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Breaking: huge Tory racism storm as Gove mimics black people’s speech on Twitter

One of most senior Tories appears to mimic black people’s speech

Tory Cabinet member Michael Gove has provoked a huge racism storm with a tweet that appears to mock black speech, in response to a tweet by a Labour front-bencher about Grime artist Stormzy.

Angela Rayner criticised Gove for unwarranted criticism of the musician’s support for Jeremy Corbyn:

But Gove’s response appeared to mock Stormzy’s speech with a line from one of his tracks:

The tweet has triggered thousands of responses as Twitter users have responded with horror, but some Tory accounts and bots have defended Gove’s comment.

Demands for Gove’s resignation for his racist tweet are building. Gove’s party leader Boris Johnson has previously sparked outrage with racist comments about black people and Muslim women and infamously skipped shaking hands with black members at the Tories’ conference earlier this year (video).

The Conservative party has been contacted for comment.

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  1. Remember Gove in parliament staggering and swaying about? He must have taken the same stuff when he wrote that tweet.

  2. Wouldn’t call it ‘racist’ , per se…

    But f***ing cringeworthy enough that it ought to be made a criminal offence. And he should be charged with being in posession of an offensive wife, too.

    1. talking in “uncle tom” speak when commenting on a black man is very much rascist…..

      consider the underlying messaging embodied in that tweet …..

      sacking /p45 worthy in any work place.

    2. “And he should be charged with being in posession of an offensive wife, too”.

      And walking on the cracks in the pavement!

  3. its the sort of old white guy racidsm thats par for the course in the tories (think Jim Davidson etc etc) if BAME people find it racist then its racist

  4. A Tory Michael Gove makes a racist tweet and mocks Black people – how is this news?
    Gove’s party leader Boris Johnson the PM ,was elected by the conservative membership despite having referred to Black people as Picanninies with Watermelon Smiles, who talked about “black boys” ( a vile term of abuse in the USA originally used to refer to male slaves ) indicating that when he saw them he assumed they were up to no good, who referred to Muslim women as resembling letterboxes and armed robbers,who supported Toby Young author of the most disgusting and obscene tweets for a top quango post – the list goes on and on.
    The Tories have a record of racism going back decades though the examples given above are quite recent. They and Boris Johnson in particular appear to be immune from criticism. Yet Jeremy Corbyn who has not a racist bone in his body and who has never made a single racist comment is attacked on all sides as an antisemite. Disgusting.

    1. Smartboy

      It may not be a surprise, because we know how vile the Tories can be. It may not be a precedent, because Johnson has done far worse. But it’s not right to say its not news. Saying that, dismisses it, makes it not important, almost legitimises it under the banner of ‘ so what ‘ ?
      But it needs exposing for what it is. It s about time this ‘ old school ‘ network of ‘ it’s ok to have a good chuckle with the boys ‘ is
      called out for what it is. A sickening display of indifference.Because the longer it ‘ s put up with, the longer it’s allowed to be normalised, the longer the abuse will continue. It has to stop, this entitlement, this arrogance this utter lack of empathy, that justifies in their minds why they can do and say whatever they like with absolute impunity, with a smirk on their self satisfied faces. It has to stop now.
      Enough is enough.

      1. I was not trying to down play the nastiness of Michael Gove’s tweet. The point I was trying to make was that racism,(and homophobia and misogyny) are part and parcel of the Tory psyche. I agree that we should not put up with the Tory’s disgusting displays of bigotry but there is only one way to stop them – vote Labour for a socialist government under Jeremy Corbyn on 10 Dec.
        In relation to whether or not a Tory making a tweet or saying something truly offensive about a black person is “news” this implies that such remarks are rare. As we know they are not, so I don’t think Gove’ making a nasty racist tweet will be news to anybody. I do agree however that every racist homophobic sexist or otherwise bigoted comment made by a Tory should be called out. What good it will do is another matter – as I pointed out Tory members elected Boris Johnson leader despite his history of racist and other offensive behaviour.

