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Tory Lewis mocked on BBCQT for NHS nurse lie that wouldn’t fool an 8yo

No amount of wriggling could get Brandon Lewis off the hook as audience member takes him to task for ‘lie’ about nurse recruitment on national TV
Humiliated over ‘lie’: Tory Brandon Lewis

Senior Tory Brandon Lewis was humiliated on national television by an angry audience member who refused to accept the Tories’ weasel excuse for their lie that they plan to recruit 50,000 nurses for the NHS if re-elected.

The truth is that around 19,000 of the ‘more nurses’ are retained existing nurses – whom the Tories hope they can keep in the NHS in spite of burn-out and understaffing caused by Tory-induced collapse.

And the real number of new UK nurses in the Tory plan is a paltry 1,400 a year.

And the Question Time audience member wasn’t having any of it:


There you have it. The Tories think the UK’s voters are stupid enough to fall for fake maths that an 8-year-old can see through. Lewis’ humiliation was deserved – but Boris Johnson’s must come at the ballot box.

Vote Labour – the only party that can be trusted with the whole UK’s health service.

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  1. I am just putting my faith in the British public to not fall for the lies of these second rate carpetbagers,Surely enough has leaked out from the propaganda machine of the MSM to show them the destructive forces unleashed by a Tory regime will bring the British public to their knees?

  2. Resist the intimidation. Resist the muzzling. Speak out.
    Once is not enough. Everyday. Share the burden.
    Report to the police and all other “authorities”.
    Insist on answers. Be persistent.

    Write ➕ phone ALL MSM. When they continue FAILING to give EQUAL coverage, not a little mention… when they fail to give EQUAL COVERAGE in AIR TIME ➕ press coverage, as much as the MSM give, spreading GROSS INACCURACIES, KNOWN EXAGGERATIONS & DISTORTIONS, then we must all highlight their shameful failures LOUD & CLEAR. Timid whispering and complaining amongst ourselves is no good. It allows the public to believe that most of us believe the mega amplified LIES of a FEW.
    YES. It is difficult. But it IS a choice. Do you prefer to choose what is happening❓To let wilful lies to continue❓

    Are we content to have known misrepresentations, known planned, WELL funded, and obviously choreographed slanderous claims, repeated at EVERY single election❓

    Coward silence almost ALWAYS makes matters worse.
    SILENCE is magnet for yet more INTIMIDATION over more and more aspects of our lives. That’s a fact. It cannot be escaped. Fact. A TRUTH.
    Stand up for truth or STOP complaining in private.
    We all have a moral duty to let the truth be known⚫️⚫️⚫️

    1. For the erasure of doubt, the above is RE: The Vile Bullying of those, even the Rabbis yesterday, who are decent enough to speak up bravely about their alternative experience and views to expose reckless, wicked, DANGEROUS FALSE and EXAGGERATED claims of Anti-Semitism.
      Jeremy Corbyn is the ONLY leader who has been on the front line, fighting against Anti-Semitism.
      Ask each of the other leaders to give a DETAILED LIST of their record.

  3. Now that we have kuenssberg and Huw Edwards fronting Tory election campaign posters,will they be on BBC QT speaking as unbiased reporters.Seems the Torys and millions of others thought they were on the Team Piffel.. I wonder why?

  4. Breaking news on Victoria Derbyshire
    Stanley Johnson
    ‘ Vast majority of the British public is illiterate and could not even spell Pinocchio ‘
    Boris was called ‘Pinocchio’ by a contributor

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