! Smitthy Damnkant Warmonger’s party will do NOTHING for our heartlands🔴

  6. Lying.

    The trouble is that *it works*. Apart from those who might actually benefit from Tory policies, there is a large pool of semi-detached citizens who are ill-equipped to see through the propaganda that is now almost a universal umbrella. The hard fact is that the idiocracy is coming to fruition.

    Without the idiocracy and its belief in patent contradictions, fictional history and false evidence (lies), the Tories would be sunk.

    And I don’t think that ”Twas ever thus’. There has been a change in the size and influence of the factor as social institutions have been hollowed out and social fragmentation has come to dominate.

    Lets take one of the biggest lies – that of ‘institutional semitism’ in the Labour Party I don’t think that is a dominating influence overall compared with some other lies – but it is one of the most glaring examples of total fabrication

    Just one random example. In today’s Groan, there is a supportive article from a Swedish citizen with no skin in the game who has felt compelled enough to bother to come to the UK to canvass for Labour and its values.

    BUT (and I’m cutting the full quotation to emphasize the underlying fallacy), she says (from a generally supportive standpoint) :

    “Corbyn …….still needs to deal with antisemitism within the party.”

    Such is the power of lies – a fiction has become a fact.

    I think that there has been some success in getting reality to cut through, and the Tories’ blatent tactics have also helped in this, but it remains a major issue. Thus the need for face-to-face canvassing.

  7. Yes ‘Reasons to Vote Labour Part Three’
    4.1m kids in poverty – we will try to end this.
    1m Green jobs – many in areas industrial decline.
    End public sector pay freeze for millions – puts pounds peoples pockets so buy goods and boost economy.
    13m in poverty pay & insecure work – £10 an hour living wage 16+ and rights at work.
    1m on housing waiting lists and thousands on the street – we will build the homes needed.
    We will bring back sure start children’s centres to give less well-off kids a better chance in life and more….
    Been out helping 9 times now and my thoughts:
    Tories will get wiped out Scotland.
    Tories should get crushed Remain London.
    Labour needs a big push in marginals and Labour Leave areas where some w class are being conned by the Right Wing Neo-Liberal Tories to vote against their own interests.
    Johnson is a one-trick pony – Get Brexit Done?
    But perhaps in these areas we need to get over DON’T GET DONE BY A TORY BREXIT!
    If you buy a house you don’t do it just on the photo, you check it out, you negotiate, you get a good deal but the Tory Deal is a Bad Deal, it sells out rights at work, N.Ireland and a Tory trade deal could sell our NHS to USA healthcare companies which could mean NHS bills for you and me!
    So Labour will offer a public vote in 6 months on a BETTER BREXIT with a REMAIN option the you decide!
    The Tories are appealing to 52% of citizens, the Lib Dems to 48% and Labour is trying to unite and appeal to 100% of citizens!

  8. Paul Spicer – British democracy faces an existential crisis.

    The government of the United Kingdom has always had an unwritten constitution, and that position has been defended on the basis that it allows governments a degree of flexibility in dealing with complex situations. That position has been tested to breaking point in recent months. Here are a few concerns.

    1. The Conservative Party is standing on a manifesto which commits them to change the basis on which laws are made and reviewed. The Manifesto states:

    After Brexit we also need to look at the broader aspects of our constitution: the relationship between the Government, Parliament and the courts; the functioning of the Royal Prerogative; the role of the House of Lords …

    2. At the same time as Britain withdraws from the governance safeguards imposed by the European Union, it is proposing to weaken other safeguards (such as human rights and judicial review) which derive from other sources. The Manifesto again:

    We will update the Human Rights Act and administrative law to ensure that there is a proper balance between the rights of individuals, our vital national security and effective government. We will ensure that judicial review … is not abused to conduct politics by another means or to create needless delays.

    3. The present government is firmly committed to legislation on Europe that will give Ministers extensive ‘Henry VIII powers’ – the power to change laws without scrutiny or the prior approval of parliament. The election was called, not because Parliament had failed to agree the EU Withdrawal agreement, but because it had demanded the rights to scrutinise the bill that enacted those powers.

    4. The government has responded to criticisms in the media, the courts and in Parliament by threatening to close them down – most recently threatening Channel 4’s licence to operate.

