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Corbyn set to become first PM who can eat chips like a human – and first in a decade able to draw crowds

In Whitby, the home of fish and chips, in a suit stitched with ‘For the many, not the few’

Jeremy Corbyn held a campaign rally in Whitby, North Yorkshire on Sunday – one of a series of hugely-attended events across the county.

In Scarborough – not normally considered a hotbed of socialism a large and enthusiastic crowd turned out to meet the man they think will be Prime Minister in less than a fortnight:

The bitter weather had no restrictive effect on the turnout:

And in Whitby, the home of fish and chips, Corbyn looked relaxed and at home enjoying a portion of chips:

Zoom in to read ‘For the many, not the few’ in the pinstripes

It was a massive contrast with a previous chip-eating PM:

Tory Boris Johnson does not appear to have eaten chips, or at least to have been pictured doing so – but pictures of him eating anything appear staged and awkward at best:

Unlike his current and two previous Tory rivals, Corbyn can also draw a spontaneous and genuine crowd, of course – but such a simple sign of humanity as being able to eat like the rest of us is just one more reason the Tories are getting scared.

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  1. We shall give the Torys a more than a chip eating contest and make them swallow their own bile

    1. Jeremy is always SUPERB when amongst decent people. Once he is out and about he thrills and lifts my spirits !!!

  2. “Whitby, the home of fish and chips”


    Actually – another example of a great strength of Britain – its mongrel nature benefitting from immigration. Probably from the Med. probably originally a Jewish dish. And probably first known in the south. 🙂

    1. Yes dead right, it is a jewish dish. Also so are saveloys. The original recipe had pig brains in the meat mix.
      Enjoy your breakfast!

  3. Fuck me but does de piffle remind anyone else of Dr Zaius (sans mutton chops) from planet of the apes in that above photo?

    And anyway, you’ve got it wrong skwawky – he’s not actually eating; he’s getting the things out of his mouth and putting them on that cardboasrd tray.

  4. I pinched that and I’m going to send it to everyone in my address book!

    1. I watched this earlier, bit of a problem with the sound, all controls on max but still need to concentrate hard to hear. I’ve sent messages to Vimeo.
      I wanted to mention something I didn’t know from Prof Danny Dorling. In the years prior to NHS start, suicide rates in the elderly plummeted because they knew they wont going to be a burden on their families.
      This is what we are going back to.
      I have to say that seeing some in LP celebrating elderly dying because they may be conservative voters has been something very unpleasant, shocking and frightening to witness.

  5. Corbyn’s rallies do not seem to get the same level of coverage as they did last time. I think that is because it is realised how effective thay are.

    What probably happened last time is that there were people who saw them on the TV news and thought that there were a lot of people there. And so decided to take another look at Corbyn.

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