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Labour’s poll rise and surge in voter applications have establishment rattled – stay focused

Polling boost since last week’s leader debates and huge numbers of new voters explain intensified Establishment attacks

Labour’s post-debate polling and a the ongoing surge in new voter applications appear to have the Tories and their Establishment allies rattled – combined with Boris Johnson’s inability to campaign or debate.

The Tory polling lead fell by as much as seven points to as low as seven percent – and Kantar’s post-debate poll shows Labour rising by five points compared to pre-debate numbers.

While the Tory lead may still seem significant, recent history will show why the Cons and their helpers are so worried. In 2017 – the day before voters went to cast their general election ballots – polling companies were reporting a Tory lead that makes their current numbers look shaky:

Polling gave the Tories a twelve-point lead – an increase compared to the previous poll – the day before Labour smashed the Tories majority and came within a whisker of taking Downing Street.

At the same time as Labour’s polling is improving, the surge in new voter applications continues up to today’s deadline, with hundreds of thousands registering per day, including 366,000 just yesterday – and today’s total on course to be over 400,000.

The vast majority of new voters are in the younger age groups that usually strongly vote Labour.

Tory polling leads that neither the Tories nor their allies trust and are shrinking – and huge numbers of people registering and likely to vote the Tories out.

No wonder the Establishments attacks are increasing in both intensity and desperation.

The message to Labour’s supporters is simple – stay focused on Labour’s policies and vision and on the Tories’ dishonesty. Ignore the Establishment’s attacks and attempts to divert Labour’s grassroots activity into other areas.

If the nation grasps Labour’s policies and the kind of country the UK can be under a Labour government, we all win.

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    1. It might have some weight if there were any real journalists in the employ of the corporate media and the BBC.

  1. the journalist class is the same as the political class which is the same as the establishment class….

    nearly ALL of which are being made irrelevant by people thinking for themselves….

    How DARE they not listen to the “nuanced” talking heads who are “entitled” to create the narrative that everyone should be accepting as fact and truth …

    groupthink is good for you ….we have always been at war with eastasia

    the reason socialism is being fought so hard in this country is because ALL of the media owned by billionaires and run by millionaires, supported by the privileged are ideologically opposed to anything that will threaten their wonderful lives.

    they are not “cheeky” they are fighting hard to keep that ladder pulled up ….it is deliberate

    1. It was interesting when the journos felt attacked by Cameron when he agreed to leveson. The response? The expenses scandal! Tit for tat. You don’t scratch my back and I’ll shaft you. And if I recall there was about 4 weeks before the scandal broke during which the press were threatening to expose the mp’s

  2. Off topic, appalling interview I am watching between Andrew Niel and Corbyn, banging onbullying about antisemitism, ‘80% of jews don’t trust yo Mr Corbyn…………. ‘ Carrying on hammering Rabbi Mirvin line. Expect this to become more vicious and ridiculous as we get closer to polling day. They will have to drag up some famous relic every day for the front pages.

  3. Off topic but just seen an appalling ‘interview’ of Corbyn with Andrew Niel on the BBC. Bullying, accusing, straight in on antisemitism, not wanting to listen to the answers. ‘80% of jews don’t trust you Mr Corbyn…… ‘. Expect more of this, they have to keep it up. Every day leading up to polling day they will have to wheel out some famous yester year relic to say how nobody should vote Labour. Hysterics

  4. Oh, and is this going to be on tomorrow’s front pages?

    General election 2019: Muslim Council criticises Tories over Islamophobia

    The Muslim Council of Britain has accused the Conservative Party of “denial, dismissal and deceit” over the issue of Islamophobia.

  5. Sorry I repeated but things taking ages to post, though it had failed

  6. I haven’t seen the Neil stuff, and not do I intend to watch it. It’s all highly predictable.

    Of the things that are, however, under Labour control, we are still not attempting to refute the baseless allegations – all I hear is stuff about dealing with antisemitism.

  7. Yes and such polls/propaganda don’t show undecided.
    And an academic today said the majority of undecided tend to come down on the side of Labour.
    Travelled wide today and helped Labour in a posh part of Horsforth, Pudsey CLP – funny the Neo-Liberal Right Wing Tory MP and 7 of their members were out in the same area but in the cold, dark and rain our 10 did pretty well and got about 8 posters in windows!
    Sad news tonight another Labour activist (also in their 70s) attacked by another elector – “IS THIS WHAT BREXIT/THE TORIES HAVE DONE TO US?”
    Never been so proud as to give everything for a possible JC Labour Govt!

    1. And when will YOU and Jack and RH and one or two OTHER ‘personas’ stop trying to damage Jeremy’s chances of winning the GE by repeating this shite EVERY single day since the election was called.

      Being black propagandists (posing as JC supporters) you of course realise that most people who follow and read skwawkbox DON’T read every single article – along with the comments – every single day, and people check out a few articles each day, and others maybe just check out the odd article or two several times a week, and so therefore you HAVE to keep repeating it over and over again every day so as to make sure as many people as possible get to see the ‘message’ in one form/guise or another.

      I was actually checking back through the comments as of from the morning of the 29th (as you will see by when THIS comment is dated) to ascertain how many times JACK had posted such comments, and I’ve come across seven or eight so far by various posters, and THAT’s just in the space of TWO days in effect – ie TWO by Jack, ONE each by RH and Joseph, and THREE or FOUR (all in the same thread) by windchimes.

      The Hse of Commons voted for an early election on October 30th and Parliament was dissolved and the official campaign period started a week later, and needless to say they didn’t start posting said comments every day straight away, as THAT would have stood out and been too obvious to many people, but they slowly built it up, and since about THREE weeks ago it’s just been every day, and it probably amounts to between forty to fifty such posts since the campaign started, and at their PRESENT rate of three per day on average, that will amount to about ANOTHER forty such posts between now and election day. ALL of them – the posts that is, criticising Jeremy in effect!

      As I keep saying, who needs enemies when you’ve got ‘supporters’ like THAT!!!

  8. Problem is when you google chief rabbi criticised, it brings up some rum characters including Sackless and Mirv
    The best of the worst of them is the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem , so bad he would make the Pantomime Dame blush with embarrassment
    Thought JC handled it well, made it clear he didn’t agree with him and asked for the evidence
    Who needs Russian interference when you have this in the middle of a GE, its gonna end in tears for the right wing Tory Jewish community

  9. The effect of new registrations of younger people is the absolutely crucial factor, since the venal have control of the wider public agenda.

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