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Excl: Johnson’s right-hand man tries to win Wells in Somerset – with leaflet about WALES

Calamity Johnson’s private secretary is as useless as his boss

Boris Johnson’s right-hand man is trying to win re-election in Wells in Somerset. James Heappey has been the Wells MP since 2015 – and serves as Boris Johnson’s ‘PPS’, his parliamentary private secretary.

However, it appears four years in the constituency – and his proximity to all Johnson’s resources – haven’t been enough for Mr Heappey to get very familiar with it – or even to work out which country it’s in.

The Tories have been mocked for using election leaflets that look at first glance like a Labour one – with the only mention of the Conservatives in a small section on the back. But Mr Heappey’s leaflets carry another distinguishing feature.

They’re all about Wales, not Wells – except for the banner.

The front page of the leaflet proudly describes it as “The Wells Constituency Future” – and gives ‘voters in Wells’ a nod:

But the rest of the leaflet stridently tells those ‘voters in Wells’ how much the Tories claim they will do for Wales:

Wales. Wells. It’s an easy mistake to make – at least for the out-of-touch Tories. After all, it’s only thirty miles from Wells to Wales – at least as long as you’re prepared to swim the Bristol Channel.

One affronted Wells voter told the SKWAWKBOX:

Many people here have always considered Heappey an absentee MP, but you’d think he’d at least have worked out which country we’re in.

Heappey’s boss also had recent trouble in Somerset – Johnson was harangued by angry residents as he fled down the street after an attempted PR stunt.

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  1. I am Quickly coming to the conclusion that this election is a referendum on the intelligence and morality of the British public…They’ve been dished up austerity,poverty and hopelessness by a bunch of corrupt establishment groupys.who now want to put Britain on Sale.We shall know on the glorious 13 th December…Lodgic dictates a Labour landslide….?

  2. It’s almost like they don’t care. That they can get away with any crap. That they can sleep walk through the election with their leader and cabinet in hiding and just sit it out until 13th Dec and carry on regardless. I do hope the election hadn’t been rigged. Let’s just assume they know they are going to LOSE.

    1. Florence….The election has already been rigged by the establishment and our News outlets amd speaking from experience in Ulster the Torys and the establishment will go to any lengths when they feel they are a bunch of working class peasants as most of the Tory establishment see the Labour party.This is the last cut for a socialist Labour government,because if they steal the election then they will gerrymander the boundrys and rig voter participation so as to deny any party other than the Torys power.All tried and tested across the water and they know how to make a problem on the streets disappear.

  3. Them gormless posh twats. They say ‘Wells’ when they mean ‘Wales’ and vice versa. These common oik printers not being able to speak or understand toff…

    And who’s the toerag’s geography teacher ffs? raab doesn’t even know where Dover is or what happens there, and now this?

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