    5. Members of the government have no scruples about lying about its aims, objectives, situation, process or outcomes. There is a depressing catalogue of falsehoods listed by Peter Oborne. It is probably no less dangerous, however, that so many government ministers don’t do detail, and say things that are false simply because they don’t know any better. Recent examples are the confusion between the EU and the European Court of Human Rights, the mistaken statements about state aid and the EU, or the ill-informed statements made by Johnson and Patel, in the wake of the recent terrorist attack, about the release of prisoners on licence.

    These things threaten three key elements of any democracy. They are the rule of law, public accountability, and open discourse and deliberation. The threat to democracy is chilling.

    1. Indeed. But the thing is – like frogs in gradually boiling water – a large number of citizens don’t give a f. even if they have a minimal grasp.

      1. Can you imagine the outrage if there was even the slightest hint of Labour attempting to subvert our democracy and rights in this way but here we have the Tories doing it in plain site and to all intent and purpose MSN have completely ignored it.
        FFS it’s not as if there is much else in the Tory manifesto worth discussing.

    2. All true SteveH – but without a complicit MSM and this dumbed-down broadcast media none of those things could happen.
      It can be narrowed down even further – with an honest BBC fulfilling ALL the terms of its charter, ie reporting facts and exposing falsehoods, nobody would buy a newspaper or give a Tory the time of day.

      Without the threat of future legislation though, we can only hope that they’ve stretched the credibility of the electorate too far this time.

  9. Anyone had their personal letter from Ian Austin yet? Stressing he was a Labour MP he urges me not to vote Labour as JC is not fit to be Prime Minister. He goes on about IRA Hezbollah links. ‘I know how hard it is for Labour Voters to back the Tories but ……. It is too big a risk’………
    It says at the bottom Alan Mobutt on behalf of the Conservative and Unionist Party, London address SW1
    (This is Peterborough)

    1. I told you Pugsley should have been strangled at birth, but “No,” you said, “if we give him a new identity and decent foster parents he might turn out perfectly normal.”
      NOW do you see what you did?

  10. Off-topic…

    Don’t know if this applies elsewhere other than Knowsley, but there was a fella on Radio Murkeyside just now explaining that his lad (Born post 2000) had applied for a postal vote.

    On the form the D.O.B. part has the prefix –/–/19. The fella was worried that if his lad scrubs it out to replace it with –/–/20 then the paper will be voided.

    A lot of kids ‘going postal’ might do this, not knowing their paper will be spoiled.

    Could just be a local balls-up, but if not then questions need answering.

    1. Printing –/–/19– in the DoB section when we’re nearing the end of 2019 is so obviously an error that any official voiding a vote because the voter corrected the form ought to face serious repercussions.
      It would have been simple enough for Radio Merseyside to obtain and repeatedly broadcast an official statement that correcting the form wouldn’t void the vote and telling all young people affected to tell all their friends if the facts had been known before the 26/11/2019 deadline.
      “Just now” suggests not.
      Hard to believe nobody noticed before.

  11. There is an image which keeps insisting on coming to into my mind at present. It comes from Dan Gretton’s immensely powerful book about the individual psychology behind mass atrocity and it’s bureaucracy : “I You We Them”.

    It’s an image rather than a direct connection, but it has been insistently in mind during this election period. I leave it you to pick the bones out of why the image sticks in this way and in this context. Gretton is writing about the horrors of the Lodz ghetto in Poland (A Jewish population of about 200,000 was virtually eliminated at nearby Chelmno), specifically he focuses on :

    “… the crazed, tyrannical figure of Chaim Rumkowski, the Nazi-appointed chairman of the ghetto’s Jewish Council, who commanded a 600-strong personal police force, demanded that stamps were created in his image and was insistent on being transported around his tiny,doomed kingdom in a carriage drawn by a skeletal horse.”

  12. Had a go at some lyrics for my Ian Dury & the Blockheads adaptation:
    Reasons to Vote Labour Part 3.
    Homes for the needy, taxes for the greedy, Univeral Credit in the bin!
    Sanctions they are crappie, Johnson in a nappie, working people we can win!
    Reasons to Vote Labour Part 3.
    Labour for the people, no tuition frees for Uni steeple, Neo-Liberalism in the bin.
    Reasons to Vote Labour Part 3.
    4 million kids we will feedie, screw the Tory greedy.
    Working peole we can win!
    No more homeless in the gutter, we can do much better!
    Reasons to Vote Labour Part 3.
    We’ll put more pounds in your pockets, fire the economy’s sockets.
    Unite working people you and me!
    Reasons to Vote Labour Part 3.

    X Have a go!

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