  5. It reminds everybody just how nasty the Tories are. As Labour struggle to get their breath after getting kicked in the balls by the Chief Rabbi speaking on behalf of Israel, the Tories know it’s a cue to blow their dog whistles hard. No problem for them with any sort of racism they say and it’s probably true where Israel is concerned because if/when the war starts against Iran the Tories will be on the front line with Israel and the US whereas they know only too well that if Corbyn is PM he’d once again follow in the footsteps of Harold Wilson who declined President Johnson’s invitation to join the party in Vietnam, thus branding himself a Soviet Agent (apparently). It’s important to Israel to keep Labour out of power. Their efforts to persuade voters that they rather than say Muslim women are more of risk of attack is ridiculous – but they’re very careful NOT to say that because it’s untrue so they can only revert to “poison in the system”. They can say that again!

  6. Anyone who even hints that people should vote Tory or LibDems, are endorsing:
    1️⃣ Largely evidence free vile allegations and complaints of words and interoretations.
    2️⃣ Treating words and interpretation as more important than physical abuse, more important than physical distress and death of the vulnerable eg suffering of those squeezed by TORY UNIVERSAL CREDIT, TORY FLAMMABLE CLADDING, TORY OUTSOURCING, TIRY HOMELESSNESS, TORY GROWN HOPELESSNESS of many, TORY WRECKING OF THE HIGH-STREET, tory destruction of once great industries, TORY OVERSEEING 100 year old businesses raped and wrecked, TORY overseeing of “impossible to make up” DE LA RUE – THE MONEY PRINTERS threatened with RECEIVERSHIP due to poor PRIVATE SECTOR MANAGEMENT ➕ investigations into CORRUPT dealings in the SUDAN. So the PRIVATE company literally LICENSED to print money, is about to go TYPICAL TORY TRASHED… BANKRUPT‼️‼️‼️ We must unmask the MYTH of tory economic competence. They are the DEFINITION of economic plunderers and wreckers!!!

    3️⃣ Any person who pretends to speak of any race or religion, as if we feel and think as one mindless homogenous gloop, are separatist, racist promoters of socially destructive exceptionalism. No decent individual should work AGAINST integration which makes our country great.

    Anyone, ANY GROUP refusing to contribute to OUR JOINT EFFORT to combat ALL FORMS OF RACISM, and refusing to work with others for the improvement of our country, must ask WHY.

    Why prefer to endorse the PROVEN and HISTORIC RACISM & BIGOTRY of the Austerity supporting, homophobic Liberal Democrats ie (Peter Tatchell / Simon Hughes scandal ➕ their last gay hating leader… can’t remember his name) …LIBERAL DEMOCRATS❓And how could it be decent to urge the electorate to vote for the WELL KNOWN, ever NAZI FANCY DRESSING, RIGHT WING, BIGOTED RACIST CONSERVATIVES … WHY❓Explain that inexplicable duplicity.

    JEREMY CORBYN’s visionary leadership, dragging even the 1% protecting Conservatives to pretend to mimic OUR policies, IS the the essence of TRUE leadership. Making a NEW CENTRE-GROUND for the benefit of our WHOLE society, NOT just for the selfish, heartless ungrateful few, who are blind to the FACTS that many from ALL OVER THE WORLD risk their lives to come here, Dying in freezing compartments of trucks, dropping from the under carriage of planes in Clapham!!! How obscene, how VILE is ANYONE OF US, who threaten to leave a country that people drown and freeze trying to come here.

    If words and meanings TRUMPS life and death, the SHAME ON YOU‼️‼️‼️

    SHAME. You condemn yourselves.

    You do NOT speak for all.

    Speak for yourself.

      1. We must speak up clearly. Hiding away like tremulous mice will NEVER make challenges disappear. We ALL have a social and ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY to face allegations FULL ON‼️


        Some should NEVER be more special nor more “equal” than others. Otherwise it is BIGOTRY, RACISM and “APARTHEID”. ONE type of discrimination is NOT more important than MANY other forms TODAY. We must be firm on that. Anything less prolongs and fogs the evil slanders of a few.

        They spit their choreographed foul society weakening toxin. They spit to schedule… just before EVERY election since Jeremy was elected, AND before that, about Ed Miliband. ANYONE, even like Miliband who dared to slightly threaten the SAME OLD SAME OLD.

        The usual suspects hiss and spit for a few. They do NOT speak for the rest of us. We will NOT all be intimidated and reduced to an unthinking, selfish heartless glob.

  7. This election campaign has,predictably,gone from the gutter straight down in to the sewer.It is becoming frightening,the people who are responsible for this descent are capable of anything.

  8. Should read: leave a country that people drown and freeze trying to come to.

  9. If for you FEW, words and meanings TRUMP the hard…desperate lives of many here and even worse abroad… so grave that many flee their homes. Then endure perilous dinghies … undercarriages of aircraft, to our shores, …risking AND suffering DEATH,…
    then if you cannot feel, if you cannot believe that words and YOUR interpretations are NOTHING compared to that… the physical suffering and MULTI FACED DISADVANTAGE of others, INFINITELY less fortunate than you, then shame on you.

    If you cannot see that others do not have the luxury, the privilege, of complaining about words and your interpretations, and the luxury of threatening to leave your country while others pine and die to come here, then SHAME ON YOU‼️‼️‼️

    SHAME. You condemn yourselves.

    You show what you value.

    You expose ALL, for which you have NEITHER CARE nor compassionate concern.

    You show what you are.

    You do NOT speak for all.

    You speak for yourself.

  10. As an aside, I have just read an article about a chap in the usa who stated that he thinks Indian food is rubbish. It then followed that he was branded a racist for saying such.
    I think its going a bit over the top in some places!

    1. If the ‘chap in the usa’ actually used the word “rubbish” that might be racist, depending on the context. Definitely offensive though, and apparently intentionally so.
      I speak as someone who never eats spicy.
      Never seen the point of eating angry food that tries to eat you right back – dissolving you from the inside out and from hole to hole.
      I include both Indian & Mexican food in the category of “Fuck off, if I need a laxative I’ll take a pill and if I want a fight I’ll swallow a ferret” – but I’d never deliberately offend a whole nation by calling its cuisine “rubbish.”

  11. Cryptically using the words from “Shut Up” to silence criticism …. Con wankhammer

  12. Michael Gove, has shown complete ignorance and his utter disdain for any one other than himself and his wealthy Tory grandees, resign!

  13. As I commented a while back how the Tories treated the Wonderful Windrush Generation – the Tories are Bastards! Bastards! Bastards!
    Great today the Muslim Council of GB has called out the Tories for their lack of action on Islamophobia.
    Johnson said in response anyone guilty of this would be “Out in one bounce!”
    Then Boris after what six bounces how come you are still in?
    They are not letterboxes Johnson, they are human beings!

  14. Johnson said after Gove had stabbed him in the back after the previous Tory Leadership Contest, that Gove “had physcopathic tendencies!”

    1. His condition must be bad if the Guardian is publishing an article that is sympathetic towards Assange. After all the negative articles have they decided to cover their arses in case he dies

      Julian Assange’s health is so bad he ‘could die in prison’, say 60 doctors
      Group’s open letter calls for Wikileaks founder to be moved from London high-security jail to hospital

  15. United European Jews Rabbinical Executive write to Jeremy Corbyn dismissing UK media commentary as ‘propaganda’

    Yesterday the Director of the UK Rabbinical Executive Board wrote a letter to Jeremy Corbyn which, it said, represented the views of the United European Jews organisation. The letter said that the organisation “reject and condemn in no uncertain terms” the recent comments in the media, claiming that the “majority of British Jews are gripped by

    1. Thanks for the link, Steve. The ever-excellent Kitty Jones has turned up a corker here!

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